Baby Number Three | 19 – 27 Weeks Update

It’s been quite a number of weeks since I last published a pregnancy update with baby number three but I never feel like I’ve really got enough to update you on with a weekly post. It’s so hard when you’re the one that’s pregnant to see how quickly your body is changing and to actually think about how it’s affecting your day to day life; it’s only when you look back that you realise just how different you look and feel and I think that’s what I enjoy about leaving the bigger gaps between the updates.

Going forward I think I’m going to have to keep you up to date a bit more often as I have a lot more appointments coming up and I feel that as we’re now in the countdown period, so much more seems to be happening.

6th May – 19 Weeks Pregnant

It’s been a busy week, I’m not going to lie. You get some weeks where you have so much time to yourself to get things done and then other weeks you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place because there literally aren’t enough hours!

I met up with a friend this week who I haven’t seen for months and it was so lovely to have a catch up and talk about the pregnancy, how I was feeling and all those kinds of things.

I’ve started to feel much better in myself, even after last week. We are well and truly into the second trimester and I feel like I’m finally ‘settling in’ to being pregnant. Some days I feel like I’m obviously pregnant and other days I just forget that I’m carrying another human being around with me.

13th May – 20 Weeks Pregnant

This was it. The big one. The finding out if we’re having a boy or a girl one. Yes, I had been experiencing some anxiety over the gender and getting myself a whole lot more worked up than I should be about it, but it’s the constant questioning from other people that often sows the seed of doubt with me.

We had to wait until 4.30pm for our scan which was an absolute killer because you’re basically just wishing the day away. We finally found ourselves in the hospital waiting to be called through and, after a huge cry on Friday last week, I didn’t really feel like I would be bothered either way.

We were called in and I knew she was going to ask whether we’d like to find out or not, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be the first thing she told us. With Toby and Teddy they had at least completed all the anomaly checks before telling us the sex and I was a bit shocked that she had wasted no time in getting that bit out of the way.

I think it’s worth saying here that when we went for our 20 week scan with Toby and with Teddy, both Jamie and I could clearly see that they were boys. The legs were very obvious, as were all the bits in-between their legs but when the sonographer asked us if we could see it, as she pointed to the screen, we both admitted when we came out of the room that we weren’t actually sure what we had seen. It wasn’t obvious to us like it had been before so, while there is little doubt in my mind that her experience and expertise in sexing a baby is questionable, I’m still not 100% convinced that he is a he, but purely on the basis that we didn’t see it for ourselves.

I will admit here that I cried. As soon as she said we were having a ‘young man’ the tears came. I wasn’t expecting to cry but I will admit I was absolutely gutted. When we came out of the room and started walking down the corridor Jamie asked me what was wrong and my answer was simple – “I didn’t want another boy”. He said I was being a bit harsh so I rephrased to “I would have preferred a girl”.

So, there we have it. A third little boy joining our brood.

I also caught up with two of my blogging buddies this week, one who is a fellow preggo (yay!) and it was so nice to spend the day with them in Cambridge as we don’t often get to do it!

Why 20 week bump, hello ???????? We’re officially half way – how did that even happen? This means we’re actually going into countdown mode which is a pretty scary and exciting thought, isn’t it? ???????? We had our anomaly scan where we found out this little one is a boy – our third – and that all his vitals are in the right place and his measurements are on track. That’s a bit of a relief because, with me having low levels of the PaPP-A hormone, I kind of expected him to be, perhaps, a little on the small side – then again I think I make small babies anyway, neither of them have been over 7lbs. ???? I feel like there’s a little more out front this week and it’s only going to get bigger and bigger????????

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20th May – 21 Weeks Pregnant

The only super exciting pregnancy update I have this week is that I went to The Baby Show in Birmingham, probably for the last time ever! I’ll admit, it wasn’t the best one I had ever been to but it was so nice to go anyway. Attending as an expectant parent and a blogger, there’s always a fine line between introducing yourself to brands for work and looking at products that you think you might like.

Because this is my third baby I feel like I’m a bit of a seasoned pro when it comes to choosing products and seeking out things that will work for us. There were lots of faces, old and new, but I was most interested in pushchairs. If you didn’t know, I was super clever and sold two travel systems towards the end of last year.. and then found out I was pregnant in January! You couldn’t make it up!

