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Summer is just round the corner, or at least I keep telling myself it is. By any means the nights are getting lighter and longer and I’m spending more time in whatever sunshine the British weather does manage to muster up. Because of that I’ve decided to switch up my skincare routine again.

Some of you may know I’ve only really, at the grand age of 27, managed to establish a regular skincare routine that works for me. I’ve been taking my make up off right through to moisturising but I feel the Summer calls for that little bit extra; I want to get rid of dead skin and I want my skin to start glowing (rather than looking oily) and I need to protect it that little bit more from the sun. While I appreciate a good sun tan believe me when I say I never tan and I just burn.

Not only do I need to be more aware of my skincare, it’s more about the kids. A skincare routine for kids? Well, not exactly but it doesn’t hurt to be vigilant and take care of them anyway – good practices now make for good habits in the future, hopefully! I’ve got a few Summer skincare products that I’ve been using to help repair and protect all of our skin this year.

No 7 Skincare

Since it’s Summer, if I know I’m not going out anywhere then I’ll keep the make up to the absolute bare minimum and I’ll totally go without if I can get away with it.

No 7 are one of the skin care brands that I think you know you can really trust. They’re high street, widely available, are good products and don’t cost the earth despite not being the cheapest. I feel like they’ve really proven themselves with a lot of their products and that’s why I’ve chosen to use some of their products.

For my routine I’ve been cleansing my eye make up with the No 7 dual action eye make up remover along with the skin cleansing oil to dissolve the rest of my make up, rather than rubbing vigorously at it. Once this has been taken off I’ll finish it off with their soft and soothed toner and I love the way it feels on my face. Because it’s kept quite cool when I put it on it really refreshes and revitalises my face. It makes me feel clean and it’s all super light and airy.

And, because we know sun exposure totally equals wrinkles, I’ve been using a No 7 early defence eye cream just before bed.


One thing I’d not really thought about before was taking supplements. I tried keeping up with them before, during and after my pregnancies but in a bid to get my skin looking it’s best I thought I’d look into them. Lion Heart capsules contain high levels of omega 3, are additive free and come without the nasties. Just by taking four a day you’ll get the same amount of omega 3 nutrients as a whole tin of sardines.

bare biology lion heart omega 3 supplements summer skincare routine capsules review

While I’ve not seen a huge difference yet, I have felt that my skin feels more hydrated and I feel like I’ve got a healthier complexion. As I continue to use them I’m hoping that my skin will feel plumper and have more of that ‘Summer glow’ I was on about. I think consistency is the key with any supplement to ensure you see a change.

This can be bought as a liquid but I can’t imagine doing that so I opted for capsules. Bare Biology also have more in their range that include supplements for pregnancy and kids.

Doing Skincare For The Kids

Toby and Teddy are both so fair (they have my skin, I think!) so it’s really important that they wear hats outdoors and that they’re slathered in sun cream as well as keeping covered where possible. Their exposure to the sun is mostly indirect because we try to keep them shaded and covered. However, because they are so fair we literally can’t take any chances so I’ve been using the La Roche-Posay Anthelios baby lotion which has SPF50+. You do need to reapply frequently but if it stops the kiddos getting sunburn, then great. Even I use it purely on the basis that I’m like Casper and need all the protection I can get. It’s not just for babies!

la roche-posay summer skincare baby range water spray eau thermal creme levant anti irritation itching sensitive skin fragrance free

La Roche-Posay have also got lots more in their baby range that we’ve been using. The thermal spring water has been a lifesaver in the warmer weather. Who doesn’t like a spritz of cool water when out and about? It’s refreshing and cooling which is perfect! Don’t think it’s just for your face though because you can use it for so many things; help with removing make up, keeping stray hairs down and even after shaving.

la roche-posay summer skincare baby range soothing and repairing balm

And after a long day in the sun you’ll need to wash off all that suncream and inevitable dirt between their toes so to keep them from having too much contact with any irritants the lovely replenishing cream wash is anti irritation and anti scratch. If your child does have sensitive skin it’s best to stick to sensitive products that are fragrance free. Its formula also helps reduce drying their skin out in the shower.

la roche-posay summer skincare baby range spf50 sun cream kids anthelion

For post shower/bath care La Roche-Posay have two products that work really well; their liquid replenishing balm and their soothing repairing balm. Both help with dryness, irritated and itch prone skin so if they’re really suffering it’s nice to keep on top of their skin and apply a topical balm. Luckily, neither of my kids particularly suffer with any skin conditions (yet, or that I know of) but it’s nice to know those types of products are available.

la roche-posay summer skincare baby range anti irritation scratching replenishing balm sensitive skin fragrance free

I think it’s great that more and more products are centred around being┬ásensitive and slightly medicinal for the babies that really need them – especially when they’re skin is so susceptible to the outside world.

What will you be changing up for Summer?

*Some of these products were sent to me in return for being featured. All views and opinions are my own.


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