Little Loves | Game of Thrones, School Holidays + A Moving Date

Oh what a week it’s been for Little Loves and it hasn’t finished yet! I am so excited for this weekend but more about that next week (eek!). I’ve been desperately trying to get ahead of myself these last few days. Lots of things about the house have been up in the air but there has finally been some progress which is really good news (see below!) and we now have six or seven weeks of pure holiday bliss with the boys. Did I say bliss? I’m just hoping we can keep them occupied over the holidays and that we have some decent weather. Here’s what’s been happening recently;


The only thing I’ve really been reading this week is anything to do with the house. We’ve had countless emails, documents to read, sign and send back, contracts to sign, moving quotes and everything that goes hand in hand with a house move – it’s all pretty boring, standard stuff but this means we are ever closing to moving. Couple that with the fact that we finally have a completion date of… *drum roll*…. the 2nd of August!

This means that in less than two weeks we could possibly be living in our new house, probably without internet, but in a bubble of pure relief that we are finally moved in! I am so excited because this means the start of some new things coming from me and the blog so watch this space!


Oh em gee! Game of Thrones is back on our screens – finally! It’s been a long time coming and I am so happy to have Jon Snow to look at once more. I needn’t say anything else…


I can’t say I’ve really made much of anything recently. Toby and I baked some cakes for his nursery teachers yesterday as it’s his last ever day of nursery today. He’ll be going to school in September which I guess has ‘made’ me a little bit emotional. I just need to gather some bottles of wine, flowers and a thank you card now!


I feel like I don’t know what to wear at the moment. It’s so hard to dress for the weather because it feels more unpredictable than ever. Some days we have blazing hot sunshine and other days it’s grey and rainy. I’d really love a bit of consistency at the moment, especially as we’ve packed all of our Winter clothes away ahead of the move; yet it feels like I need to be wearing those more than I need to be wearing a nice dress or a pair of shorts. Come on Summer, show your face a bit more round these parts!


If you haven’t heard then today is the last day of school! This means that we have the whole Summer (if it ever arrives) to spend together. I love this time of year because it means my husband is home and gets to spend time with me and the boys. After those few weeks are over then Toby will be going to school and Teddy will be doing some hours at nursery – how exciting! I think I’d be naive to think that I’m going to have loads of free time because it will inevitably be filled with more work which is actually quite a good feeling!

And Lastly…

If anyone has any amazing tips for packing up a house, then let me know! Have a great week everyone! You can read my last ‘Little Loves’ post here.



  1. August 7, 2017 / 9:26 pm

    I’m so happy Game of Thrones is back on! We just finished watching the latest episode, it’s so good!

  2. August 7, 2017 / 10:38 am

    I’ve not started watching the new season of GOT yet! I am waiting for the whole season to be over and then I will binge watch it over a weekend. I’m terrible for not being able to wait a week for the next episode! ;D

  3. August 4, 2017 / 4:55 pm

    Games of Thrones being back on has made me so happy too hehe!

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