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I haven’t done a blogger tag in an absolute age so I thought it’d be fun for readers, old and new, to find out a little more about me! I am so, so late for this train but Sophie from Wife, Mother, Life has tagged me to take part and so here I am baring as much of my soul as 100 truths will allow.

raising the rings 100 truths blogger tag all about me get to know behind the scenes

The Basics

1 – What’s your name? Jade
2 – Any nicknames or aliases? ‘Jadey Babes’, ‘Mummy’, ‘Wils’.
3 – Your gender? Female
4 – Your star sign? Libra
5 – How old are you? 28
6 – Your relationship status? Married since October 2016.
7 – Any children? Two boys and another little baby on the way!
8 – Any pets? Do husbands count? Otherwise, no.
9 – Any tattoos or piercings? One tattoo on my inner right wrist. I had a lot more piercings 10 years ago than I do today; I had my belly button, top lip, right tragus as well as multiple other piercings in my ears and I always wanted more.
10 – What do you like about yourself? My ability to make the bed really well.
11 – What do you dislike about yourself? How stressed I get.
12 – Righty or lefty? Righty. 


13 – The last thing you drank? A cup of tea with two sugars. 
14 – The last thing you ate? Two slices of ham straight from the fridge. An acceptable snack, yes?
15 – Your last phone call? Was from the local gymnastics club saying they have a place for Teddy.
16 – Your last text message? Was me texting my Nan about Toby’s school bingo next week, haha. 
17 – Your last email? An email about a committee meeting for netball. 
18 – The last song you listened to? A song I don’t know the name of that’s probably really ‘down with the kids’ right now but I’m too old to keep up with music. 
19 – The last book you read? I think it was ‘The Girlfriend’ and it was really crap and I didn’t even finish it because it was so terrible. 

the girlfriend book cover michelle frances raising the rings 100 truths blogger tag all about me get to know behind the scenes

20 – The last time you cried? Can’t remember!
21 – The last blog you read? Alex from Lamb and Bear!
22 – The last person you spoke to? Teddy
23 – The last place you visited? The gym pit this morning. 
24 – Your last holiday abroad? Was to France 3 weeks ago when we went skiing.

Have You Ever?

25 – Have you ever gotten back with an ex? Stupidly, yes.
26 – Have you ever been cheated on? Yes.
27 – Have you ever cheated on someone? Yes.
28 – Have you ever lost someone special to you? Yes, very recently!
29 – Have you ever been so drunk you threw up? This is me every time I get drunk.
30 – Have you ever fallen out of love with someone? Yes.
31 – Have you ever met someone who changed you? Yes. 
32 – Have you ever been in a situation where you found out who your real friends are? Yes. 
33 – Have you ever kissed someone you probably shouldn’t have? Definitely. 
34 – Have you ever found out people were talking about you behind your back? They probably still do.
35 – Have you ever broken someone’s heart? Yes and it made me really sad to do it! 
36 – Have you ever kissed a stranger? Absolutely. 
37 – Have you ever had your own heart broken? Yes. Although looking back it was the best thing ever. 
38 – Have you ever had sex on the first date? We weren’t even on a date. 
39 – Have you ever been arrested? Most people will be surprised to know I actually haven’t! 
40 – Have you ever been attracted to someone that isn’t the gender you usually find attractive? Hell yes. Women are hot. 
41 – Have you ever done something you regret? Probably.
42 – Have you ever had a threesome? No, but I probably would. 
43 – Have you ever embarrassed yourself in public? Far too many times (looking at 18 year old me!).
44 – Have you ever misjudged someone? Frequently. 

Your Beliefs And Opinions

45 – Do you believe in God? God, no. 
46 – Do you believe in yourself? Rarely. 
47 – Do you believe in Santa Claus? If I don’t then he doesn’t bring presents. He definitely exists! 

do you believe in santa claus father christmas yes otherwise he doesn't bring presents raising the rings 100 truths blogger tag all about me get to know behind the scenes

48 – Do you believe in ghosts? Kind of. 
49 – Do you believe in aliens? Aliens, no. Life other than ours? Yes. 
50 – Do you believe in miracles? Not really. 
51 – Do you believe in the power of positive thinking? No, but I often think this is something I should start doing. I can get clouded by negative thoughts when I’m stressed (and that’s often!) but perhaps a bit of positivity would help!
52 – Do you believe in love at first sight? Not at all. I’ve never looked at someone once and fell in love. 
53 – Can money make you happy? I think it’s part of a wider set of things that can make you happy, yes. 
54 – Would you describe yourself as a feminist? I guess so. 
55 – Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Absolutely pro-choice. 
56 – Do you have strong political beliefs? No, I try to stay away from politics unless absolutely necessary.
57 – Do you have strong religious beliefs? No. I really, really don’t care for religion. If you are religious then you do you, but it’s not for me. 
58 – What do you think the most important thing you can give a child is? Your time! 

