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You’ll have seen recently that I posted about hosting a #SportsNightIn and how sports is a massive interest in our family. Since the biggest thing on television at the moment is tennis, I decided that this will be the focus of our party.

Tennis is something that I’ve only relatively recently gotten into. I can’t play it for toffee but I do enjoy watching Wimbledon and I have to say I always find the mens’ tennis more entertaining than the womens’. The shots more powerful, the determination more evident and the emotion more intense; I just become so involved. Having said that, watching Serena in the final last year was incredible!

Toby and Teddy aren’t really into tennis just yet, they’re still very much into their train sets and crayons but it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy getting involved, even if it’s just helping prepare the food. When it comes to Wimbledon everyone is all about the Pimm’s and the strawberries and cream. Well, not this family. We love a good, hearty meal; ain’t nobody got time for snacking… not until later in the evening anyway.

We opted to spend our #SportsNightIn with a good pie. This is one of our go to dishes because it’s so easy and really quick to make. Plus I love all the vegetables that you can have it with; mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli – the choice is yours. You can even have chips and gravy if you really fancy.

Now, Wimbledon only ever replays in the evening so this was more of Wimbledon catch up – do you genuinely think we can get to the TV during the day with our two boys? No chance. I will make a point of watching the final on Sunday though as I think it’ll be a good match. We will of course be watching some of the cricket at the moment thanks to having Sky Sports. As I highlighted before, Contact Numbers UK has the largest directory of customer service contact numbers and they have a wonderful direct number to contact Sky, which is grand because we don’t watch anything that’s not available on Sky and we do get through most of the sports channels. (Could I also take this opportunity to request that Sky shows more netball, please and thanks!).

Anyway, it’s totally not a night in without some munchies though is it? I love a little nibble in the evening, though I do have to restrain myself from finishing packets of stuff or, indeed, having more than one packet!

In summary, we had a fantastic evening just catching up with the sports in general and catching up with each other and that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Sometimes it’s better with friends and other times it’s nice to just chill out with each other. How will you spend your #SportsNightIn?

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*This post is in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK


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