Making Our House A Home | Baby Number Three’s Nursery Update

The nursery overhaul has been well and truly in full swing since I wrote about my vision for it. Admittedly it doesn’t look anywhere near finished, and that’s because it isn’t, but I’ve also not fully been able to embrace my plans because I just can’t find what I’m looking for. Orange seems to be a hard colour to get hold of for the simplest of things – or maybe I’m not looking in the right places. Either way I’m still on the hunt for the perfect products to fit this nursery.

Here’s an update on what I’ve done, what I’ve used and what we have so far. I’ve popped a vlog tour below so you can see the transformation so far and some of the pieces for yourself. If you have any suggestions of where I can find what I’m looking for then feel free to let me know!

The Nursery Walls

Paint and Colours*

We didn’t get round to stripping off the wallpaper, which is just as well as it really would have been more hassle than it was worth so I ended up painting over it. I bought some basic white matte paint from B&Q and went in with two undercoats before applying two coats of Valspar’s very own ‘Rabbit’s Foot’ underneath the picture rail. Valspar had predicted this colour would be really popular this year with more parents opting to choose gender neutral nurseries.

I found it had a slightly blushy undertone to it when I put the first coat on and I remember feeling quite disappointed that it wasn’t what I had imagined. However, after applying the second coat and getting some natural light on it, it looked exactly how I thought it should have looked in the first place. If you learn anything, learn that you should judge it after two coats and in natural light! I had a 2.5l tin which did two coats of the wall and I still have a little to spare for touch ups should we need it.

making our house a home baby number three nursery update valspar paint rabbit's foot gender neutral nursery pair with moon shot for two tone pastel

Above the picture rail I went slightly darker and used Valspar ‘Moon Shot’. This took two coats to get the colour looking how it should and I only needed two tester pots too! Jamie thinks it might’ve been better if we had switched the colours around but I think it’s perfect how it is.


I’ve ordered some prints from Desenio to go on the wall which I’ll reveal in the next update as I still need to get frames and hooks for them. It took me ages to decide on which ones to get but it’s mostly because I was being fussy. I wanted a couple of quotes but also something with a pop of orange, so I tried to find a fox picture; most of which seemed too ‘grown up’ or far too babyish for the look I was trying to achieve which seems mad considering it’s a nursery! I’m just looking for the ‘right’ one.

I have two gorgeous painted log slices from Rachel who runs ‘Eastern Sapphire Designs‘ which I’m desperate to get on the wall. I think these will look so good in the right place and because they’re a little darker they’ll give a little contrast to the wall.

making our house a home baby number three nursery update eastern sapphire log slices pyrography painting burnt wood designs

I would also really love to get a weave made for this little one from ‘Made Weave Love‘. Phoebe’s design and talent is undeniable and I really want a bit of that on the nursery wall! Her next spot isn’t open for custom orders until 12th August though, so I’ve set an alarm to hopefully get a slot. I particularly like this one with the pom poms across the top – can you just imagine it in orange though?!

The gorgeous giraffe print that I won from Pretty in Print may just have to be passed on to a good home because even though I love it, it really just isn’t going to fit anywhere without me taking the fitted wardrobes out. However, I have ordered one of their fox prints to go on the wall which I am super excited about getting up with the other bits I have coming.


I’d have really loved a book shelf on the wall in here but there just isn’t any room which is a huge shame! Luckily Toby and Teddy have slightly larger rooms, each with a reading corner so we’ll be able to do story times in there anyway.

I’ve debated getting some hooks for the wall as I’d really love somewhere to hang the slings and carriers that I’m not using so they’re out of the way. They’re so pretty and would definitely be wasted in a drawer. If that’s something we can’t accommodate I think we’ll go for an over the door hook just so I have somewhere to put them.

