Little Loves | My Birthday + Thinking About Christmas

Every time I sit down to write these Little Loves I get stuck on the headings. I don’t know whether it’s because some of them just aren’t relevant to me on a weekly basis so I feel like I’m clutching at straws trying to fill them up. I like to think that most things I write on here are written naturally rather than trying to put square pegs in round holes.

I’m going to do my beset this week but I think next week I might shake it up a bit and either come up with my own or literally just write about the week I’ve had. I know that this blog hasn’t exactly been the place for organic content recently and in some ways that’s a bit rubbish because I don’t feel like I’m telling you guys enough about me or writing enough worthy content. On the other hand it means I’m making money through paid work which isn’t so rubbish. (Yay for a good month.. I think?). Anyway, here goes.


I’ve not so much read it as I have lovingly cradled it and checked out the contents. I’m only talking about the Emma Bridgewater Christmas catalogue of course! It came through the post the other day and I was so, so excited! I’d met with them at the Christmas in July event (obviously in July) and had a sneak peek at some of the things they’d been putting in the magazine so to see the whole collection was very exciting.

I think it might be one of those obsessions I either wish I didn’t have or I might have to make it a tradition to treat myself to something decent from there once a year. I mean, who doesn’t need a plate especially for mince pies?


I haven’t gotten round to watching it yet but I’ve heard so many good things about ‘Liar’. I’ve recorded it since it started but just haven’t found the time to actually sit down. I might make a point of doing it next week, or during the half term. I adore Ioan Gruffudd – I loved him in ‘Ringer’ and in ‘Forever’. He seems to play quite a lot of characters called Henry or Andrew…


I haven’t made anything this week, except maybe a start on Christmas. Oh yes, ladies and gentleman, that’s right. I’ve been making mental Christmas lists for some time now but I’ve actually started writing them down, saving links and thinking about presents already. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I feel more excited about it this year as I think Toby might just understand that Father Christmas is coming. He’s already asking if he’s been down his chimney yet! Eek!


It was my birthday on Sunday and Jamie bought me two new gorgeous, soft jumpers and I have wanted to live in them all week. One is a gorgeous dark blue, turtleneck jumper and the other is a cropped, dusty pink number. Here I am on my birthday in said blue jumper while trying to get a look in at my presents!

little loves opening a birthday present


I’ve not really heard anything worth telling you about to be honest. I can’t think of any gossip (well, I can, but none that I can share), I can’t think of any songs that are stuck in my head right now (unless you count the Mr Potato song from Peppa Pig) and I feel a bit lame under this heading to be honest.

However, I can confirm there are only TEN more Fridays until Christmas. Just saying.

And Lastly…

Yesterday we said a very sad goodbye to my Grandad Albert. We’ll never forget you. Night, night. God bless.


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