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Beauty is not something I write about on my blog every day, if ever actually. I’m not a huge girly girl, I don’t do make up very well, I can’t do the easiest of hairstyles and I’m not overly fashionable. However, at the beginning of this year I set myself a new year’s resolution to get myself into a skincare routine.

I noticed that I was getting a lot of blemishes, breakouts and, I hate to say it, lines around my eyes – especially when I smile. So I kind of feel like it’s something that I’ve been putting off for some years now and something that I need to get control of. When it came to skin care products I had absolutely no idea where to start. What do you actually need for a good skincare routine? Did I actually even need anything?

I bought myself a few products in the hope that it’d work and I’d just wing it and work out something that worked for me. I genuinely don’t know what my skin type is, maybe combination, but I know I don’t get on well with products that are heavily scented so I tried to keep it to sensitive and non fragranced products.

La Roche-Posay recently got in touch to see if I’d like to try out their new Toleriane range. Designed to soothe, calm and protect all types of sensitive and reactive skin it sounded perfect to try and implement them into my already established routine. The Toleriane range is the first skincare range to be given the seal of approval by Allergy UK and it’s clinically proven to make your skin less sensitive.

Despite not wearing much make up I do tend to slap on the mascara. I’m really lucky that my eyelashes are quite long so they tend to hold quite a lot, but it also means it’s a nightmare to get off without the panda eye look! So, because of that, after washing my hands my eyes are the first thing I tackle!

Toleriane Monodose Eye Make-Up Remover

This pack consists of 30 x 5ml capsules of solution so the box will easily last you a month (unless you take your make-up off more than once a day!). I really like these because it means you’re not using too much of the product, it’s already measured out for you. The packaging and formulation all have a very minimal approach.

It’s free of a lot of nasties, is 100% hypoallergenic and is enriched with thermal spring water! I was a little sceptical about this product, as I am with most products I try, about how effective it would be. I’ve tried a lot of products in the past that have simply just smeared make up around so I was interested to see how well this would work.

la roche posay toleriane range la roche-posay monodose eye make up remover beauty blogger mum ultra demaquillant allergy approved free review

All I’ll say is that I didn’t have to rub to remove! This is brilliant for those who have sensitive eyes, don’t wish to have their eyelashes ripped out while vigorously rubbing and even those who wear contact lenses. Once I’d emptied one single dose of solution on to the cotton pad and started to wipe the make up just completely dissolved into the pad.

It was so fresh on my eyes and didn’t leave me looking red because I’d not had to rub to get anything to budge. It felt so clean and light and there was absolutely no residual product left over at all! The only thing I might say is that the doses might be a little generous but if you wear more make up than me it’s probably about right. Now on to the rest of the face..

Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser

Once my eyes have been cleared I like to clean up the rest of my face with a cleanser. It has very similar properties to the ‘Monodose’ product mentioned above and is also really light and fresh.

I applied this with my hands and rubbed in circular and upward motions to ensure I got every inch of my face. It does say that there is no rinsing required but I think that there’s definitely a benefit in doing this. While it dissolved my make up no problem, I still didn’t feel comfortable just leaving it on my face.

la roche posay toleriane range la roche-posay dermo-nettoyant eye and face make up cleanser remover beauty blogger mum allergy approved free review

It’s quite a runny solution; not overly creamy but not overly watery either so you don’t need to go over the top with the amount you use. Wipe off with a warm cotton pad or muslin cloth for an extra clean face! Once my face is super clean I then move on to moisturiser..

Toleriane Ultra Fluid or Ultra Overnight Care

Now my skincare routine is very much an ‘as and when’ thing but 9/10 it gets done in the evening when the boys have gone to bed. If I get five minutes to give my face a cleanse and moisturise in the morning before I put my make up on then great! Otherwise, it’s just when I take it off.

If I do get those incredibly wonderful five minutes in the morning I use the Toleriane Ultra Fluid which is an intense soothing fluid for face and eyes. This can be used either at night or in the morning but I find it works really well under my make up. It’s very much a day to day one and I’m really impressed with how light it is. I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything on my face at all!

la roche posay toleriane range la roche-posay dermo-nettoyant eye and face make up cleanser remover beauty blogger mum allergy approved free review moisturiser

The Ultra Overnight Care has been great, although the first time I put it on it felt a bit sticky on the dry patches of skin on my face for a while. When I’m applying this I like to kind of massage it into my face rather than rubbing it on, a bit like when I massage conditioner into my hair. I like my face to feel ‘worked’ and I think a good massage gets all the muscles in your face a bit more relaxed before bed time. By doing the massage I’ve released quite a lot of tension in my face and feel like I’m not straining my eyes so much so hopefully that’ll help with the lines that are appearing.. or not!

One thing I love about the Toleriane range is that it’s not super pricey. Admittedly it’s not the cheapest on the market but I love the overall feel of the range. It’s fresh, yet mature and it has this appeal about it that I can’t deny. When I said I was going to do a skincare routine this year I was torn between shelling out a lot of money on products so that I would be obliged to use them, or just buying a load of cheap products in case I didn’t get into a routine. The Toleriane range by La Roche-Posay is absolutely within the affordable bracket and is available on the high street. For products that are as good as these they’re priced incredibly well and would rival some of the high end products I’ve had the pleasure of using!

la roche posay toleriane range la roche-posay ultra nuit eye and face make up cleanser remover beauty blogger mum allergy approved free review night cream

Obviously there are times when I jump into bed after a day without having taken my make up off, or there are days when I scrub it with a wipe when I just don’t have the energy and that’s part and parcel of being a mum! Either way I’m really enjoying the skincare routine I’ve got going and my face is looking better for it!

la roche posay toleriane range la roche-posay dermo-nettoyant eye and face make up cleanser remover beauty blogger mum allergy approved free review

*La Roche-Posay gifted me these samples with no obligation to review. All views and opinions are my own.


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  1. May 13, 2017 / 3:24 am

    Loved reading this! I’ve got sensitive skin and really hate trying new products on my face but this range sounds perfect. The individual cleansing sachets is brilliant too – I’m always using too much product when I reach for my micellar water but looks like you get just the right amount with these. Thank you x

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