Little Loves | Valentine’s Crafting, Deep Cleaning & Family Photos

What a week! What a week! Lots seems to have happened or, at least, I feel like I’ve ticked lots of things off my list. I’ve managed to keep on top of the housework and all sorts and I just feel like I’ve achieved something. I’ve also been a lot more ‘aware’ of what’s going on around me and I’ve been noting down things for Little Loves which is an achievement in itself!


Chantal from Milk and Nappies posted this really lovely update on her blog for the Me and Mine project. I love reading Chantal’s blog because she always puts a smile on my face! She’s been away to Las Vegas and lots of other things have been happening for her and her little family. I’m excited to see what happens for them in February!

little loves with raising the rings chantal from milk and nappies I have loved reading her blog this week

Jamie and I also got a letter saying that Teddy had been accepted at the nursery we applied for and he can start in September. I can’t believe that my tiniest little monkey is going to be old enough to be going to nursery – I’ve got anxiety about it already. I don’t know why because I was quite happy to let Toby go without feeling much guilt; maybe it’s because he’s got so much more confidence than Teddy. Either way, I will have one little one at school and another little one at nursery. What am I going to do with my time?! Probably have another baby…


This week I went to London for an event with TENA and I watched a presentation on what their goals are and who they’re trying to appeal to. Some of the facts I saw were really interesting and I’ll be sharing these with you in an upcoming blog post. It was also really love to meet some new bloggers at the event, which is always nice! P.S. Look at the flowers that were on my table at the event!

tena feel fresh event london haymarket hotel lights by tena pink flowers inspiration centrepieces


I’ve been crafting with Toby this week as part of the Bostik Blogger team for 2017. We made some Valentine’s Days themed pieces and it was so fun to have some one to one time with him. You can see what we came up with here!

The second thing I’ve ‘made’ this week is progress in the house. I’ve been making a conscious effort to get on top of the cleaning, ironing and general housework especially as we’re off skiing next week so it may be that I don’t get round to this post next week! Deep cleaning has officially begun!


You’ve probably seen it on my Instagram but this FIVE POUNDS Primark bargain has been my top wear this week. I’ve also bought myself a little double bobble hat to go skiing in next week, so maybe that’ll feature if I get round to next week’s Little Loves post. I am super excited to wear it!


Tova Leigh. If you haven’t heard of this woman, you really must! She is absolutely hilarious and I can not stop listening to her. I’ve ‘known’ Tova for a long time having had a couple of conversations on Twitter with her quite a while ago. GO LISTEN!

And Lastly..

Last weekend our little family attended a photoshoot with the super lovely Cathryn Wood who has managed to capture us perfectly – just look at this picture for starters!

cathryn wood photography photographer norfolk and suffolk based wedding and family photoshoots eaton park norwich in black and white mother and son hiding peek a boo



  1. February 6, 2017 / 12:19 am

    I love your Primark bargain. I so need to get shopping at Primark again.

  2. February 4, 2017 / 11:28 pm

    What a lovely list of good things for the week. Love the sweatshirt. I really ought to start going to Primark more often! Good news that Teddy has been accepted at the nursery. I was worse with my first than with my second. I cried when I dropped off my eldest for the first time. But the nursery reassured me that it was always worse for the parents than the children!

    Oh that last photo is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. February 4, 2017 / 8:46 am

    Your photoshoot photos are gorgeous and I missed that you were in London – I do love a little jolly! I’ll be looking for that jumper next time I’m in town! x

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