Christmas | Our First With A New Baby

Every year we all get a bit stressed knowing that Christmas closes in quicker and quicker than we expected. With office parties to attend, decorations to get out, buying all the presents (and wrapping – best done with an alcoholic beverage to hand), cards to write and this year, for me, it comes with a baby to look after! Thankfully on his first Christmas, he’s unlikely to be able to pull at things – especially my chocolate orange. He can however, ‘add some character’ to my Christmas jumper with his endless torrents of dribble and sick. I’m just looking forward to having lots of food and lots of time with our family.

It’s the one calendar event of the year where I don’t feel guilty about anything I put in my mouth. Cheese, a huge turkey roast and chocolate. Yummy! Having said that I know I’ll undoubtedly fall into the category of those who are ”going on a diet” after Christmas. *snigger* I’ve been avoiding the dreaded ‘D’ word ever since I gave birth almost 4 months ago, but I really can’t avoid it anymore. A skiing holiday in February will see to it that I get my backside into gear, and at least give myself half a chance to get down the slopes without my legs giving way.

Now, I’ve seen friends have their baby dressed up and having photoshoots for literally any and every occasion since they’ve been born which is lovely but not something I’d personally do. One or two photos for a good laugh to look back on, but a full on professional album for any holiday they can imagine up? I think it really takes out the spontaneity of the day. Surely a good action shot is better for laughs and memories than posed shots? For example, I will look back on this picture and have a good laugh about it because it was spur of the moment to put that little headband on him and it actually suited him!

first christmas dress up costumer elf baby boy

So anyway, I’ve endlessly searched for things to buy my beautiful baby boy that he’ll actually get some use out of. I’ve tried to think ahead for things he’ll need before he turns 1 in August, yet the search engines only come back telling me I must make it memorable and unforgettable by shoving keepsakes down my throat and insisting I have everything photographed, videoed and immortalised. Like, do I save his Christmas day poo and get it casted? All I want is some sensible gift ideas for an almost 4 month old.

I do, however, think that it’s a nice idea to create a tradition or two for children from the offset. Maybe a nice pair of Christmas pyjamas, filming them coming down the stairs every year or a special bauble perhaps. I think we’re going with pyjamas. These John Lewis beauties were only £14 and are super cute.

john lewis tartan pyjamas red boys christmas eve box kids babies

So with 8 days to go, what are your plans for Christmas? And how do you survive it with your little one?


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