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Every year without fail Mother’s Day comes around and lots of us get stuck for ideas when it comes to gifts. The problem is there’s no ‘one size fits all’ gift when it comes to mums because we all love different things, we’re from different generations and all come from different backgrounds. I just thought I’d throw together a little mismatched guide to Mother’s Day just to give you some inspiration if you’re looking for something a little different this year.

Ilda London – Unique Jewellery & Accessories*

I recently came across this wonderful online store after the owner got in touch with me. After looking through the store I fell in love with the jewellery she creates and stocks and I knew it had to be in my Mother’s Day gift guide. The designs and colours are beyond beautiful and they look super luxurious but without the ridiculous price tags! There’s nothing quite like a cheaper gift that really looks the part, especially when the quality hasn’t been compromised.

Ilda London’s styles are fun and fashion forward but they’ve also catered for those looking for something a little more demure. Ilda London sent me these gorgeous faceted drop earrings in a turquoise colour which are just so, so beautiful. Treat your mum this Mother’s Day and buy her a unique piece that she’ll want to wear over and over again!

Chin’s Kitchen*

All mums love a good biscuit, right? Especially when they’re having five minutes peace with a cup of tea or coffee (there’s nothing worse than a lonely cup of tea!). Chin’s Kitchen are an artisan bakery who source all of their ingredients from other independent producers and suppliers and they create gorgeous Indian shortbreads and cakes and I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some of their bakes (Nankhatai) and they are beyond divine.

They come in these really cool boxes and in some incredible flavours. Having been very creative with their spices they have revived the classic Nankhatai with a variety of both modern and classic flavours. If you’re looking for a treat with a twist this Mother’s Day then be sure to order mum some of these bakes. The dessert brownies and salted caramel set looks incredible!

Electronic Tobacconist E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Lots of mums may have made new year’s resolutions to stop smoking this year and maybe they haven’t quite gotten where they’d like to be. One thing you could perhaps look at for your mum is a “gamucci starter kit” from Electronic Tobacconist. It’s certainly a habit lots of people would like to break but find difficult so this could be a good kick up the bum for your mum to get rid of the cigarettes and find an alternative.

This starter kit is fab because it’s super cheap so even if your mum only uses it for a trial, or she goes on to e-cigarettes full time, it’s certainly a small investment! We all know the health problems associated with smoking so let’s nip it in the bud and make sure she’s here for next Mother’s Day!

Tisserand Aromatherapy Collection*

I have been getting into the pampering thing a whole lot more this year and so I really think this gorgeous and naturally fragranced bath and body collection would go well in any mum’s bathroom this year. Tisserand are the “go to” brand when it comes to essential oils and wellbeing solutions.

Tisserand create premium products using fine quality ingredients but make them accessible to everyone, especially when prices start at only £4.50 – affordable luxury at its best. So if your mum is looking to relax over Mother’s Day weekend, make sure she has some of these lovelies in her present pile in the morning, she’ll be thanking you after a long soak in the bath with these products.

Tisserand aromatherapy products neroli and sandalwood hand cream rose and geranium leaf hand wash lavender and white mint body wash on white fluffy background with yellow tulips mother's day gift guide
Three of my favourites are these beauties which just smell divine! I’m not usually a huge fan of lavender but this is so good in a shower just before bed. Even better if you put fresh sheets on your mum’s bed and she dives into those after having a little luxury time in the bath. Don’t forget a good magazine and a glass of wine on the bedside table too!

Mini-Me London*

One thing I’ve been wanting to do with my boys for ages is a bit of ‘twinning’. You see lots of companies cater for the mother and daughter market, yet not much for the mother and son market, so when I came across Mini-Me London I knew I’d want them in this guide just to show that mamas of boys can twin as well! Plus it’s always nice getting new clothes.

mini-me london twinning is winning clothes for mother and son whole family matching outfits mother's day gift guide alternative and thoughtful present for mum motherhood hoody

Mini-Me London cater for the whole family when it comes to matching clothes and I absolutely adore their lines. The beauty of Nav and Sav’s creations are that they can be mixed and matched to suit you. Mini-Me London have created affordable collections of outfits for all occasions, but without compromising on quality. They are super fashion forward and are even keeping up with the new trend of slogan wear for parents – just check out this ‘MOTHERHOOD’ hoody – so practical for doing the housework, or even the nursery run (like me) when teamed with a pair of cool trainers. Oh and they do matching ‘Child Hood’ hoodies too!

mini-me london twinning is winning clothes for mother and son whole family matching outfits striped t-shirt and wine chinos mother's day gift guide alternative and thoughtful present for mum

Is there any cuter way to show off your kiddies than in matching outfits and on Mother’s Day? I think not. We were very kindly sent some pieces over and these wine coloured chinos and stripy tops have been a super hit in our house. The chinos are super soft and fit really well and I love the colour because bold is good. Team with these stripy tops to really set off the whole look. Treat your mum to twinning this Mother’s Day because twinning is winning!

Willow Tree Figurines

These gorgeous figurines are literally so good for any occasion. I have a couple myself and they are literally my prized possessions. If you’ve not heard of Willow Tree before then do take a look. Susan Lordi hand carves the designs at her home from which pieces are cast and then individually painted by hand. These ornaments just radiate yet simplicity yet can express so much. These are incredibly meaningful pieces and can be displayed anywhere in the home. I have way too many favourites but how about this lovely one for Mother’s Day?

willow tree figurine mother's day gift guide present for mum



Merci Maman Personalised Pieces

I first came across Merci Maman pieces last year when I attended BlogOn in Manchester and I really loved their vibe. Their necklaces and bangles are some of my favourite pieces and they can be personalised with children’s names, dates of birth and so on. They’re lovely if you’re looking for a little keepsake, or for something that keeps your close to mum’s heart. Kate Middleton was even spotted wearing a piece!

merci maman logo mother's day gift guide present for mum

What about you? Is there anything you’d really love this year apart from flowers and a card? Personally a lie in would go down really well…

*These items were sent to be in return for being featured in this gift guide. All views and opinions are my own.


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