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‘Doing laundry’ is one of life’s biggest obstacles. I sometimes like to think that I’m this incredible domestic goddess who has everything together and, admittedly some days I do but most days I don’t. Laundry isn’t really a chore, it’s the bit of the end that I hate – ironing and putting away. Other than that it’s just the general ‘household of four’ washing piles that need tackling.

I do think I’m quite lucky because we don’t churn out that much dirty washing at the moment. The boys haven’t started any messy clubs yet (can’t wait!) and so it’s mostly just every day clothes that we go through. However, with Toby off to school in September and Teddy starting nursery, I’m well aware that that is all about to change.

stain removal clean freshpersil powergems ultimate cleaning detergent washing clothes darks lights colours non-bio biological

Considering I’ve been doing laundry for over 10 years I wouldn’t say I’m an expert but I know what I like and how I like it. I like it to be clean, I like it to be as crease free as possible and I like it to smell good. I suffered with sensitive skin when I was younger and I’ve always been a user of non-biological powder and detergent. You may have seen recently that, after 10 years of research and development, Persil have introduced an absolute game-changer into the market of laundry products – Persil Powergems.

I’ve been replacing my usual washing powder with these gems to see if all this research and development was worth the investment. First, let me tell you how they work, then I’ll tell you how they performed!

Persil Powergems – How Do They Work?

Described as ‘magical gems’ these are placed directly in your drum and disperse throughout the entire wash, giving you Persil’s ultimate washing experience using 100% active ingredients. They’re these little blue and white flakes of Persil loveliness, almost like confetti. I thought they would be a bit softer than they are, they’re pretty dry and hard – until they get in the washing machine that is. I love that Persil have worded it as the ‘ultimate washing experience’ because I think every wash really is an experience. No two are usually the same and it can be fun if you think you might’ve shrunk something or gotten a red sock caught up in a white wash.

One things my boys love is chocolate. They love eating chocolate, they love dribbling it onto their t-shirts and they love getting it on their hands – there’s a wonderfully placed chocolate handprint on my wall. They also love running around in the garden getting full of mud and grass and it’s fine but their clothes do take a battering. I will admit there have been times where I’ve looked at something and thought ‘it’s not even worth trying to wash it’ and I’ve subsequently binned it.

stain removal clean fresh persil powergems ultimate cleaning detergent washing clothes darks lights colours non-bio biological

You may have seen my Instagram stories the other day where our poor Ted had a small accident that created a lot of blood. Jamie’s t-shirt was saturated, Teddy’s brand new white top was soaked through and I had it on my dress. I have to say I wasn’t particularly confident I was going to be able to get the blood out so this was the opportunity I had been waiting to seize. And seize it I did.

The bloodied clothes went into the wash – along with a ‘few’ other bits and the Persil Powergems – and they came out looking as good as new. This can only go to prove that these Persil Powergems really have been crafted with the utmost care, precision and attention; they’ve got over 20 patents and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure clothes that love chocolate, blood, jam, grass or anything else that stains, are cared for and are given their new lease of life. I can truly say I will not be throwing another piece of clothing away until they’ve been through a wash with Persil Powergems.

persil powergems ultimate cleaning detergent washing clothes darks lights colours non-bio biological blood stain removal clean fresh

What Are Persil Powergems Good For?

Firstly, stain removal. I genuinely can’t fault their performance based on the rather ‘bloody’ experience we had on Monday morning. It’s just as well it works because the Persil Powergems are packed with more stain removal power than any other detergent. There are also two and half times more cleaning agents for oil and grease, which is great news if your partner or kids are fiddling with their cars or bikes and end up with all the sticky stuff on their clothes! And there are eight times more fabric shielding molecules to ensure your clothes are performing at their best.

