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If, like me, you are lucky enough to live near the Norfolk coast, you will know all about the singular beauty of the area. There’s absolutely no reason to not celebrate Norfolk’s coastal beauty and you can do that by bringing a bit of coastal charm into your home.

It’s easy to create a coastal theme with the right use of colours and simple accessories to create a bright, airy feel that celebrates the unique character of Norfolk’s beautiful coastline. A nautical theme is not only appropriate for the area, but is also something that is simple, classic and will never go out of fashion and so here are a few ideas to get you started.

Choose The Right Colours

The first step in achieving that coastal look is by choosing a colour scheme that reflects the themes of sky, sea and sand. Whitewashing is a perfect start, to which you can add pastel shades of light blue and yellow. The idea is to create a weathered, almost faded look.

Stripes can be tempting, and when done right a striped blue and white pattern can work in any room, you just have to be careful not to overdo it – the aim is to create a sophisticated look that acknowledges your seaside surroundings, not to make your home look like an overgrown beach hut – although if that’s the look you’re going for then great! Rather than an all out attack of the stripes, choose them for textiles or furniture accessories.

Coastal Style Interiors That Celebrate The Norfolk Coast fish surrounding orange coral interior inspiration darker colours

Do not completely rule out the idea of darker shades. Dark colours scare some people, I’m one of them, but used correctly a deep coral and orange hues, for example, can add warmth for a year-round feel, and a red rug will look great placed next to nautical white and blue shades. Most importantly, remember the golden rule that less is more and avoid more than two accent shades in any one space.

Soft Furnishings

When it comes to the soft furnishings, the same rules apply and so a centrepiece of a plush, comfortable couch in white is the perfect start. Natural fibres are great, but it is also worth thinking about washed out denim to add a finishing touch. Consider pale blues for your cushions and throws. You could also invest in some loose-fitting covers for your armchairs and sofas and create different looks that reflect the changing seasons.

Using Wood

Nothing adds that classy but rustic feel to your home like the addition of some wooden shutters. They are also eminently practical during the winter months so when that east wind starts whistling in off the sea, make sure to have some very welcome extra insulation and keep your heating costs down!

Coastal Style Interiors That Celebrate The Norfolk Coast mint green shutters interior and exterior inspiration from the beach

On the wooden theme, some wicker chairs add to the coastal look, and are easy to accessorise with throws and cushions to match the season and your mood. Some matching wicker baskets are perfect for keeping newspapers and magazines, or perhaps logs for the stove in the winter months.

Coastal Style Interiors That Celebrate The Norfolk Coast beach driftwood interior inspiration

Natural timber furniture always looks great in any setting, whether it is in the form of shelves, tables or chairs. When used in a coastal setting, there is the added flexibility that you can paint or varnish it in the colour of your choice. The other great thing is if you visit the Norfolk coast and come upon some driftwood this can really add some authenticity to the look, so pick it up and take it home!

Make Sure To Accessorise

There is no shortage of seafaring knick-knacks to spread around your home, but remember not to go over the top. It is easy to end up with a house full of sailor’s knots, lighthouses and portholes collected from various tourist shops. A coastal look does not mean turning your living room into a smuggler’s den!

Coastal Style Interiors That Celebrate The Norfolk Coast mariners rope sailors knot boat tied up interior inspiration

This means choosing your accessories wisely, and in this respect authenticity works best. Avoid the “off the shelf” clichés and get out among the antique shops to find some genuine items that will look great and have a real life story behind them. Norfolk isn’t exactly a treasure trove when it comes to things washing up, but look hard enough and you may come across a thing or two; washed up bottles, random knick knacks and other things that are free, and that can definitely pass for authentic.

Pictures And Maps

Some artwork showing the local area can provide the finishing touch, and if you can find some photographs depicting local life in bygone years, these are an attractive addition.

Coastal Style Interiors That Celebrate The Norfolk Coast old antique world map sailor interior inspiration focal point

Nautical maps provide a great conversation point when you have guests round, and can often be found in local antique and second-hand shops. If you want something modern, rather than authentic, I really like the typography maps you can get of your area – those look pretty cool and still offer a talking point.

How About Kitchens And Bathrooms?

It’s easy to extend that coastal feel into kitchens and bathrooms through thoughtful use of light, bright colours. Again, a white basis with blues and/or yellows in the tiles and furnishings provides a look that is in keeping with the local setting and is clean and fresh.

Coastal Style Interiors That Celebrate The Norfolk Coast shells on the beach create a mural or art interior inspiration bring the outside in

In addition, you could accessorise with shells or even a mural design, which works particularly well in the bathroom. This is great way to get everyone involved too – spend a day collecting shells from a Norfolk beach and make something together from them. There’s certainly no shortage.

A Timeless Look Inspired By Norfolk Coastline

With a little investment and imagination, you will soon have a home that reflects both timeless elegance and the special beauty of the Norfolk coast. Just remember the golden rule that “less is more” and you can’t go wrong!

Coastal Style Interiors That Celebrate The Norfolk Coast hunstanton beach tide out stoney sand interior inspiration

*This is a collaborative post.


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