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I recently read online that outdoor living areas are becoming the new ‘indoors’. Typically favoured by those who live in countries with much better weather than us Brits, outdoor kitchens and living areas are slowly but surely making their way over here. I mean, what’s not to love? Outdoor living areas offer space for you and your guests without being limited them to four walls and you still have all your amenities.

We are finally in our new house and we’re lucky enough to have a ready made outdoor living area. We’ve got a plumbed in sink, a pretty cool BBQ and lots of prep space and seating, but it’s still not really ‘ours’. We haven’t put our own touches on it yet and I really want to make it feel like our own before the end of Summer, if it hasn’t already finished.

Outdoor Living Furniture

We do have quite a bit of outdoor furniture as we were kindly left some from the previous owners and we also brought our own across from the old house. However, it doesn’t stop me dreaming of big corner pieces, hammocks and swinging chairs.

When we brought our last set of furniture it was heavily reduced and it wasn’t hard to see why when it was eventually put together. I think any outdoor furniture we get this time round will be an investment.

love the sales making our house a home our outdoor living area casbah undercover fire pit barbecue BBQ social area

Jamie and I are quite sociable and we do love having friends and family round but we were so limited for space before we moved. I’m really looking forward to being the hostess and comfortable and practical seating is a must!

I adore this Genoa dining set; it’s super flexible in terms of layout, it looks really comfy and you can always rely on rattan to last the Winter months. It also seats 8 people and you could always replace the table in the middle with a fire pit… just add marshmallows!

I think it’s really important to consider the kids too as they’ll be the ones enjoying the space just as much as you and while and outdoor living area makes for a great evening retreat, it’s also a great idea to eat your lunch al fresco with the little ones. I always think benches make a great addition to any outdoor space and I love the look of this solid garden refectory table.

Barbecues – Gas VS Charcoal

I’m a bit of an old schooler when it comes to BBQs, I love the burn you get on sausages and burgers from charcoal, the taste is second to none. However, they’re a bit of a pain to clean up and get rid of the remnants and, usually, we just end up putting another pack over the top.

love the sales making our house a home our outdoor living area casbah undercover fire pit barbecue BBQ social area grill

Gas BBQs are definitely a consideration, but ours is pretty much built in. I like them to be portable just in case you get a bit of a gust come round – they’re easier to manoeuvre. But, I guess that as long as you have a BBQ you literally can’t go wrong. They’re a garden staple and I know that a good chunk of us will carry on regardless of the weather – why wouldn’t you?

Outdoor Living Accessories

There are no end of outdoor accessories; there’s lights, statues and ornaments, wind chimes, candles, you name it and there’s a place for it.

I don’t really want to clutter up our little area but I do want it to be functional and pretty. I’m thinking lots of cushions, a fire pit or a chiminea and Jamie quite likes this little wind chime we already have. I just want it to be a nice relaxing space where we can eat, drink and chill out while we look over the garden.

love the sales making our house a home our outdoor living area casbah undercover fire pit barbecue BBQ social area bunting

And if the English weather gets the better of us, we’ve do have a roof over our heads, so there’s not excuse not to fire up the barbecue. Oh, and how gorgeous is this garland of jar lights that would look so cool hanging overhead?

What would you have in your outdoor living area? Would you go for the same lights or would you prefer a set of string fairy lights?

*Via Love the Sales, all views and opinions are my own.


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