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Ugh, it’s been a bit of an up and down few weeks since I last wrote a Little Loves post. There’s always something! Our downstairs room finally got converted into the pantry we wanted in the house and I went to BlogOn Xmas and I feel like I’ve made progress life, house and blog wise but unfortunately┬áI feel like all of that has been cancelled. Unfortunately my Grandad became really ill, really quickly and he’s passed away. It’s incredible what can happen in the space of four weeks, truly. If anything, it really has made me step back and rethink what I get stressed about, especially because he was so laid back. Anyway, less of the morbid and time for something more uplifting, surely?


I think I said it my last Little Loves post that I really wanted to read ‘The Girlfriend’ by Michelle Frances. Hailed ‘the most gripping debut psychological thriller of the year’┬áI was so excited to start reading this book and initially I was sucked in but I’ve got to be honest with you, I found it incredibly boring.

the girlfriend michelle frances review how does it end what happens boring not thrilling would not recommend

It seemed really slow paced, hard to get going and the characters really got on my nerves. So much so that I haven’t even finished the darn thing. Part of me really wants to finish it to see how it ends, but the other part of me wonders if I can be bothered because I already feel disappointed! I even tried looking up the ending just so I didn’t have to go through the faff of reading it myself. Oops. Not sure I’d recommend this to anyone but everyone loves something different. Have you read it? What did you think?


I know I’m not the only one who’s been watching series two of Doctor Foster and God, I hope there’s not a third. This was probably the biggest anti-climax on TV, especially in comparison to the first series which I found utterly gripping. I wasn’t overly fussed about being sat in front of the television as it was about to air and I only really half watched it during episode four and five because the story line was just so crazy, choosing instead to see if I could conquer a level on Bubble Witch.

Having said that, every time Jamie and I watched it he said that it made him feel awful. It isn’t an uplifting series, showing instead some of the very harsh realities of two parents going through a divorce that can’t just get along for the sake of their child. No wonder Tom ran away, I can’t blame him, I’d be off too.


The only thing we’ve made this week is our bed! We decided to treat ourselves and opted for a superking sized bed and now we have all the space to starfish, yay. Putting it together was no challenge thankfully and it looks so, so good. I actually can’t wait to get the rest of the bedroom done now. In fact, I might go and order a thing or two this evening!


I always struggle with this subheading because I don’t really ‘wear’ anything other than my every day clothes. I suppose the only thing I’ve been wearing more of recently is Winter boots. Yep, those good old comfies have come out of the cupboard as the colder season starts kicking in.. not that the warmer season ever got going…

I’m back in my Uggs and Chelsea boots – hurray! This totally means I can crack out the candles and big, woolly scarf right?


I don’t know if you heard but I recently attended another outstanding BlogOn conference a couple of weekends ago. I also attended Britmums Live but I left early because it was utterly pants (sorry, it just really wasn’t for me!).

little loves blogon xmas hotel football manchester september 2017

Anyway, if you’re a fellow blogger and haven’t heard of BlogOn before (where have you been hiding?) and want to know more then head over to the website where you’ll be able to keep up with when tickets are released for next year.

I had a wonderful weekend with friends old and new and we got to stay in a fancy hotel too!

And Lastly…

I know I mentioned my new pantry above but it is even more wonderful than I could have hoped for. It’s quite old school and I feel like I’ve put a part of this house back to how it might’ve been used (the previous owners had it as a study). Next thing you know I’ll be hanging meat from the ceiling to dry out.

Little Loves celebrating a new pantry organisation inspiration larder walk in cupboard

What have you been up to recently? Have you got some serious bedroom game and can give me some inspiration? – let me know!


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