Oh, there was also a lovely trip to IKEA with my friend where I bought a few nice little bits and got to have a good look at the highchair everyone is talking about!

27th May – 22 Weeks Pregnant

I had a blood test this week because Ted had suspected slapped cheek a couple of weeks ago. They tested the bloods from my booking appointment to determine whether I was immune, and I wasn’t, so a repeat of the bloods was necessary to determine whether I had been infected or not. Turns out that while I’m not immune, I didn’t catch it either which is great news!

We also flew out to Ibiza this week and my 22 week date fell on the same day as Teddy’s birthday! Flying wasn’t that much of an issue; it was a short flight and I’m not quite rotund enough for it to be uncomfortable. I made sure to keep my legs moving, not that I had much choice over that with Toby and Teddy chopping and changing over every 15 minutes!

3rd June – 23 Weeks Pregnant

What a week away we’ve had! The weather was a bit pants at the beginning of the week but the sunshine soon made an appearance. I was super impressed that it wasn’t too hot to handle, even being pregnant, and we had such a lovely time – apart from Teddy catching a rather lovely V&D bug on Friday which is just so typical of our family. I picked up a bug when we went skiing in February and it reared its head on the last day, and the same happened this time.

Luckily, we made it home without a sicky hitch but Toby did start vomiting this morning which is just perfect! I’m really praying we avoid it but I feel like its inevitable that both Jamie and I will get it.

I still feel like some days I’m pregnant and others I’m not – it very much depends on how active he is or how he’s lying but for the most part this week I’ve lived in a bikini and it’s been glorious! To not have to layer up or wear something that doesn’t fit well has been so nice. I’m praying we’ve brought some of the weather back with us and I’d love to continue this party in the back garden when the kids are at school!

10th June – 24 Weeks Pregnant

I knew it was inevitable. At the beginning of this week I caught Ted’s dreaded bug and ended up hospitalised and on a drip with anti sickness injections. I’d started vomiting at around 4am and by 9pm I was so dehydrated from not being able to keep water down that all my muscles felt like they were seizing up in the tops of my thighs and my lower back. I was in agony and everything hurt from head to toe. I’d had no sleep as I’d been ‘going’ or vomiting every 10-20 minutes and I really just needed help. The 111 service and my GP had proved fruitless earlier in the day and I felt I had no choice but to ring the maternity unit for advice, only for them to say come in.

I came home the next day and spent it just lying around trying to recover from the day before. The rest of the week wasn’t too bad to be fair, although some days were better than other and for the most part I was just tired.

I had my whooping cough vaccination this week and didn’t suffer any side effects, other than a bit of a dead/sore arm which (weirdly) I always find I like the feeling of. It’s kind of like when you’ve had your hair in a tight ponytail all day and then take it out and rub your scalp. Oooh yes.

I also had an appointment with the physiotherapist this week as I wanted to see her and voice my concerns about the amount of downward pressure I was feeling and how I should be doing my pelvic floor exercises at this point in my pregnancy. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that I’ve been having physio on and off around my pregnancies due to the issues I had after giving birth to Toby.

I did pose the question about whether I would be able to give birth naturally or not, similar to the conversation I had with the consultant a few weeks ago. She wasn’t allowed to examine me due to me being pregnant but she was heavily against it due to the complications I experienced both during and after childbirth.

24 W E E K S • V I A B L E ???? oh my belly is aching, I can’t move properly and I miss rolling over in bed without in needing to be an 80 point manoeuvre ????????‍♀️ I can no longer get away with the hair bobble trick on my jeans and, quite frankly, I could do with a nice and cold, alcoholic drink ????You are so, so active it’s crazy and we can see you moving from the outside so much more. You favour the right side more often than not which is exactly where your brothers liked to be too ???? I am struggling to keep up with those two but they love you so much. Toby tells me he loves my belly and keeps coming up with names for you: Me-mo is the latest suggestion, and Teddy usually comes for a snuggle at some point during the day. Less than 16 weeks until we meet you baby boy ????