Nursery Furniture

The Cot

I remember saying in my last post that we had chosen a cotbed and I can reveal it is the Mamas and Papas Atlas in oak. I really did want a white one but I just wasn’t totally sold on the idea of having all white furniture. We went for Mamas and Papas because we inherited one when Toby was born, which was already around 8 or 9 years old, and it was only because I managed to lean over and break it that we’re not using it.

making our house a home baby number three nursery update mamas and papas cotbed atlas range oak effect 3 in 1

We have an old cot top changer that we’ve somehow managed to keep with us for the last two years or so and even though it doesn’t match the cot, it does fit perfectly! I found this invaluable with both Toby and Teddy; Toby because I had trouble changing him down low after his birth and Teddy because I’d had a c-section and the more I could do upright the better. Without a doubt this has to be one of my essential baby items that you probably wouldn’t think about.

The Cot Top Changer

This is around 5 years old and I know it doesn’t match the oak of the cotbed but it seems so silly paying out for another one just for it to match. It’s served us well and, because I’m having a caesarean, it’ll be perfect for upright changing. I’m so glad we’ve managed to hang on to it for a couple of years and I can’t recommend them enough to anyone – they save your back and your knees!

The Chest of Drawers

I managed to pick up a chest of drawers in exactly the same design as the one we got for Teddy but for around 2/3 of the price! We’re quite lucky to have a kind of outlet/ex-display furniture shop down the road from us so I thought I’d just pop in and see what they had. They came up trumps, thankfully! I paid for it at 11.30am and it was delivered to the house at 1.15pm which is amazing and meant I could get some things put in it straight away.

making our house a home baby number three nursery update the furniture house ex display oak effect painted grey chest of drawers

The Wardrobes

We have fitted wardrobes and I’ve been making a conscious effort to try and get rid of a few things to make space. I’ve moved the bedding for the boys into their own rooms, which kind of makes sense anyway, and I’ve taken a few things out of their boxes ready for the baby. Once he’s outgrown them we’ll be selling those on and I’ve just spent time rearranging the way things are in there so there’s less clutter and more storage space.

It’s definitely given me a chance to sort through all the clothes that we have for this baby and actually sell a few on which is lovely!

The Cubed Shelving

I have been desperately trying to find a Kallax unit from IKEA that’s nearby so I don’t have to pay £35 delivery for a £35 item (or have it delivered to a collection point an hour away!). Unfortunately, nobody seems to be selling one on around here so I’ve had to resort to looking elsewhere.

B&Q have their Konnect range which looks similar so I now have a four square unit (£26) and two square unit (£16) in oak. I also bought three of their Mixxit storage cubes but have had to order a fourth on eBay that looks similar just because I want an orange one!

making our house a home baby number three nursery update b&q konnect unit oak effect two squares storage mixxit canvas fabric box

I have seen a gorgeous raindrop canvas storage bag on H&M but think it’s probably a bit too yellow so I’m holding out hope for something a bit brighter. Fingers crossed!


I had been looking for the perfect toy storage basket for the nursery. I didn’t want anything huge because we are very lucky to have a big toy room downstairs, but I did want something to hold all the little nibbly teethers, soft toys and smaller baby toys.

Room to Grow have the most gorgeous felt weaved basket with brown leather handles that we’re using for exactly this. It’s £30 and the quality is just so beautiful; it’s well structured so it holds its shape really well and it’s the perfect size for the bits that we need. It works perfectly in this room, giving it yet another shade of grey, and really pops against the furniture and walls.

making our house a home baby number three nursery makeover room to grow felt weave basket leather brown handles toy storage solution

I’ve been eyeing up their rectangular ones and I’m so wishing they did them in orange right now because these are exactly the kind of baskets that you know will last and look good for ages to come. Oh how I wish they had these for my storage unit!

