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There’s nothing like moving into a house and making it your own. We’ve finally got a moving date of the 2nd August and it’s ever more tempting to start buying things for the new house. We have carpet samples in the boot of our car and we’ve been to look at furniture. We’ve started looking at bathroom suites and thinking about how we can decorate all the rooms. But really it’s the little things that make a house a home.

I’m well aware that the new house won’t feel like home for a while. I still get pangs of guilt about selling this house and I get nervous about the thought of leaving our home behind. It feels like we’re venturing a million miles away but in reality we’re going less than a mile down the road. I know that all the pieces will fit together perfectly in the end, but it’s just waiting for it to click. Our dreams become a reality in less than a fortnight and, really, I am very excited.

Prezzybox recently got in touch with me to see if I’d like to choose a selection of things from their website. I decided to pick a few things out for the house but they also had some really cool things that I just knew Toby would love for his upcoming birthday in August. However,¬†I’ve decided to use them as ‘moving’¬†presents for each of the boys. I know they’re going to go down well and I’m hoping the little gifts will help them settle in quickly, as that’s my main concern, or just distract them for a few minutes while I get a box or two unpacked.

Personalised Mason Cash Baking Bowl

I’ve always wanted that one ‘good’ bowl in the house. One that comes out on all the baking occasions, one that you can rely on and one the whole family can use and Prezzybox just so happened to have the iconic tan ceramic bowl on their website – complete with personalisation. I couldn’t say no knowing that this would make a welcome addition to our new kitchen.

I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and so I have, of course, used it ahead of the move. We decided to make brownies and I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to see if these bowls really are worth all the hype. It’s really solid, sturdy and well made but despite that it’s actually really lovely and light.

mason cash tan ceramic baking bowl whipping mixing stirring our big personalised prezzybox home haul kitchen classic

It’s easy to manage and hold too which is always a bit of a pain with the other bowls I’ve got – they’re just ‘awkward’; I think that’s probably down to the thickness and the ‘lip’ of the bowl though.

The personalisation is etched beautifully into the side and even after quite a few washes it’s not faded or rubbing out. The only thing that might be nice for others is if it was in a darker colour, perhaps. Some people may prefer it being really obvious, rather than really light but I like it like that.

The brownies were lovely by the way….

mason cash tan ceramic baking bowl whipping mixing stirring our big personalised prezzybox home haul kitchen classic double chocolate brownies


If it’s one thing both my boys love it’s bubbles. It doesn’t matter where we are or who we’re with, if they see bubbles then they’re chasing them or wanting to blow them. However, the only problem is they usually pop pretty quickly and the boys tend to be fascinated with the ones that linger for a bit longer.

Catchabubble offer the perfect solution. A bubble solution that means the bubbles won’t burst straight away. All you have to do is remove the wand slowly, blow the bubbles, give them a couple of seconds to set and then you can catch them, stack them and put them wherever you like!

The solution is one hundred percent water soluble but it is very, very sticky and does leave a residue. All you need to do is wash it with a bit of warm water and it comes off. A small price to pay for the kiddies that love bubbles. I think these will be perfect when introducing them to the new garden we have! A Prezzybox winner for us.

Glow In The Dark Dinosaurs

I will admit, we haven’t gotten these on the wall yet. They’ve been out of the box and they look fantastic and light up really brightly after being in the sunshine all day but I really want these for the new house. Toby saw them and got really excited about them and I genuinely think these will just help him settle in his new bedroom. It’s going to be quite a big change for him and Teddy so I want them to have little things to keep them distracted from the bigger picture for a while as I’m sure it will sink in quite quickly anyway.

prezzybox home haul glow in the dark dinosaurs stick to wall ceiling scene toddler kids bedroom ideas

There are five dinosaurs and two stars per pack which will make for a lovely scene on the wall or ceiling – depending on where Toby wants them! He might even stick them on the wardrobe door, I don’t really know! Let’s hope they help him settle!

Personalised Monogram Candle Holder

I really love candles. I love the smell, I love how they look, the cosy glow they give off and I love them in all weathers and seasons. This gorgeous little candle holder caught my eye as Jamie and I have very little that’s personalised about us and I think little things like this say a lot. I plan to have this in our bedroom somewhere in the new house but for now it’s taken residence on the kitchen windowsill next to some succulents that we had at our wedding.

prezzybox personalised monogram votive candle holder keepsake wedding present loved up

It’s super cute and you can have it personalised with any letters that suit either side of the feature heart. It’s a gorgeous little keepsake and works well for so many occasions.

Copper String Lights

I have wanted some string lights around the house for as long as I can remember. I can see them now… hanging from the bed, round curtain rails and off of photos. String lights are not just for Christmas. As someone who is pretty festive I would absolutely have fairy lights up year round. As I can’t do that without my husband, and other people, thinking I’m bonkers then string lights are the perfect compromise.

prezzybox copper string lights battery powered home haul review

These battery powered LED lights really brighten up a feature and I was really impressed with how light and bright they were. They’re perfect for having round the home or lighting up the decking area in good weather. They’re super trendy at the moment and there are loads of ideas of how you can use them, and some different options on Prezzybox too, but I decided to make a feature of the picture we have at home at the moment.

Dinosaur Skeleton Dig

Following on from the glow in the dark dinosaurs above, this dinosaur skeleton dig is one of the things that has Toby rather excited. I know it’s only meant to be suitable for children 7 and over but this is the perfect ‘summer holiday’ bit of equipment. This kit allows children to cast and excavate a dinosaur fossil.

It’s another one of those things that I thought would be great for when we move in when we’re having a little while out from unpacking and need to spend time with the children.

prezzybox dinosaur fossil dig excavate do it yourself at home learn paleontology

It’s important that during this process that they’re as involved as possible and aren’t sidelined. The last thing we want is for them to feel uncomfortable, sad or left out. We haven’t used this yet as we’re saving it for when the move happens next week but I already know Toby is going to love it.

He keeps getting it out of the box to look at and asking when we can do it and I’m sure the sticker in the pack will also be very welcome. I love that this opens a whole world of learning and I plan to get dinosaur stickers, books and toys out to really make a session out of it that both boys can get involved with.


Prezzybox have been nothing short of amazing for ideas, not only for things around the house (I’m seriously lusting after this marble chopping board and camembert cheese baker) but for birthday and gift ideas for Toby and Teddy (things like the dinosaur torch and projector). Their delivery is quick, everything comes well packaged and I would highly recommend their website and service to anyone. This little haul of home goods and presents for the boys will go a long way yet! Now we just need to move.

*I chose this selection of Prezzybox products in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.



  1. Kelly Peters
    August 8, 2017 / 4:55 pm

    Great ideas! Hope the move went well! x

  2. August 8, 2017 / 2:18 pm

    I love the copper fairy lights and the candle. I am a sucker for anything pretty and decorative! Good luck with the move xx

  3. August 6, 2017 / 7:32 pm

    Some fab home bits. Love the copper lights and my little boy would love those glow in the dark dinosaurs x

  4. Emma
    August 5, 2017 / 8:06 pm

    I love their website, they have so many amazing things and having a quick browse always throws up plenty of gift ideas. I know my oldest two would love the bubbles! x

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