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My husband will probably tell you that I stress and worry over things I don’t need to but unfortunately it’s just how I am! I’m quite high strung when it comes to certain situations; I tense up, get headaches, my muscles go into mega spasm and I get nerve pain in the back of my head – what a delight I sound! Usually I’m quite collected but like any mum I just end up getting behind on things and letting the little things get on top of me.

The worst days are the ones where you don’t go out but don’t actually achieve anything indoors. Plates left over from last night despite having a dishwasher, general kids rubbish everywhere, washing and ironing to do – you know the things I’m talking about. I’ve been thinking of little things I can do every day that don’t take me a whole hour, but also things that make me feel like I’ve achieved something around the house which in turn brings my stress levels down a bit. I’m never going to have a full on clean house: it’s just not going to happen with two children who have a five minute attention span and two adults who are usually¬†in and out all day.

Make The Beds

Yes, that simple! I never used to make the bed because I often wondered what the point was. Surely it would only get messed up later? True, but when I walk upstairs and it’s the first thing I see, it just looks so much better when the covers have been straightened. So, as soon as I get out of bed (most mornings) I’ve been making the bed. It also means I have a little platform for me to sort all the washing out when I get round to it!

Opening The Curtains

Yes, also very simple but some days I often didn’t bother! Now, whatever the weather, the curtains get thrown open in the morning to let the daylight in and it just seems to brighten the whole room and my mood. The boys have blackout blinds stuck to their windows which are a bit of a pain to put up and down every night so theirs don’t get opened that often but it just makes you feel like you’ve brushed off the sleepy cobwebs and freshened the house up!

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Hire A Cleaner

I know some of you already know that I have a cleaner. I’ve had one now for probably 18 months or so. Literally, just two hours a week where she comes in and does all the little bits I might not have gotten round to during the week makes me feel so much better about the house. It means that the toilets are cleaned at least one a week, my hob gets the once over and the floors get mopped. It’s easily the best ¬£20 a week I spend at the moment because it means I don’t have to try and set aside a whole day to try and get the house done just because the kids want to hang off my legs when I actually want to get on with something. It brings the stress levels right down!

Burning Candles

It’s the little things that make it feel homely so I like to have a candle burning in the background. If it’s a nice warm day I’d much prefer to throw the patio door and a few windows open to let the fresh air rush in around the house but when it’s a bit miserable or chilly it’s nice to have a little glow somewhere in the house. A nice scented one always goes down well here, although I still can’t bring myself to light my Kate Spade one!

Open The Windows

When you get a nice day there are few things better than a bit of fresh air. If you’re not planning to leave the house, or you just fancy enjoying the garden I love to get the windows and patio door open (as I said above). It means the kids have free reign and run between the house and garden and I can see them from pretty much wherever I sit. Plus a bit of good weather always lifts your mood, right?

A Mini Declutter Means Less Stress

Take last night for example, I actually managed to get some washing put away but found that because I was so on top of it for once that there wasn’t any room for it to all fit. This made me think about getting rid of a few things so I emptied a couple of drawers and got rid of a few tops that I knew I wouldn’t wear any more or that didn’t fit me. They get given to my sister and it means I’ve had a little declutter. I often do this with bathroom products too!

Buy A Bunch Of Flowers

Whenever I pop into the supermarket now I usually pick up a little bunch of flowers. Just something to brighten the hallway, or to pop on the kitchen windowsill. I love how they exude homeliness and bring in a pop of colour to a room! Plus they’re really pretty to look at and make you smile a little!

What are the little things that you do to stress less? Or maybe you don’t let the little thing stress you!


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