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I don’t know what it is at the moment but I constantly find myself looking at lots of interior blogs, places where I can buy furniture and lots of different websites where I can find accessories (specifically for an office!). It’s probably because I know we’ll, fingers crossed, be moving in a few weeks time but I am so obsessed with these ‘dream room’ kind of posts. I find myself lost in them and in my head I have about 50 different themes that I want to incorporate into each room.

One room that I’m really looking forward to doing is the office. It’ll be an office, a dressing room and potentially the fourth bedroom if we need it to be but I really want a corner of it dedicated to being a working space. A retreat where I can get my work done with no children at my feet, an area where I can focus on what needs to be done and just have a little corner of the house that I can tuck away without feeling like it’s staring at me the whole time!

making our house a home my dream office with rooi kate spade emma bridgewater inspire

While I want it to be light, airy and quite pretty I really need the space that I have to work for me. I need it to be functional as well as quite clear because too much clutter will undeniably get on my nerves. I’ve been aware of Rooi for quite some time now and when they got in touch to ask if I’d like to review something from their website I automatically went into ‘office’ mode to see what I could make work for me.

I like to think that I’m relatively organised but I’m happy to admit that I do have so much going on in my brain that other, sometimes rather important, information gets forgotten so I do need to be reminded and I do need to write things down. In a bid to make sure I never forget anything ever again I thought that I’d get some sticky notes. But not just any old sticky notes, oh no… Kate Spade sticky notes. Kate Spade has been one of my go to girls when it comes to making a wish list of things and when I was finally able to get my hands on these beauties I was over the moon.

making our house a home my dream office with rooi kate spade sticky notes emma bridgewater inspire

This ‘Deco Dots’ sticky note collection has something for everything; they’ll certainly make those ‘must remember’ things more memorable. It features 7 different sticky pads in various sizes and designs and I think because my ideal space is dedicated to my needs that these ¬†glam, girly and utterly luxurious pads are perfect. The pastel blue colours with the foil gold accent are just divine. Now I just need a big wall calendar to use them!

If I need something to write with then I think I’ll be using this ‘Sweet Talk’ pen set by I don’t usually opt for super girly pens but these were really cute with their confidence inducing words. They each come in a different colour and are designed to motivate you with the wording down the side. While the pen tip is golden the ink is black so you could even take one in to work with you if you felt you needed a bit of a pick me up during the day. The love heart on the lid is iconic of and makes this pen set stand out from your stand biro.

making our house a home my dream office with rooi kate spade motivational pens confidence emma bridgewater inspire

One thing that I really love when I’m working is a cup of tea. I can drink them all day and I’ve been after a little mug of my own for a while now. I didn’t really know what I was looking for though and I’d been mm-ing and ah-ing about it for ages and then this beautiful scattered heart mug from Inspire caught my eye. I love the ribbed feel and the heart design on the outside with a gorgeous gloss finish. You should always make sure you can dunk a big biscuit into it as well; there’s nothing worse than not being able to dip your biscuit in because the opening isn’t big enough – luckily this one is!

making our house a home my dream office with rooi kate spade emma bridgewater inspire mug heart

The last thing I got from Rooi was a reed diffuser. If I eventually get my office I dream of having this light, airy scent fill the room. I don’t want anything too girly; something natural and fresh but something that can still command a room without being overpowering. I was actually really hesitant about ordering a fragrance online because I’m usually one for smelling something before I buy it but I decided to take the plunge and order this ‘Feels Like Home’ diffuser by Emma Bridgewater.

It’s a mix of chamomile, lavender and orange blossom and it says that it ‘captures the simple pleasure of a cosy home’ and it really does. However, it’s still light and airy enough for it to be fresh without it taking over your nostrils! The gorgeous floral packaging has the trademark flower design of Emma Bridgewater though this isn’t on the actual diffuser. It’s plain, glass and smells utterly divine. I’ve been getting it out for sniffs here and there because I’m reluctant to ‘waste’ it on this house now I know we’re moving and I really want to be able to use the whole lot in the new house. Without a doubt I’d recommend buying this one without sniffing. There isn’t too much of one note coming through over the other and they work perfectly harmoniously together to create an incredible scent.

making our house a home my dream office with rooi kate spade emma bridgewater feels like home reed diffuser inspire

I can’t wait to add to this collection and I already have my eye on some of the other Kate Spade bits (can we move already?!). Not only that their bedding looks amazing so I’m even seriously tempted to get some of that too. I could get lost on here, truly.

If you love these pieces as much as I do, or you find something you adore on the Rooi website, then just enter the code 20JADE at the checkout for 20% off your order (full priced items only)!

*Rooi sent me these items in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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