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One thing I adore is photos. I love all types of photos; posed, candid, colour, black and white… you name it. Having said that, my house is not adorned with beautiful frames filled with printed photos. We have maybe one or two hanging up, but that’s probably because it’s just one of those jobs we never got round to.

However, in the new house, I really want to display some of our most favourite family photos because I really believe that photos can elevate a house to a home. People can walk in and see snippets of your life without revealing the whole picture and there’s usually a good story behind them. I don’t want to spend our lives looking through albums picked off a shelf.

I have big plans for the new house and I’m always thinking about the types of pictures I want in each room and how I want them to look. For example I’d love three big square frames above our headboard in our bedroom. A picture each of the boys and one of Jamie and I, all in black and white.

Hello Canvas

Hello Canvas recently got in touch to see if I’d like one of my pictures printed out in an alternative way. They provide a range of photo printing products and one that really stood out to me was the photo on wood. I, of course, thought ahead about which photo we might like to be displayed, where it would go and how we’d like to do it. I did even consider having this as an ‘outdoor’ accessory in the family area outside in the new house but I don’t think it’s something I’d like to run the risk of ruining. However, if you can guarantee protection from rain then this can be hung outdoors!

hello canvas review making our house a home with photos photo on wood whitewashed pine printed canvas alternative

The photo on wood is a new concept on me and I was quite intrigued. The initial product photos looked good and so we decided to go for that. It’s authentic and something a bit different. Hello Canvas use whitewashed pine wood from sustainable sources to print your picture on. There are eight different sizes to choose from and two different shapes which range from £19 to £149. I guess how many planks of wood they use for your picture depends on these two factors. We chose the ‘rectangular 16×24 inch’ and ours has four horizontal planks although you can choose to have them vertical too.

The grain of the wood is visible through the image but it absolutely does not affect the quality of the photo; if anything it really adds a little bit of character. The picture doesn’t wrap around the wood so the wood is visible from the sides and behind but I really don’t mind it as it’s not something that draws attention away from the actual photo. There are rough and smooth patches as you would expect with wood.

hello canvas review making our house a home with photos photo on wood whitewashed pine printed canvas alternative

Hello Canvas say that ‘this way of printing on wood makes the colours come out more beau­ti­fully and lively while preserving the rustic and robust appearance of the wood’ and I wholly agree. Despite it being a black and white photo all the different shades have really been made to pop and our photo looks stunning. I would never have thought to have it printed on wood but without a doubt I would definitely do it again.

All the wooden prints come with a hanging system so you can hang it straight up; no messing around with holes on the back of the wood yourself. The delivery was made in a couple of days after ordering and it was packed really securely – the last thing you want is dented corners or any damages.

Other cool printing options include HD metal, floating prints and even maps. I really want one or two of their maps for the new house; one in Toby’s bedroom and one in what will hopefully be our study. They have so many fun options and I just think they’re really cool.

hello canvas review making our house a home with photos photo on wood whitewashed pine printed canvas alternative

Have you heard of Hello Canvas before? How would you choose to print your pictures? Once we move into the new house, I’ll have to show you all where we’ve hung it up!

*I was sent this product in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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