Review | Babystyle Oyster 3 Pushchair – First Impressions

So you’re here because you want to know all about Babystyle’s newest travel system; the Oyster 3.

Last Friday I was invited along to the pre-launch and a demonstration of the Oyster 3 which is due to hit retailers in September this year. As someone who has owned Babystyle products in the past, including the Oyster Max, I was really excited to see how they would improve upon previous designs.

While the DNA of the Oyster remains the same, the Oyster 3 is almost a whole new breed of pushchair. It’s been developed based on real parents and real opinions and this has absolutely catapulted it ahead of it’s predecessor – the Oyster 2.

Babystyle Oyster 3 vs Oyster 2 – The Main Difference

The most obvious thing about the Oyster 3, when compared against the Oyster 2, is that everything is much, much bigger. I’ll forgive you straight away for thinking that it might be less compact than older models due to the size but, if anything, it’s more compact.

babystyle oyster 3 pushchair stroller review fold free stand compact

The chassis is larger, the wheels are wider, the position of the seat on the chassis has been elevated and the carrycot has had a size enhancement too. Despite all of this, it folds down beautifully small and flat without the need to remove the seat or bumper bar.

The Oyster 3 Seat Unit

This is probably the part of the pushchair that has seen the most development and it’s probably easier to work from the top of the unit down.

The Hood

The hood extends two fold out from its resting position with the option to unzip a third panel in the middle. It also has a small extendable panel which lies underneath the fore-panel to produce a sun visor giving more protection all round. This adds to the UV 50+ rating of the fabric used on the pushchair.

The panel closest to the parent is able to be folded up to reveal a mesh panel to encourage airflow in hot temperatures and also provides ‘peek-a-boo’ type window. One thing I loved is that it didn’t involve any velcro as, I know that when I had it on a few previous pushchairs, it would always encourage the child to look up which was a pain if I was trying to get them to sleep!

The Handlebar

The handlebar is at a fixed angle but is telescopic and goes much higher than I needed for someone who is 5ft 5″ . The fact that this caters for all heights is one of the better things about the larger chassis; something the Oyster 2 struggled to deliver.

babystyle oyster 3 pushchair stroller review chassis city grey seat unit

The Buckle

Babystyle have worked incredibly hard on finding a solution for the harness. Not that there was anything wrong with it on the Oyster 2 but there’s always room for improvement. One thing that Babystyle took on board from feedback was that the whole buckle adjustment for height was a pain, and not only that it made the back of the seat unit look really ugly – especially when parent facing.

Babystyle have gotten rid of the manual unthreading and rethreading of the straps for shoulders and have introduced a sliding back. You simply press two buttons in at the side of the hood and slide up or down which will adjust the height of the straps. This removes the need for the holes on the back of the unit which gives it a much smoother and refined look.

The main buckle is a 5 point harness system typically seen in lots of other pushchairs and it involves putting two clips together at a time to then clip into the main buckle. Easy as pie!

babystyle oyster 3 pushchair stroller review fabric UV rating


The Bumper Bar

There is absolutely no need to remove the bumper bar from the unit. With it’s new hinged release you can simply unclip one side and swing it out of the way. The new Oyster 3 fold also means you don’t need to remove the bumper bar from the seat unit for it to fold down flat!

The Calf Rest

The calf rest is a trove of treasures as far as I’m concerned. Not only is there the standard ‘calf rest’ option where there’s a recess for them to fit their feet, but you can turn it inside out to so it’s popped outwards which offers a more flat and streamlined option for resting those tired legs.

Underneath the calf rest you’ll also find a small pocket which can house a raincover, an insect net or even your purse and phone which is particularly handy when they’re parent facing.

babystyle oyster 3 pushchair stroller review chassis branding

Parent + World Facing

The seat unit can both parent face and world face, it’s totally up to you. The new release system is a huge improvement on previous Oyster pushchairs. Previously you had to push in and lift a button on either side which some parents said was difficult if they had long nails. I also found this was one of the most annoying features on the Oyster Max as it became so stiff that you’d have to really shake it to get it moving out of the socket.

This time the seat unit has a handy handle near the buckle which you can lift up with one hand to release the seat and pull near the hood with the other hand to lift it away easily.

Suitable From

The seat unit is beautifully padded out and can be used from birth and is currently being tested up to 22kg which is the EU standard.

babystyle oyster 3 pushchair stroller review wheels rear brake

The Oyster 3 Carrycot

The carrycot feels like it’s been stripped back and created from the base up all over again. On the underneath of the carry cot you’ll find that it now has curved bars to allow for a rocking motion when placed on the ground. However, if you wanted something more static then four flip out feet are there for you to keep the carrycot still.