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17th June – 25 Weeks Pregnant

A super quiet week on the pregnancy front really. I’ve noticed that my jeans absolutely do not fit anymore and I think I’m going to have to cave and buy some jeans! The weather isn’t cutting it enough for the dresses I could wear and, to be honest, I’m a bit pissed off about it. I just need some consistent sunshine, if for anything to help with my mood! It’s the middle of JUNE for crying out loud, where is our Summer?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to take mental notes of this little one’s sleep and awake times. He just seems to be so incredibly active. It’s getting to the point where I’ll probably start using my Kicks Count app to track his movements. They’re more than flutters and little flicks now; they’re very much rolls and kicks and I can see him shifting around in my belly if I lie down and watch long enough. He very much enjoys sitting round the bottom of my belly at the moment and I feel like I’m starting to get to know him.

We are no closer on a name, although we have a few contenders. We just can’t decide, we really can’t. It’s so tough. I’d like something that flows and gels well with Toby and Teddy. Perhaps still two syllables and something that ends with the ‘ee’ sounds from the boys’ names, but nothing that starts with T. There are so many names I love that Jamie isn’t keen on at all which is a little, tiny bit annoying but hey, I’m sure we’ll whittle it down soon enough.

24th June – 26 Weeks Pregnant

I feel like it’s a been a long, long week. Not really pregnancy wise but just life wise. I had the midwife on Tuesday for a 25 week appointment where we spoke about a few things. I got to discuss some of my c-section preferences with her although she said that ultimately it was down to the consultant agreeing to facilitate those preferences. They did say they now do delayed cord clamping as standard but that she had never known a consultant to go ahead with a ‘gentle c-section’ at my hospital. I have an appointment coming up with him in just over a couple of weeks so I’ll definitely be asking some questions.

I need to get another lot of bloods done before my next appointment and I finally got my MatB1 form. Everything was fine with my urine and I got to lie down and listen to baby’s heartbeat although she didn’t want to measure me which I thought was a bit odd, but she said it was a bit too early. If I remember rightly it was around this time, and over the course of the next couple of midwife’s appointments, that Ted’s growth plateaued so I thought they might want to keep an eye on me. I have a growth scan just after I turn 28 weeks so hopefully that will give us an indication of how he’s doing in there.

Other than that the movements are so obvious now, I can see him moving from the outside and he’s all elbows, knees or feet; I’m not sure what bit keeps poking out!

If we can look past the fact that I look 9 months pregnant instead of 6, and that my bra is super ill fitting, I actually quite like this picture. Given, I’m hiding my bump with flowers but you can still see it. I much prefer an on-the-side kind of shot so I feel a little bit conscious posting one like this. I was only saying to my husband last night that I feel that this pregnancy has been so much more taxing on my body than the other two. I knew I would be more tired having two children to run around after already but the actual, physical toll is really hitting. I feel huge and I’m actually making noises when I get up from the sofa or have to roll over. Less than 14 weeks until you’re in my arms little one. Until then, I’ll just keep lugging you around in that little 5* luxury carriage you’re living in. Don’t worry about me buddy.

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1st July – 27 Weeks Pregnant

Alright, who else is pregnant and is absolutely melting?! It’s been a slow-ish week for me as I just need to take it a little easier and not get so stressed about things but I can’t rush around in this heat anyway! The last hot Summer I remember was in 2013 which just so happened to be when I was pregnant with Toby.

Obviously a few weeks ago I was getting annoyed that I couldn’t wear dresses because the weather was too unpredictable and I spent money on a couple of pairs of maternity jeans. Lo and behold, I’m now in the dresses and I’ve even ordered a few more summery bits which I’m hoping won’t be too clingy and will be lovely and breathable in this warm weather.

I definitely need to go and get measured for a new bra because I haven’t managed to fit in my regular bras properly for quite a while, but also the maternity bra that I do have doesn’t feel particularly supportive or like it fits right anymore. I’d like to try and get a couple of all in one maternity/nursing bras but, bearing in mind last time I went from a B cup to an E cup, I think I’m going to have to go for a ballet/sleep style bra to get the flexibility. Either way, the boobies are growing!

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