Baby Number Three | 28-34 Weeks Update

These pregnancy updates are kicking my arse, as is the pregnancy itself. I mean, it’s just been so hot and I have really been feeling the effects! And it’s not that I can’t take the temperature; it’s more that I can’t stand the muggy, sweat-when-you-move, can’t breathe kind of air!

So a fair bit has happened in the last few weeks and I know said I was going to do a more regular update but y’know, summer holidays, kids and hot.

8th July – 28 Weeks Pregnant

I feel like this week has just been totally rammed. Not necessarily with big things every day but lots of little errands and things that have been slotted in here and there. I’m really starting to feel the weight of this pregnancy bump and it’s something I plan to talk to the physiotherapist about next week at my appointment.

I did a ‘stay and play’ session at Teddy’s nursery on Monday. I spent a lot of time playing with him and learning about what he does at nursery but I also learned that I’m now having a bit of trouble bending down and getting back up again!

I still haven’t managed to go and get measured for a new bra but it turns out I may have a couple on the way from Bravado thanks to a lovely blog review and one of them is based on S, M and L sizing rather than a particular cup size, so I’m particularly excited about seeing what that’s like so I may just hold off getting measured.

I was lucky enough this week to fit in a pregnancy massage at a local spa. It was a present I had gotten for Christmas (cue swapping from a hot lava stone massage to a one hour ‘mum to be’ session!) and I don’t really know if I would do one again. I know I’m pregnant and there’s pressure points and all that kind of jazz, but if a massage isn’t firm and full of kneading then it’s probably not worth having. Having said that, the other treatments were really lovely and relaxing!

babystyle oyster 3 review chassis seat unit grey pregnancy updates

I also spent Friday this week in Leicester with the gorgeous new Oyster 3 that’s due to hit stores in September! You can find out my first impressions and I’ll have a video about it coming when I eventually get it out of the boxes in my hallway!

15th July – 29 Weeks Pregnant

A slightly more eventful week than last, if that’s even possible but I’ve been ‘out of the office’ a lot more this week. By office, I obviously mean ‘home’. The kids break up for the summer holidays soon so I’m trying to cram a few things in, but without overdoing it if I can.

At the beginning of this week I had a scan and consultant appointment to check baby’s growth. His movements, measurements and growth rate is fine. With the numbers they got they’re placing him on the 60th centile, which is pretty much down the middle for me, based on my previous pregnancies. It was so nice to get to see him on the screen again! The consultant had no concerns and all my blood work came back fine, which is great news. He’ll see me again in 4 weeks after another scan to check on progress.

I had yet another little treat this week. I got my hair done, eyebrows too, and have booked in for my final appointments before baby is due to arrive. Of course, that sounds vain, but I probably won’t get to the hairdressers until around Christmas time so a mid-September appointment was as much as I was willing to push it.

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On Thursday I spent a long day in London for some ‘Christmas in July’ events and I have to admit, I left early. I left early because my bump was hurting and I knew I had overstretched myself. Trying to cram in three events in three different locations in one day would usually be no problem for me and I guess I thought I could do it – but I couldn’t. I did manage all three but I didn’t get to speak everyone I wanted to, or even say hi to a lot either, but after spending 2 hours on the train home almost doubled over in pain I knew it had been the right decision to leave.

However, I then spent the weekend in Hyde Park for the British Summertime Festival where Bruno Mars headlined. Yes I lasted the whole day, yes I danced, no I didn’t get sunburnt and yes, my feet were killing me but it was so worth it. If you ever get the chance to see Bruno, then GO! I nearly sold my ticket but he was utterly incredible and I’m so glad I didn’t!

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22nd July – 30 Weeks Pregnant

I had a midwife appointment on Monday which just basically went through the last four weeks. It wasn’t particularly interesting – very much a ‘how are you doing?’ appointment and to check my urine was clear. I’ve still not had my belly measured yet, which I’ve found really odd and she’s booked me in for an appointment in 5 weeks time. I think if they go to measure it now I’ll turn them down because it’s a bit late for them to check this far on and I’m having regular growth scans now anyway. They won’t know if it’s grown or not as I’ve not been measured at all, by anyone!

