Christmas | A Cox and Cox Decoration Wishlist

Ok, I know it’s only October and Halloween hasn’t even been and gone yet but I am just so, so excited for December to be here that I simply can’t put off writing about this any longer. Having moved house and having so much more space to decorate, including the most incredible fireplace, I am obsessed with thinking about what Christmas decorations I can put where this year.

One place I have always, always lusted over for Christmas decorations and accessories is Cox and Cox. They have some of the most beautiful ranges throughout the year but their Christmas range is by far the most spectacular.

Decorating The Mantel With Cox and Cox

Dressing It With A Garland

Our fireplace is an original Edwardian feature and probably one of my most favourite parts of the house. It’s been kept in wonderful condition and has had a beautiful log burner installed which makes a really nice addition. We actually got rid of the fireplace in our last house as it was electric and just took up valuable space so it never got used.

cox and cox mantelpiece garland mantel decoration christmas wreath pine cone botanical greenery inspiration

Cox and Cox have this stunning ‘Green Leaves Garland’ which I think will be perfect to throw above the fireplace. It looks really full and vibrant and I love the addition of the pine cones. It’s simple enough for you to be able to add more touches and change it up year after year if you want to. It looks like it’d be a great foundation to a gorgeous focal point in the room.

It’s not entirely traditional as it’s quite a ‘botanical’ piece but when I get some lights on there and add a few finishing touches it’ll look divine!

Stocking Hangers/Holders

I’ve always dreamed of having our stockings hanging down from the mantelpiece in front of a roaring fire but haven’t ever really been able to find the perfect holders. Lots of people I know use hooks screwed into the underneath of their mantel or hang them off of door handles or bed posts.

cox and cox mantelpiece stocking holder hanger star cast iron mantel decoration christmas inspiration

Obviously I’m not totally satisfied with those ideas and I’ve been looking for some proper, cast-iron holders that will hold our stockings up. Cox and Cox have three stunning ones that I’ve been eyeing up; a star shaped one, a Christmas tree shaped one and a reindeer shaped one.

I just think these will look so beautiful mixed in at the front of the garland and I’ve got four star ones in my basket ready to go!

Adding Some Lights

There are far too many ideas surrounding lighting on my mantel and fireplace for me to write about here. I think it’d take a whole new post! Cox and Cox have some seriously lovely standing lights, icicle lights, fairy lights and more! The possibilities are endless so I think I’ll end up surprising myself.

If lights aren’t your thing, then candles are a must.

Decorating The Christmas Tree With Cox and Cox

It’s been kind of a tradition for us to get a real Christmas tree every year and I don’t think Jamie and I have ever decorated an artificial one together. There’s something incredibly charming about the sparse branches at the top and the smell of the pine needles in your room despite having to hoover them up twenty times a day.

cox and cox mantelpiece garland mantel decoration christmas wreath pine cone botanical greenery inspiration

I remember growing up and having our Christmas trees adorned with baubles, tinsel, lights, chocolates and crackers stuffed in so deep you’d get a scratchy arm from trying to get them out, but those are some of the best memories I have. However, I’m not one for tinsel all over the tree and tend to opt for different baubles in all shapes and sizes.

Hang Some Baubles

Cox and Cox have so many baubles that I’d die to have on my tree this year. They’re typically neutral in colour but there are a few coloured ones. Our trees, in the past, have always had a purple colour theme. I know that doesn’t sound very Christmassy but it’s nice to have fun too.

We try and buy one special bauble for each year that we decorate a Christmas tree and the boys have special ones hanging from the tree too. I’m eyeing up some of the felt ones for this year because I think it’s nice to have texture as well as colour on the tree.

Wrap It In Lights

No tree is complete without fairy lights. Some artificial ones come pre-lit and look a little too ‘perfect’ and symmetrical so I think it’s nice to wrap them around yourself – plus you get to do the ‘squint test’ to see if they’re evenly spaced out.

cox and cox mantelpiece garland mantel decoration christmas wreath pine cone botanical greenery inspiration


Is it even Christmas if you don’t have crackers in your tree? Cox and Cox stock some super trendy crackers and they definitely look like the kind of thing I’d want to put in the tree. Plus, once it comes to lying the table, you can basically send the kids on a cracker hunt to get them out of the tree and place them on your setting.

To Tinsel Or Not To Tinsel?

Part of me really wants to throw tinsel about like glitter this year but I don’t want to overdo it! I’m hoping I’ll be able to weave it into the tree without it being too much. My Nanny Val loves wrapping tinsel around the bottom of her tree to cover up the stand and it makes it look super, duper Christmassy. I think I just want the boys to really know that Christmas is a really special time, plus we only get to do it once a year, right?

Have you got a wishlist from anywhere lovely? Is there anything you’re lusting after on the Cox and Cox website?

*This is a collaborative post.


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  1. October 24, 2017 / 10:40 pm

    Ooh those stocking hangers are ideal! We’ve recently moved too and have a heavy stone fireplace so they are much better than putting pins in the wall! Lisa

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