Secondly, Persil Powergems are great for the overall ‘care’ of your clothes. I’ve found with previous detergents that I’ve tried that our clothes just ‘feel’ a bit different due to residue or they certainly feel stiffer. They’re designed to deep clean your clothes without leaving any trace they were even there and I would absolutely agree that’s the case. Our clothes feel soft, fresh, clean and cared for. The Persil Powergems also keep your whites white and your darks dark which is something I really struggle with (especially black jeans, does anyone else find they go grey after a while?)  so I’m going to see how this pans out on a new pair! In terms of the whites, they haven’t lost any of their usual colour and still look as good as new – backed up by the fact that Teddy’s white t-shirt was covered in bright red blood and still looks as good as new after just one wash.

Thirdly, the Persil Powergems use fragrance release technology which I love. One thing I do love about my washing is how it smells and I have been known to put a perfectly fine load of washing back in the washing machine and wash it again because it doesn’t smell ‘enough’ of anything. After using the Persil Powergems on our third wash and having worn some from the previous two washing cycles, I could really tell that I smelled nice. I get a whiff of myself every now and again which is one of my favourite things because I’m conscious that I do get a bit hot and sticky sometimes and it’s never nice to think that you’re smelly.

Are There Any Downsides To The Persil Powergems?

In terms of actual product, I can’t fault Persil in anyway. It has worked wonders on my clothes but to be honest I didn’t expect anything less from them. The only, very small, gripe I had was that the second cap is easy to open. The first blue one popped off easily, but that’s because it goes in the drum along with the washing. However, the second cap is pretty easy to undo and Toby was able to get this open (under my supervision, not just randomly out of the cupboard) so you must ensure this is absolutely out of the reach of children.

I would say that you only need to use as much as you require for your wash. You don’t need to overdo them because they look pretty and cool and they’re new. They do come in different sized packs (12, 19 and 30 wash, bio or non-bio) and the in-drum cap will help to ensure you’ve got the correct dose for your wash.

persil powergems ultimate cleaning detergent washing clothes darks lights colours non-bio biological blood stain removal clean fresh

Do You Have Any Laundry Tips/Hacks?

Just do it? No, not really. Doing laundry is usually easier said than done, especially when you’ve got kids or limited facilities. I have a few ‘tips’ to live by and they are;

  1. Little and often will lighten your load. I don’t mean put one flannel, two pairs of knickers and an odd sock in for a wash just because they’re there, but don’t wait until your laundry basket is out of control before trying to catch up. As soon as I have a respectable load of whites or darks then I do them. There are occasions where the laundry basket looks fuller than it actually is, especially when I’ve stripped off the beds. There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of washing in your basket.
  2. Find your ‘laundry tribe’. Work out the best combination for your washing and buy them when they’re on offer. Ours is Persil Powergems with a fabric softener. If something needs a bit of pre-treatment I make sure to do that but it’s very rare anything needs a good soak before a proper wash.
  3. Get the kids involved and create good laundry habits. We’ve started off really simply with this – the only thing we ask the boys to do is put their dirty clothes in the basket. This can be their pyjamas after getting changed in the morning or when they’ve taken off the clothes before they get in the bath, they know they don’t just get left on the floor. Toby loves to help with putting detergents into the washing machine and so I get him to do this and let him ‘press play’ to start the wash off.

And there you have it, Persil Powergems alongside my three top laundry tips! The Persil Powergems are, of course, revolutionary – now they just need to come up with a good body wash to clean my kids faces with.

*This post is in collaboration with Persil. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



  1. August 9, 2017 / 8:59 am

    I’ve never heard of these and admittedly am so used to buying my usual stuff I wouldn’t even think to look for them… but I love the sound of them and am always wanting the perfect smelling washing too so will give them a try next time I do the shop! Thank you

  2. August 4, 2017 / 5:23 pm

    These look great! I swear my laundry is a never ending pile, even with three loads done this week I’m still battling away!

  3. July 20, 2017 / 10:01 pm

    Oh little man….

    Love Persil Powergems too. I’m quite amazed how good they are. I’ve just Persil non bio liquid for years, but this is something else, isn’t it? x

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