Annual Bucket List | 2017

It’s the beginning of another new year and this year I want to make the most of it. I’m not setting resolutions, but I’m setting goals. Goals that are achievable, I hope and ones that I can be proud of. I want this year to feel like the year that I’ve achieved something. So what’s on my bucket list for 2017?

annual bucket list 2017 goals achievable no resolutions raising the rings

I really want to start taking better care of myself and so I really want to establish a good skincare routine at some point during the year. My skin could be so much better than it is and I’m starting to notice that I do look a *bit* old. I can’t really do much at the beginning of the day as I struggle to get ready in the time I have as it is, so I’m looking at a night time routine at minimum!

I’m already booked in to give blood this year. In fact in 8 days I hope to be sitting in the chair donating my blood to those who really need it. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and have had to cancel appointments due to pregnancy, illness or surgery appointments. Hopefully nothing will get in the way of this one as I really want to help.

Toby has never been to a cinema but he’s getting to the age now where I think he might enjoy it and actually sit still through a film so I’m really looking forward to something coming out at the cinema this year so we can take him.

Hopefully when the warmer months come in and we get our seasonal fruit blossoming I’m hoping to take the boys to a pick your own farm so that we can go and collect some fruit. This will lead on nicely to baking pies, maybe Toby might be interested in trying something he’s picked himself and it’ll certainly make for a nice afternoon out.

I’ve already started meal planning and I’ll be doing a weekly ‘What We Ate’ meal planning diary so you can see what I come up with there. It’s all about making sure that we’re creating less waste and being more money savvy when it comes to food. So much goes in the bin because it’s gone off and I hate throwing it away.

Reading has taken a huge backseat since the boys have come along. Prior to them being born I used to love nothing more than reading a good book. I’ve been reading the same book since March and so this year I’m making sure that when I go to bed the phone goes down and I read instead. It’s good for the brain and a much better way to switch off than reading Facebook.

I love afternoon tea. It’s just a really nice and simple couple of hours away from the children. Maybe they’ll come too! They both love cakes after all. Who knows, I might even do my own little afternoon tea at home now I have my new Kitchen Aid stand mixer to make cakes with – eek! And following on from cakes, I really want to make my own bread this year. Whether it’s a crusty loaf or just a few rolls, I’m no Paul Hollywood descendant but I really just want a good home made loaf.

We’re very lucky to have a couple of holidays booked in this year already; we’re skiing in February with the kids although this is more a family affair, and Jamie and I are jetting off to Cyprus for a friend’s wedding in August without the children. So I thought it’d be nice to spend a long weekend away somewhere on our own. Maybe we could do Center Parcs without the extended family since it’s so close, or perhaps we’ll go further afield to Bluestone, or maybe somewhere totally different. All I know is we need to start experiencing these weekends away with the kids to build up our confidence when it comes to taking them away.

Oh, despite all the cake and bread baking I’m hoping to get into shape this year. I’ve been eating whatever I want whenever I want and I’ve gotten a little bigger around the middle than I want to be really. So I’m tracking calories and macros and intend to get down the gym at least twice a week while doing home workouts too.

annual bucket list 2017 goals achievable no resolutions raising the rings

We recently spent some time at Center Parcs over Christmas and one of the activities we did was bowling. Toby absolutely loved it despite hating having to wait his turn. I think if we took him on his own, as Teddy is a bit too young, that he’d really love it! We also have an adults only break booked to Center Parcs with friends in March and so the weekend without kids is one I should easily be able to tick off!

Since I’m meal planning, I really want to try and introduce some new meals to our recipe box. I aim to try at least one new recipe per month. Not only will it benefit us but the boys too, hopefully!

Eek, get organised! We’ve already started clearing out the front bedroom, and we’re going to tackle the garage next. I’ve ordered toy storage for the boys and we’re decluttering by being utterly ruthless. Four and a half bin liners have already left the house so far this year and hopefully we’ll be taking another load down to the dump in the next couple of days. Feeling cleansed already! I also want to organise my blogging so it’s a bit more routine and just generally organise everything in my life. Here’s hoping!

Living in Norfolk we are literally drowning in history, but none of which the boys would be particularly interested in just yet. Fortunately there are some lovely National Trust properties and some museums they might like. Hopefully we get to visit one or two this year.

