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Ella’s Kitchen have been a staple in my house since the boys were really young. We’ve had the cereals right through to the pouches and even the snacks! And very recently we were kindly sent their new ‘The Orange One’ Easy Family Cookbook.

Ella’s Kitchen are building on the success of the three previous books they’ve released with this latest addition: personally it’s an absolute must in any serious parent’s cookbook collection. For those who are busy and want some quick fire solutions for tea time, or for those who want to prepare ahead, Ella’s Kitchen Easy Family Cookbook works for busy families with hungry tummies. Not only are these recipes incredibly delicious, they’re designed to feed the whole family too!

Ella’s Kitchen recently set a challenge to get me and the little ones busy in the kitchen using recipes from the Easy Family Cookbook to create our own ‘Proper Tasty’ style content. However, as it would go with kids, not much went to plan. With a phone strapped to his head, Toby managed to stop recording very early on but I managed to get a back up with my trusty camera so we at least got something!

I decided to go for one of the simplest recipes in the book and one of the fastest to do too – crustless quiche! Toby gets quite bored quite quickly so I wanted him to embrace every part of the preparation process, right through until it was cooked and I did manage it – woohoo! You can view our efforts on the video below;

Toby really loved getting his hands dirty, although he wouldn’t try the quiche! I must say though… Mummy and Daddy enjoyed it as did Nanny and Pop! The best bit is we ate it off of disposable plates so there wasn’t any extra washing up! Yippee!

ella's kitchen easy family cookbook ellas-kitchen-orange-one-easy-family-cookbook-cooking-recipes

*Ella’s Kitchen sent us everything we needed to become the ultimate foodies for this challenge including a voucher to purchase the ingredients. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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