The new structured and padded apron has much more about it than the previous flat ones. It arches over giving a more luxury feel, but also offers a little bit more protection from the elements.

Like the Oyster 3 seat unit, this carrycot comes with a quick release function when you want to remove it from the chassis. You simply pull a lever near the hood and lift away using the handle – no need to damage your fingers trying to dig in to two stiff grips.

The mattress is super soft and the overall frame is wider and deeper than the previous carrycot designs. Hopefully this means it’ll last just that little bit longer.

babystyle oyster 3 pushchair stroller review carrycot


The Oyster 3 Chassis

The chassis comes in two finishes – chrome or city grey. Personally, I love the city grey as it gives it a more sophisticated look overall and I found that the chrome finish on the Oyster Max scratched really easily.

The Fold

Undeniably the fold and unfold of the chassis has become incredibly simple and is super easy. It’s not one handed but that’s ok because the fact that you don’t need to remove the seat unit, and the easy carrycot release, more than make up for it. You simply press in and pull up two buttons located around 1/3 of the way down the chassis from the handlebar, push forward and fold over. This motion will expose a handle which you can grab to pull up and the chassis will fall into place with a mechanism that holds it in a folded position. To unfold, simply pull this up slightly and reverse the movement.

babystyle oyster 3 pushchair review front wheels lock mechanism

The Wheels/Brake

The wheels are wider and, while it still has fantastic suspension, there is now less on the front because Babystyle felt that, from the feedback received, it just wasn’t necessary – though this doesn’t affect the all terrain push which is even smoother than previous models.  The brake is located at the bottom of the Oyster 3 chassis at foot level. I tried flipping it up and down with flip flops on and it was super easy and didn’t hurt my feet either which is always a bonus.

The two bigger, rear wheels are in a fixed position whereas the two smaller ones at the front have 360 motion. If you prefer a fixed wheel this is done under the footrest by sliding a button from left to right – no more popping buttons down or fiddly bits to keep them straight.

The Basket

The basket is incredibly spacious and access is accessible from all sides. It’s lovely and deep and has high sides so you’ll not have trouble keeping things inside.

babystyle oyster 3 pushchair stroller review rear wheels basket

The Oyster 3 Packages + Extras

The Oyster 3 is currently due to be released in September with three package options available. You will be able to buy the stroller on its own if you wish to.

The ‘Essential Package’ is expected to include the Oyster 3 stroller (chassis and seat unit), carrycot, duo fix i-size base, Carapace Infant i-size car seat and multi car seat adaptors.

The ‘Luxury Package’ is expected to include the above plus a footmuff and changing bag.

The ‘Ultimate Package’ will include everything above plus a parasol, bottle holder, a lock and a Rockit rocker.

In any case you will receive a raincover although the mosquito net is due to incur an additional cost. It’s also worth noting that you will also be able to buy the extras separately, giving you the freedom to essentially create your own package.

Babystyle are also planning to release a buggy board which I got to test at the event. This was, shall we say, rather successful even when I stepped on it and got pushed around! It’s super compact and super nifty and I’m quite excited about it.

Anything Else You Need To Know!

The Oyster 3 will be available in a range of colours from berry to peacock to truffle! In total there will be 8 different colour options, 9 combinations on either a chrome or city grey chassis.

Babystyle insights indicated that, while it was great to have the option of customising and changing colour packs, most Oyster owners just stuck with their original choice.

They feel, and I’m in agreement, that the selection of colourways is strong and on trend. In addition, by simplifying the stroller configuration, they’re able to do more in the way of communicating matching accessories and bundle options.

There is the potential that this may be developed into a double pushchair in the future, but at the moment it’s very much a single stroller.

babystyle oyster 3 pushchair stroller review berry cover branding

Babystyle are also releasing their very own range of car seats and isofix bases which will be compatible with the Oyster brand.

I’ll also be doing a full unboxing video which, as soon as it’s done, will be displayed here for you guys to see! If there is anything you want to ask about the Oyster 3 ahead of its release, or ahead of my video then please do ask away!

*I received an Oyster 3 in return for attending the event. All views and opinions are my own.


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  1. August 1, 2018 / 7:23 pm

    They’ve literally thought of everything. It looks so stylish too.

    Watched your baby haul today on YouTube! I’m a few weeks behind you and also expecting a boy – our 4 year old daughter is so excited!

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