Making Our House A Home | Overhauling The Living Room

One of the rooms we’ve really been focusing on recently is our living room. When we initially viewed this property I was quite taken with the look of the room and I really did like it. However, I think we all know that looking at something and liking it is incredibly different to you living it and it being your every day.

Changing Our Living Room Flooring

I’m not a fan, at all, of laminate in living rooms or bedrooms and this is basically what we had when we moved in. We swiftly changed the bedrooms to carpets and we’ve recently done the same in the living room. With the Christmas decorations packed away we were ready to make the change from Karndean to carpet and it was absolutely the right decision.

making our house a home overhauling the living room karndean flooring laminate

We have an original Edwardian, red brick fireplace and I knew that even though I really wanted a cream carpet in here it just wouldn’t work while it was a family room that the children also use. In the end we settled on a really nice, fluffy, grey carpet that actually looks really nice against the brick.

making our house a home overhauling the living room from karndean to carpet

There were a few reasons we wanted to change it though. The first is that the laminate floor was so incredibly dusty and I couldn’t bear it; all the dust would end up getting pushed under the sofas and the furniture and it was vile. Secondly, if we ever moved the furniture it would scratch or scuff the laminate and thirdly, it was so cold! Being quite close to the front door, the living room is a little draughty and so by adding the underlay and carpet in here you can really tell the difference in temperature.

Getting A New Rug

We’ve been on the hunt for a new rug for a while now. I want something that complements the carpet and that sits centrally in the room. We don’t really need a rug near the fireplace because the log burner is well contained and we do have quite a deep hearth should anything pop out.

Until we sort out the furniture and sofas in here it’ll probably look out of place, but I have a vision of what I’d like this room to look like. I think that by making small changes here and there will make us appreciate it so much more when it’s actually done. We’ve also tried a couple of rugs out but the quality has been less than we expected for the price we paid or they just didn’t look right. I recently came across Rug Mountain who sell rugs for every room of the house and they have a sensational range.

I’m not sure if we’ll go for patterned, cream or a different shade of grey but I think it’ll look so cosy with a nice rug down, especially in the winter! They just add something to a room that brings it all together, don’t you think?

Changing The Furniture

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the furniture we’ve got in our living room now but it’s just all so brown! I like the size and the shape of everything but I’m so tempted to give it a new lease of life with a bit of paint… or we might just sell it and get something else! I definitely think I’d like something lighter to make it a little more up to date rather than a bit old and dark. I think anything that’s got concrete and rose gold is very gorgeous but equally the yellow gold colour with glass tops is also stunning.

Laura Ashley have some stunning furniture in at the moment which I wish I could get but until we sort out a separate room for the kids then I don’t think I could bear the finger prints! The other idea I have is to get a much larger footstool and use that in the middle of the room, perhaps with a nice butler tray

New Living Room Sofas

One thing I would so, so love is a new sofa. Again, we have brown sofas which go beautifully with the furniture but I really would like something new. The ones we have are threadbare and worn in places, the cushions don’t plump up very well and I hate the half moon we’ve got poking out to create a random chaise longue; it’s not comfortable and it’s just eating into the space! I genuinely can’t wait to replace them.

making our house a home overhauling the living room brown charm sofas DFS

I’ve been looking at a few different retailers just because I feel like everyone knows the obvious place to head if you want a sofa and I would love to try somewhere new. Darlings of Chelsea, Made, Next and Sofology are a few places we’ll be looking at. I adore the Chesterfield style sofas, but I probably won’t opt for leather, and I think an armchair would look gorgeous in here too!


When it comes to accessories we’ve not really done much to be honest! I have a few bits out on the shelves but otherwise it’s not really been made into our home yet. I want to introduce a botanical edge with some plants and I want to get a picture or two on the walls.

making our house a home overhauling the living room love letters lagom higgle geometric tea light holder radiator cover

I’d love to change up the cushions a couple of times a year when the seasons change and add in blankets but with Spring I feel like the less the better. The only big accessory we’ve really got is our log basket which has its place by the fire. I’m sitting here feeling a little overwhelmed with how much I want to change this room actually!

I’m also desperately seeking a mirror for above our fireplace as I think it looks really bare up there!

Further Plans

We do have some slightly bigger plans that we’ll eventually get round to. They’re not an absolute priority but I think it’d be lovely to get them done. I’d like to get the TV on the wall and use the space where the TV is now to create some storage cupboards and some shelves, or perhaps a console type unit that would offer the best of both.

We also need to strip the wallpaper off the feature wall, which you can see has already started peeling, and give the whole room a lick of paint. The colour of 2018 is apparently purple, which just happens to be one of mine and Jamie’s favourite colours, so it may be that we bring a dash of that into the room when we eventually get round to decorating it!

making our house a home overhauling the living room edwardian red brick fireplace peeling wallpaper

We have a picture rail which I think we’d like to keep but there are some lights we want taking out of the wall and we definitely need a new ‘big’ light for the middle of the room.

Of course, all these things will come and this is not a full list of everything we need/want doing but I have to appreciate that with everything else going on in the house that it’s likely we’ll be waiting to make this room completely ours. But a girl can dream, right?

*This is a collaborative post.


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