Home Maintenance Tips To Impress The Neighbourhood

Buying a house in one of the nicest parts of town is all you’ve ever wanted – but now you have it, what’s next? Well… surprise! The work doesn’t stop when you move in. In fact, it’s just getting started. Well, that’s how it feels for us anyway!

Whether it’s your first home or your forever home, there’s constant work to do to keep up with the Joneses. Some interior flaws are easily hidden by sectioning off rooms when guests are around, but there’s nothing you can do to hide the outside of your home. If you’re anything like me then it’s likely that the neighbours will notice something needs doing before you do. But, do you know what? You’ve earned your home, and now it’s your chance to make it shine and stand out.

Show off your dedication and hard work by maintaining your now most prized possession. It probably sounds like a lot of work but there are a few easy solutions to fixing up your exterior and grounds. All you have to do is take a few tips and use your free weekends to make your home look great again. Why not start with these?

Garden Games

Let’s start with the good news: 75 percent of homeowners own a lawn or have landscaping. That means you’re not alone. There are a lot of people out there looking to spruce up the outside just like you. Over 80 percent of those homeowners do garden or landscaping work themselves but one-third of them don’t know how often a garden should be watered, or how to grow a lush looking lawn – that includes me! This means there’s a pretty good chance most homeowners don’t know what to do if their lawn is diseased or brown. Luckily there’s plenty of information out there to help solve the problem.

Home Maintenance Tips To Impress The Neighbourhood lush green lawn rid of fungus clover

Chances are that if you notice something weird going on with your grass, something isn’t right. Got some clover? That’s not healthy. A splotch of pinkish looking mould? Yep, that’s a lawn fungus, and there are hundreds of different varieties of them. Most lawn issues are treatable and usually all it takes is some readily available fertiliser or pesticides. Of course, the professionals will always be around to help you out of any major jam and you might even pick up a few tips from them for the future. We trust our gardeners 100% and they really do help us keep on top of our garden!

Exterior Tips

Sure, a nice green lawn is one of the first things anyone notices but there are plenty more fixes you can make to show off your family home. And, just as with lawn care, they’re all pretty easy. Here are a few ideas.

Painting Shutters or Window Frames

Shutters are often an afterthought, but they can become a beautiful statement piece on nice homes. Opt for bright colors to distract from other inadequacies or go with a nice neutral tone that accents your exterior paint. The best part is shutters are something you can do on your own. Painting your own shutters only takes a few weekend hours and a bit of paint from a local hardware store. Painless and affordable it sounds like the perfect project to give your exterior a facelift.

Home Maintenance Tips To Impress The Neighbourhood paint the shutters freshen up windows

Round Up The Weeds 

Nothing can drag down the look of your outside more than weedy landscaping. Whether it’s weeds in the mulch, in between the brick weave  or vines climbing up the render, the unwanted greenery is sure to detract from the more attractive features of your home. As with shutter painting, this is an easy fix. A spray bottle of weed killer is all you need. If you get the good stuff, it’ll take care of the growth without you ever even having to pull them!

Wash With Power

One last simple tip to keep your home looking great is to give it a good old bath. It might not be possible to scrub your entire house but you can clean up most of the grit and dirt by using a pressure washer. You could possibly rent these from a local hardware store or borrow one from a friend or neighbour – or even invest in one for long term use. Focusing on your driveway and siding will improve your exterior’s look significantly.

The key to a beautiful home is a beautiful exterior, and it’s not as hard as you think it is to maintain. Rid your garden of the ugly fungus and wash down the dirty spots to make it look like a brand-new house. Trust us, you (and your neighbours) will notice.


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