I am very lucky to have recently been appointed as an ambassador for Britax Roemer. All of us came together on Tuesday for an ambassadors’ breakfast at a gorgeous venue in London and it was so lovely to learn more about them as a company and what products they’ve got coming up.

britax roemer ambassador pushchair car seat new products 2018 dual fix blogger pregnancy updates

Toby’s sports afternoon was on Wednesday and it was so lovely to watch him participate – he absolutely loved it, obviously. He’s so active and we are so proud of him!

Pregnancy wise, other than being roasting hot, there’s nothing much else to update you on other than I’ve managed to paint the nursery walls – woohoo! The cotbed gets delivered next week so I wanted to get it done ahead of the arrival and it means I’ll finally be able to start organising a few things.

29th July – 31 Weeks Pregnant

This week’s calendar was a little less hectic than previous weeks which I’m grateful for, but the boys both finished school/nursery last week so now there’s a 6/7 week slog to get through. I’m really hoping they won’t be too much trouble and that they’re going to be good!

The cotbed arrived and is all set up in the nursery. I’ve spent lots of this week kind of mooching around the nursery organising things, and I’ve done a big clothes wash too so I can get all of those put away.

And hallelujah! The rain and storm finally appeared here in Norfolk. I was really struggling with the air and we had one of the best thunder and lightning storms I’ve seen in a very long time! I’m one happy lady!

THIRTY WEEKS. TEN TO GO. Holy bejesus when did that happen?! Despite me saying that this pregnancy seems to be dragging, from tomorrow I’ll be on a proper countdown and I’m actually left wondering where the last 30 weeks have actually gone! The school holidays are almost upon us and I’ve been feeling the need to get sorted before the kids break up – mainly to get most of it done before I get too pregnant, keel over from the heat or to stop the kids from being bored or in the way. I’ve been focusing on the nursery for the last couple of days as the cot is being delivered tomorrow which means I can finally start getting things out of delivery boxes. However, it’s been ruddy hot in this room and last night it all got too much and I just had to strip off. Forget the naked chef, I’m introducing the naked decorator (not for hire – ain’t nobody got time for that). Seemingly gone are the days of painting the town red on a Saturday night… instead I’ve donned my “big knicks” and a roller and I’m painting a room in the house. Oh how times change.

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Jamie was away this weekend for some training so I had the boys to myself! However, Nanny and Pop took them for a couple of hours so I could get some work done which was amazing! I’m feeling fresh and prepared to take on next week.

5th August – 32 Weeks Pregnant

I’m over the school holidays already! I don’t know whether it’s hormones, tiredness or a mix of both but I am so over them. Our routine is out of whack and it’s so tough to entertain the boys when their attention span lasts 10 minutes! Anyway.. the days are long but the years are short, right?

Nothing much happened this week, other than more pottering and then the weekend hit – bam! We’re on a mini-babymoon come friends weekend away for 3 nights in Bath, wahoo. Let me just say I don’t think I’ve ever walked so much in my life! We barely stopped while we were there!

Oh hi you lovely lot. Sorry I’ve been a bit quieter, if that were even possible. I spent the weekend in Bath, without children but with friends and my husband. • It was time to kick back, relax and just straighten out our thoughts before the summer holidays really kick in. Having said that I think I walked more this weekend than I usually walk in a week. It’s also our last weekend away before we welcome baby number three in around 8 weeks’ time. Speaking of which, I had a scan today ???? • His measurements and movements look great, he’s climbing the chart perfectly and they’ve estimated his weight at 4lb 3oz already (though I’ll take that with a pinch of salt thank you very much)! They told me Toby was going to be between 9lbs and 10lbs and he came out weighing 6lb 15.5oz ????) • 32 weeks and counting boyo. We can’t wait to meet you ????

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Every time we’ve been to Bath before we’ve had pre-arranged things that limit our time there or we can’t do something because we’ve had the children with us, but this weekend was about being able to spend time with friends, be a tourist and just enjoy actually being able to get out and about without the boys for a bit. It’s the last weekend we’ll have away together before the baby comes and even though it was such a nice break, I think I came back more tired than before I went.

Pregnancy wise I coped pretty well to be honest, despite all the walking – and so did our friend Shelley! She’s 6 days ahead of us in her first pregnancy. Hopefully we’ll do it all again next year when the babies are here, and then we’ll bring the boys along too.

