Little Loves | Catching Up, Stepping Back + Ex On The Beach

I haven’t done a ‘Little Loves’ post for quite a while now; in fact I think the last one I did was in February. I go through these phases of being really into blogging and then I get to the stage where it becomes very overwhelming. I just feel like it’s all been getting on top of me and some things have had to give. I’ve been taking a step back from certain aspects of blogging, social media and just focusing on what I really want from it, which I actually only did recently and it clearly hasn’t gone the right way as I’ve had to do it again.

However, I now feel like I really want to start with the ‘Little Loves’ posts again because I miss thinking about the things that I’ve loved from the and being really appreciative of them.


If you don’t know that we’re in the middle of buying a new house where have you been? I’ve been spending quite a lot of time searching for interior inspiration and have spent a lot of time reading and looking through interior blogs and I’ve come to find a whole new niche that I love. One interiors blog I’ve really loved reading is The Home That Made Me; her Instagram is incredible, her blog posts are spot on and have provided me with no end of inspo and I am so excited to find some more interior gems like this one. Roll on the house move!

little loves raising the rings stepping back ex on the beach and the big move is happening


Yessss! One of my guilty pleasures is back on the telly box. Ex On The Beach is back for its seventh series. For someone who actually watches very little reality TV compared to some people I know, this is one of the things I actually look forward to. It’s full of rank looking blokes who think they’re God’s gift, cringe worthy girls who wear inch thick make up, have fake boobs and hair and think they look stunning with a huge dusting of drama. Oh and some of the best worst one liners always come up on this show. You can’t go wrong, can you?


Progress. But only really on the house move. Hopefully it won’t be too many more weeks before we actually get a completion date. There’s obviously a sea of paperwork and fees to get through yet but it is all coming together rather nicely. Fingers crossed the rest of the process is smooth sailing and then I can get started on the inside – I’m SO excited!


We have finally had some nice weather where we’ve actually been able to break into the Summer wardrobe – yippee (though as I sit typing this it’s overcast and rather grey)! I’ve been living in shorts, strappy t-shirts and a couple of dresses. I’ve been a bit naughty and broken into the holiday wardrobe but it’s best to make sure things fit and are comfortable, right? No harm done!

I’ve also been wearing lots of suncream but apparently factor 50 every half an hour still wasn’t enough for pale ole me as I still got burnt! Keep in the shade people.. keep in the shade.


My favourite song at the moment is ‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” by Shawn Mendes. I didn’t really like it when I first heard it and I can’t for the life of me remember why because it’s so good. Obviously when it comes on the radio I have to turn it up and open the windows while screaming out the lyrics because I can’t actually sing. Oh the little things in life.

And lastly…

My love for Ed Sheeran was rekindled over and over (again) after being in awe of his Glastonbury set. What is up with people who have no idea about his loop pedal? Get with the vibe people, it was LIVE!

Until next week’s Little Loves, why don’t you tell me about your week?

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