Little Loves | Alton Towers, Arbuckles + Moving House

What an incredibly crazy couple of weeks we’ve had. So many things have been going on and I’m not really sure where to start. This is kind of a half what’s happened, what’s going to happen post but I’m so excited by everything that I feel I just need to get it all on metaphorical paper before I explode.


I’ve been trying to look for books that I want to take with me on holiday. We are very lucky to be going on holiday without the children soon (a friend’s wedding in Cyprus) and I know there’ll be some downtime and, as much as I’d just like to nap, I don’t want to waste a minute of ‘me’ time while we’re there so I need a good book! Plus there’ll be times when we’re lying by the pool with our friends and I just want to get my head stuck in a good book because it’s something I haven’t done for so long. I’ve been looking at a Jodi Picoult book, perhaps, or maybe something I’ve read before. I’d love to know if you’ve got anything up your sleeve that you could recommend!


Nothing makes me happier than watching the boys’ faces light up. Almost a month ago we took a little trip to Alton Towers where we stayed at the new CBeebies Land Hotel, went to CBeebies Land and went swimming at Splash Landings and both of their faces were a picture. Both of them absolutely loved it and it was all thanks to Konfidence for who we’re ambassadors.

They got to meet Bing, Postman Pat and Ubercorn from The Go Jetters and it was just incredible. I’d love to take them back, possibly next year when Teddy’s a bit older. I’m sure it was quite overwhelming for them but watching their eyes flit from one thing to the next and seeing them just really immerse themselves in what they thought was the actual land of CBeebies was amazing. I did a little vlog here but there’ll be plenty more about that coming your way soon.

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More progress! Yes, that’s right. We have finally moved house. Last weekend we said goodbye to our first ever family home after almost 4.5 years. We’re on to bigger and better things and, while I know it’s the best thing for our family, I can’t help but feel sad that we’ve left that house behind.

Packing is a killer and you genuinely don’t realise how much rubbish you own. If you ever want to have a good clear out.. you know, the type where you need to be utterly ruthless.. then just move house. You’ll soon know what you want to pack and what you want to actually get rid of. We’ve had lots of old things go to new homes and it feels refreshing to be decluttering as we unbox but it’s by no means finished. It’s finding the time to really go through the boxes and decide just how ruthless you want to be. Anyway.. here’s to our next chapter!


I’ve not really been wearing anything other than my Winter wardrobe. What the hell is up with the weather at the moment? We’ve had a good couple of days, I’ll give the British weather that but seriously? Cloud, rain, dull. Did Summer just not fancy turning up this year? I’m so ready for boots, big coats and cosy nights.

I’ve been unpacking all of our jumpers and hoodies because, quite honestly, Autumn doesn’t seem that far off. But first… we’re going on holiday and I *think* I might be braving a thong bikini. Whaaaaat?


Admittedly, the only thing I’ve been hearing lately is Jamie’s podcasts. They’re about the NFL and I zone out because they’re mostly hosted by people with whiny American accents. Bring back our internet – we’re without it until the 29th (what kind of world do we live in where I’m asked to wait 18 days to have the internet installed?).

And Lastly…

I’ll catch up with you again in a couple of weeks, probably after we’ve unboxed everything and found some sort of routine! Let’s all hope Summer catches a better second wind and turns up for a bit. Ta ta for now!


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