We are looking at moving house this year if we find the right property. We’ve kind of “outgrown” where we live currently so we’ve been keeping an eye on the property market and plan to look around a few in the next few weeks to try and get an idea of what exactly it is we’re looking for. We’re probably looking for something we can more or less move straight into but with provision to change and extend the property to fit our purpose. Fingers crossed!

Being so close to the coast doesn’t mean we always go and as a child we only ever went to the beach when it was hot and sunny and rammed full of people. This year I want to go whatever the weather and have a walk along the beach with the boys. Toby and Teddy both love the sea and sand so it can’t hurt to take them! Plus there’s nothing like a bit of sea air.

I’d love to get out on the bike a bit more this year. We managed a handful of bike rides last year after we finally got round to buying them but then the weather turned horrible and we’ve not really been out on them since. This year we either need to wrap up and suck it up or make the most of the summer! This fits in nicely with taking the boys more places. Who’s to say we can’t take a picnic in a rucksack and stop off somewhere lovely?

Date nights and girls nights are something I’d like more of this year. This means more nights off from blogging which, hopefully, will come from me being more organised. Just a little step back from the world where I can focus on my husband and friends.

annual bucket list 2017 goals achievable no resolutions raising the rings

Teddy is doing so incredibly well in his swimming lessons with Water Babies at the moment that I want to make sure we don’t lose momentum with it. When we were at Center Parcs he was taking it upon himself to swim between us and was so pleased with himself. Toby’s swimming lessons stopped when we realised he wasn’t up to scratch with the other kids in the lesson due to his communication and speech. However, that’s improved massively and we’re hoping to get him back to Water Babies ASAP, especially when at Center Parcs his lack of confidence in the water really showed which never used to be the case.

I plan to vlog a lot more this year. I literally have no idea what I’m doing and have visions of what I’d like to produce but currently I’m hopeless at editing and so need to work on that a whole lot. If it’s one thing I love it’s old home videos and I want the boys to have loads!

Since we are taking the boys skiing in February (tick that one off!) Jamie and I were thinking of getting Toby to one of the snow domes to get him on skis before we go. We tried him on skis in La Plagne last year and he loved it for all of 5 seconds and hated it once he realised he couldn’t walk with his skis and his boots fell off because they were huge. So we want him to have a taste of it before we get there. Any recommendations? We live so far away from them all anyway so it’s going to be a trek!

Every month I’m going to post about my attitude of gratitude. I want to dedicate a post to myself and my surroundings each month and make sure I’m focussing on the positives, rather than negatives. I found that last year I was quite negative about a lot of stuff and I want to overhaul my lifestyle, mind and body so fingers crossed it will all come together. This also means making more time for me, whether it’s through my skin care routine, going to the gym or just having half an hour to myself to read a book! It also means drinking more water which is my biggest challenge I think. I don’t ever feel thirsty until I’m basically dehydrated and so I’ve ordered myself a Hydrate M8 water bottle to keep me going through the day! Motivation is key and I will have a beach body by August.

Linkies are something I lacked last year in the blogging world. I found that people weren’t reciprocating that much and so I stopped doing them. For the rest of the time I’ve spent time looking at the ones who have good engagement levels and that are easy to do so that you don’t feel too disheartened if your post doesn’t attract any engagement from others who participate. I took part in one yesterday and plan to carry this on for the whole year! This helps with writing more about Toby and Teddy. I genuinely want to write more about them because I find I’m forgetting the little things.

And I think that’s it for this year. Totally achievable and fingers crossed we’ll do it! Bring on 2017.



  1. January 4, 2017 / 12:39 am

    I’d love to take my kids skiing but it’s sooo expensive and these days to holiday abroad and ski is just unreasonably costly.

  2. January 3, 2017 / 12:56 pm

    Fantastic goals for 2017! I particularly love the skiing and am super jealous that you’re going to hit the slopes next month. I don’t have any suggestions for you other than have you got a Chill Factore anywhere near you? I’ve heard great things about the kids ski sessions at the one in Manchester (a bit far I know!).

    Goodluck with the rest of the goals – I also have get organised and get fit on my list!

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