Right Now

59 – Are you eating anything right now? No, but I’m thinking about what I can rustle up for lunch. 
60 – Are you drinking anything right now? I’ve literally just finished a cup of tea. 
61 – What are you listening to right now? Teddy watching the TV and the birds singing outside.
62 – What are you thinking about right now? These questions! 
63 – What are you waiting for right now? Bed time. Always. 
64 – What are you most excited about right now? Our scan next week. 
65 – What’s your pet hate right now? Toby biting his nails. 
66 – What’s your favourite thing right now? Strong flavours; salad cream, mint sauce, vinegar – that kind of thing.
67 – If you weren’t answering these questions, what would you be doing right now? Probably doing a bit of cleaning, or moping around because I feel tired and a bit nauseous. 


68 – Your first best friend? A girl called Leanne, but we got separated when we moved to different primary schools. 
69 – Your first kiss? My first peck on the cheek kind of kiss was with a boy called Ben in infant school. My first ‘proper’ kiss was when I was in year 7. It was with a boy in the year above me called Harrison who was actually pretty vile – and a terrible kisser looking back. 
70 – Your first celebrity crush? Oh I honestly don’t have a clue. I can’t think that far back and I was too much into girl bands to be doing with famous men. The earliest one I remember is Ryan Phillippe and he is still gorgeous.
71 – Your first holiday? Wasn’t even really a holiday, it was a netball tour to Barbados in 2007. 
72 – Your first pet? I’ve never had a pet. Not even a pet rock. 
73 – Your first regret? Probably that awful first kiss! 
74 – Your first job? My first job was in one of the local Chinese takeaways. 
75 – Your first childhood memory?  Gagging on Weetabix in my highchair – I still don’t like it to this day.

Which Would You Choose?

76 – Love or money? Love. 
77 – Twitter or Facebook? Ooh. Facebook, probably. 
78 – Hook up or relationship? Relationship, but a hook up or two in-between maybe? 
79 – Dogs or cats? Neither. 
80 – Coffee or tea? Tea, every time. With biscuits.

choose tea over coffee with walkers shortbread raising the rings 100 truths blogger tag all about me get to know behind the scenes

81 – Beer or wine? Vodka? Gin?
82 – Sweet or savoury? Depends on the mood. I’d say I’m probably more of a savoury person but I love white chocolate.
83 – Introvert or extrovert? I think I’d probably go down as an extrovert. 
84 – Vampires or werewolves? Vampires, because they’re usually really good looking in films. 
85 – Seaside or countryside? I get the best of both worlds where I live! 
86 – Summer or winter? Summer, summer, summer. And I wish it would hurry up. 
87 – Books or movies? Books. 
88 – Horror or comedy? Comedy – I love a good laugh. 

A Few Random Q’s To Finish On

89 – Do you wish you could change your past? There are definitely parts of it I’d like to change! 
90 – What’s your dream job? Without a doubt to become a midwife. 
91 – What’s your guilty pleasure? What people would consider seriously crap TV, but I think it’s awesome. 
92 – What are you afraid of? Spiders and dying. 
93 – What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up? A sociologist or a psychologist. 
94 – If you could have any super power, what would it be? Reading minds, I think. Very Sookie Stackhouse.
95 – If you could change anything about your life what would it be? I would love to have travelled more by now. 
96 – Would you want immortality? Yes, but I do have some terms I’d like to negotiate. 
97 – If you could interview anyone alive or dead who would you choose? I hate questions like these, especially because no one particularly sticks out. Ever. 
98 – Would you say you are happy? Of course. 
99 – What one piece of advice would you give to yourself at age eighteen? You do you. Don’t care about what other people think and don’t let other peoples’ situations affect you. Think about yourself! 
100 – Where would you like to be in five years’ time? A tough one! But possibly studying to become a midwife?

The 100 Truths Tag

Since basically everyone I know has done the 100 truths tag already I have nobody left to nominate. So, if you haven’t done this yet and you really fancy it, even if you’re not a blogger, then feel free to say I tagged you!


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