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There’s no denying that organising your own fundraising event is a great way to do your bit for charity. When it comes to raising funds for a good cause, the more people who are involved, the better, so why not encourage our little ones to join in? Teaching our broods about the importance of charitable giving is important, and there’s no reason why you can’t have fun in the process.

Regardless of how you raise money, you’ll need to choose a charity to donate your funds to. It might be an idea to pick a cause that will resonate with your kids. For example, you can contribute towards a number of children’s projects on Human Appeal, including the charity’s education and orphan funds. So, if you’re stuck for fundraising activities that your kids will love, keep reading.

Sponsored Silence

Probably the one I struggled most with as a kid because I don’t think I ever shut up usually. Why not set your kids the ultimate challenge of a sponsored silence? Especially if your little ones are the chatty type, it might seem like the impossible, but daring them to keep quiet for a good cause could go down a treat. Explain to them that you’ll contribute to charity on their behalf if they can make it through the morning, afternoon, or even the entire day, without making a peep. Not only is it likely your kids will love this unusual challenge, but it’ll give your ears a rest too! Hopefully.

Fundraising Activities Your Kids Will Love sponsored silence bake sale sports tournament talent show secret quiet

Sports Tournament

If your kids enjoy being active, you could arrange your own sports contest. Whether you organise a football tournament, a rugby match or a swimming competition, there’s no doubt your little ones would love to channel their energy into a fun sporting activity in the name of charity. You could charge spectators to cheer on the youngsters taking part, putting the money you’ve raised towards a good cause. It doesn’t even have to be totally competitive, as long as they get involved in the fun!

Bake Sale

Although it might not be the most original idea, you can’t go wrong with a charity bake sale – I mean… it’s mostly cake and biscuits. This classic fundraising activity is fun, easy to organise and always gets a great reception. After all, who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Get messy in the kitchen with your kids baking up a storm and let them lend a helping hand with the mixing and decorating. You can then sell your delicious delights to your friends, family and neighbours before donating the funds you raise to charity.

Fundraising Activities Your Kids Will Love sponsored silence bake sale sports tournament talent show cakes on display

Talent Show

Ahh, I’ve taken part in many a talent show and some of them weren’t even for charity. Give your kids the chance to shine and organise your own where they can dance, to sing, do magic tricks. Just encourage your little ones to brush up on their skills and show them off. In exchange for admission tickets, you could invite your family members and friends along to watch and applaud your kids as they strut their stuff – with the proceeds going to a charitable cause. During the event, you could even use any proceeds from the inevitable sale of tea and coffee… or wine. Just kidding.

Getting your kids involved in charity fundraising can teach them a lot, so why not start planning your own event as a family? What’s your ‘go to’ fundraising event?

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