12th August – 33 Weeks Pregnant

A slow-ish week this week just kind of taking our time to do things with the boys. I was tired from the weekend so the diary was pretty empty but I know the boys needed to get out, which we’ve tried to make a point of every day. They’re a bit feral otherwise.

I had a scan on Tuesday to check baby’s measurements again. He looks to be growing perfectly and following the curve and they’ve ‘estimated’ his weight at 4lb 3oz. However, I’ll take that with the biggest pinch of salt I can find because they told me at 34 weeks that Toby was on his way to being between 9lb-10lb and he was 6lb 15.5oz!

The consultant seemed happy with my progress but didn’t want to have too long a conversation about anything much because I’m back here again in 4 weeks to get a date for my section. He said we can discuss any questions I’ve got then, which absolutely makes sense as it also gives me a chance to discuss them with the midwife before I go back to the consultant. I went to have some blood tests done while I was in the hospital to check my thyroid function levels – so far they’ve been fine but they just wanted to make sure I’m still ok. Fingers crossed the results are positive ones and I don’t need to go on any medication for the last few weeks.

breastfeeding-pumping-easier-bravado-ballet-bra-dusty-pink-essentials pregnancy updates

I have also found the most heavenly maternity/nursing bras in the whole world. They’re from Bravado and I have a review coming out early next week on the two I’ve been testing. Let’s just say they’ve been on rotation in the wash because I now don’t want to wear anything else!

19th August – 34 Weeks Pregnant

6 weeks to go. What is actually happening? I am SO unprepared it’s unreal; no hospital bag packed (just in case) and nothing to actually pack anyway, the nursery isn’t really ready, the bedside crib hasn’t arrived yet and neither has the bedding and I’m feeling so overwhelmed with everything.

The diary is a bit more full than it has been but that’s not a bad thing because it means we’re doing something and making progress with something!

I’m just trying to declutter the house, something that’s needed doing for a while, but also keep on top of life, this pregnancy, work and looking after the kids. This week has probably been the toughest out of the summer holidays so far. We’re smothering each other and it’s not healthy; so we’ve booked a long weekend away to Butlin’s. Not only does that mean a lovely change of scenery, but it means that there will be things for the boys to do 100% of the time we’re there and boy do we plan to make the most of it. Plus it’s nice as it’ll be our last holiday as a family of four before this one comes along.

I’m the first to admit I’m not the kind of mum who looks forward to the school holidays to spend time with her kids. • It’s not that I don’t enjoy spending time with them, but they are both such full on kids that being around them 24/7 for 6-7 weeks just isn’t healthy for any of us. • The eldest gets bored of us and nothing satisfies his need for constant stimulation and attention. The youngest, who is happy to play independently, has been losing his shit over the smallest thing that the eldest does; he’s turned into this little boy who just wants to really, really annoy his little brother (and his parents – hello attitude of a 5 year old!). • These have been the toughest summer holidays out of the two we’ve had so far. I’m used to Toby being at school and Ted being at nursery so that I can get work done at home and just have five minutes to myself to think. I don’t have that at the moment and that’s particularly tough at this stage in pregnancy where I am just craving calm, rest and routine – none of which I’m getting. • We decided a couple of nights ago that a change of scenery would do us some good so we are packing our bags and heading to Butlin’s for 3 nights. We’ve never ‘done’ Butlin’s so have no idea what to expect but I’ve heard that the entertainment is amazing for little ones and, if all else fails… swimming pool, right? • And while it’s tough… I do manage to capture moments like this where they are making each other squeal with laughter and they make me think they’d make a great comedy duo. Maybe they’re the new Chuckle Brothers? • Either way, we’re 3 weeks and counting til we can get back to school. Come on routine, I need you!

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The health visitor came on Tuesday to talk to me about all the usual stuff but, I’m guessing, it didn’t take as long because I’m a 3rd time mum and she could see I didn’t need to be told how to suck eggs for the most part. I got baby’s red book and Toby got all excited because he thought she was coming to get the baby out of my tummy.

I had a dentist appointment this week to sort out my braces where my top ones came off – yay! Ive also spent some time with The Post Office and Google Digital Garage in Norwich which was a really fun and feel good event (more on that soon!) and last night I went out for my auntie’s 40th birthday meal!

Next week I have a midwife appointment, an event in London with Mumsnet (keep your eyes peeled for more!) and then we’re off to Butlins. I think I’ll next update at around 37 weeks!

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