The Soft Furnishings

Cot Bedding*

All of the bedding on the cot is by The Essential One. Without a doubt it’s every bit as luxurious as it looks online. I chose to opt for the ‘Little Birdy’ range with the quilt cover (£50), cot bumper (£40) and blanket (£30) complementing the wall colours beautifully.

making our house a home baby number three nursery update the essential one little birdy range jersey quilt neutral grey

Having had quite a few bits from The Essential One previously (I have quite a few things for baby in my 0-3 month haul) I can honestly vouch for their quality. They’re a really wonderful company, I love their designs and I’m so excited to get baby all wrapped up in their stuff.

making our house a home baby number three nursery update the essential one little birdy cot bumper ewan the dream sheep purple b&q konnect unit oak cable and cotton string of lights

For me, as I say in the video, the cot bumper is purely for aesthetics but it just looks so cute and just ties that end of the cot in with everything else. I think the blanket will end up a firm favourite with this little one – both of his big brothers have ended up favouring something big and snuggly to cuddle up to and this is perfect!

making our house a home baby number three nursery update the essential one little birdy range blanket woodland creatures grey

Changing Mat

The orange star print changing mat is from B&M and only cost a fiver. I only really liked the orange, rather than the star print, and thought it would just work great as something I can take to other peoples’ houses if I need to, or keep it downstairs as a second one.

The one I’ve ordered is white with foxes printed over it which I think will go much better with the nursery! Fingers crossed it turns up in time for the next update though.

making our house a home baby number three nursery update changing mat foxes UK fox print white


Oh this is definitely one of my most favourite things in the room! I have lusted and lusted over Cable and Cotton lighting for a while now but just never had the right ‘excuse’ to get it, but finally I have. I created a custom order of 35 balls which came to around £39 and it consisted of black, white, grey and orange balls.

You do have to thread them on yourself but it’s super easy and it means you can choose the colour order too. When Toby saw them he asked if he could have some but in ‘superhero colours’ so now I have a good idea for his birthday!

making our house a home baby number three nursery update cable and cotton ball lights LED string custom choose your own

The ceiling light in the nursery is an awful, chrome chandelier which is very ‘glam’ and not nursery suitable at all. At the moment it does the job and it’s probably something we won’t change imminently but it’s definitely something we’ll look to change in the future. We’re quite lucky that this bedroom does get lots of natural light at all the right times!


Currently we have plantation shutters at the window which works really well in this room as, with it being on the side of the house, the sun mostly misses it. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s totally dark in there. If it’s anything like Toby and Teddy’s rooms then we will need to get a curtain up.

The only problem is I don’t need a pair of curtains, I just need one as the pole on one side doesn’t allow for much tying back. I think logically we will just end up buying a pair because if we ever do take out those wardrobes, we’ll actually have the wall space to get a longer pole.

Toby and Teddy have some lovely grey ones in their rooms that we got from Next (black out and pleated) and I think we’ll stick with grey in this room too – mostly because it’s quite a neutral colour so if and when we eventually do change the colour of the room, we won’t have to change the colour of the curtains – hopefully!

Other Accessories

As I say in my video you’ll be spending a lot of time in the nursery as well as your baby. Whether it’s because you’re feeding in there, napping on the floor because that’s where you’ve fallen asleep or because you’re in there picking out your 25th baby grow of the day. The little motivational messages dotted around the nursery, or even your bedside table, or even on the kitchen fridge can be invaluable when you just need someone to tell you that you’re doing a good job.

making our house a home baby number three nursery makeover isabella and us positive parenting cards

Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of that and the Isabella and Us cards* do that so well. Stick a badge on your changing bag or attach it to your most used nursing bra if you must but definitely just have that little nod to yourself that you’re doing alright.

Oh, and aren’t the milestone cards just to die for? They are SO cute, pocket sized and super lovely too!

making our house a home baby number three nursery makeover isabella and us baby milestone cards finishing touches keepsake baby shower gift

Obviously we have quite a few other accessories dotted around the room but as we’re yet to get a few more, I think I’ll save those for the next update when everything’s finished and do a finishing touches post to complement this mid-point update!

Let me know what you think of the nursery so far! And if you have any suggestions for how I can make the orange ‘pop’ in this room – then let me know! You can watch the mid-way update right here:

*I received products in return for inclusion in this makeover. All views and opinions are my own.


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