Making Our House A Home | West Elm Wish List + Makeover

Some of you may, or may not, know but we have recently had an offer accepted on a house – hurrah! If you’ve been keeping up with the blog you’ll know we sold our house a few weeks ago and we’ve been looking for the perfect house to make our family home for the last few months. We knew we would never live out our time as a family in our current house and with that in mind I don’t feel like I’ve ever really gotten into decorating it exactly how we would like.

I have been relatively averse to hanging up too many photos or spending too much money on a house we know we won’t be living in for too much longer. Having said that we’ve been here just over four years so of course it’s ‘homely’ but it’s not how I envisage my perfect home decor.

So with all the proceedings almost in place to get going with our new house, I am constantly looking for inspiration for all rooms in the new one. Luckily, they only recently did the kitchen which is very lovely and modern and so we don’t think we’ll have to do too much to that but there are a couple of rooms we want to make right the first time round. One of those is our bedroom.

west elm x blogtacular competition entry bedroom makeover

It’s currently got Karndean flooring which is nice, but I just don’t think you can beat a carpet in a bedroom. The feel of the fluff on your toes when you wake up and step out of bed. The way it brings that element of cosiness and settling down you need just before bedtime, I just think it rounds the whole thing up and brings the room together. We were sat down last night making a list of all the things we might like to get for the new house too. We want this house to be the one we live in for the next 20/30/40 years so I want the furniture to be right, I don’t want to scrimp and I want to be proud of what we achieve interior wise.

One website that is forever on trend and gives me life and ideas is West Elm. Now, West Elm are are sponsoring Blogtacular this year (and I’m attending for the first time) and they’re very kindly running a competition to win a full room makeover filled with £2k of furniture and I don’t think I’d forgive myself if I didn’t enter. And so this is my entry, but also a ‘look book’ type post to keep inspiring you and myself when it comes to interiors because, actually, I am no interior designer!

I want our bedroom to be functional but tranquil and I want to be able to move it through the seasons. I don’t want it to be too busy because it’s going to be a space where Jamie and I can kick back and relax, but I don’t want it to be plain and boring.

West Elm Bedroom Furniture

An Upholstered Bed

Our bed at the moment is plain pine but I really want something that isn’t so… blah? I had thought about painting the pine frame but I have been lusting after an upholstered bed for a while now and this gorgeous Deco Weave one from West Elm ticks all of our boxes. With its pull out storage (which will be invaluable for us), high headboard, no footboard and in the gorgeous grey colour this is everything we’ve been looking for.

west elm x blogtacular competition entry bedroom makeover upholstered grey bed with storage

We’d also love to have it in the super king sized – mostly because we both like our own space in bed – but I’m living for the day when the two boys come tiptoeing in and snuggling down between us where we watch Sunday morning TV and have tea and toast in bed.

Bedside Tables

Our bedside tables would be these stunning curved terraced ones in an antique brass finish. I think they’ll complement the upholstered bed perfectly and they’ll certainly be an upgrade from our basic pine ones. I think they’d bring this air of ‘grown up’ into the room as currently our bedroom feels like we’re not quite grown up yet.

west elm x blogtacular competition entry bedroom makeover terraced antique brass glass bedside tables

It’s housed two sleeping babies and it’s always been practical for that but as the boys are getting older we can leave nicer things out and spend a little extra on the adult things without fear of them getting broken!

Mummy’s ‘Time Out’ Chair

We’re lucky to have fitted wardrobes both in our current house and in our new house so that means more space for better looking things! I’m imagining this gorgeous Luna chair in yellow in the corner of our room next to a lamp (see further down). I like to think that in at least one corner of my bedroom I’ll be able to sit down, have a cuppa and overlook the garden, read a book or just a place to gather my thoughts.

west elm x blogtacular competition entry bedroom makeover luna yellow citrus chair

I think it’ll be like a ‘time out’ corner for adults; let’s be honest, we need a place to cry for 5 minutes solid when the kids are being heathens, or when you just need to reset yourself before you get on with something. It’s good to have that space. I also adore this chair in the teal blue colour (a different room, perhaps?), I just love that the yellow will bring a burst of colour to the room and will definitely be a feature.

West Elm Soft Furnishings

A Rug

One thing I think can really bring a room together is a rug. We’ve been after one for our living room and current bedroom for ages but have been waiting to find the right thing. Since we’ve now found a new house we’ll be waiting a little longer but this gorgeous rug is both yellow with great dimensions; the colour with the geometric come Aztec design is divine.

west elm x blogtacular competition entry bedroom makeover yellow geometric aztec design low pile rug

We don’t want anything too shaggy or fluffy because we’ll have that with our carpet but this will work so well with the Luna chair and the grey upholstery. It also comes in grey so depending on further accessories we may choose to go with that one instead.


Curtains are a huge thing for us. Currently we have linen ones over our blinds and it’s like having the sunshine indoors which is great, but not when you’re trying to sleep. Our boys bedrooms are the same and we’ve had to improvise massively with stick on black out blinds – though that doesn’t stop one of them waking up at 5.30-6.30am every single day!

west elm x blogtacular competition entry bedroom makeover ivory black out curtains textured woven

We’re looking for good quality curtains that are both black out and beautiful. Curtains, for me, bring an enclosed feel when you need it most. If you want light and airy then open them up, but otherwise draw them and they bring security, safety and cosiness to your bedroom. These stunning textured weave curtains in ivory will keep the room feeling spacious, but will block out light if you need to. We’ve got plantation shutters in most of the rooms at the new house and, while they’re very aesthetically pleasing they don’t quite block out all of the light.

Bed Linen

One thing I have been forever dreaming off is white bed linen. With breastfeeding, sicky babies and toddlers who leave some inexplicable marks on our bedding we have avoided anything too light or plain. When I see the Instagrammers with white bed linen I am always so jealous and have been keeping tabs on the kind of things that I like but no more sister! This bedroom is going to be our sanctuary and white bed linen it will be (for at least some of the time anyway!). It’ll be complemented with a grey sheet or a yellow throw, or both – who knows? – but I know it will be so amazing to just land in between those white sheets, sicky baby free!

west elm x blogtacular competition entry bedroom makeover textured bed linen white grey slate charcoal


Bedside Table Lamps

Lighting is the pinnacle of a room and sometimes it can make or break it. I want it to make this room. In the new house there’ll be a big ceiling fan, which we will eventually change, but I am all about the bedside lamps. I had debated whether I should have coloured bases on these to match the yellow/grey look but I’ve decided I want them to be evergreen so that if I change the colour accents in the room that these won’t have to be changed.

west elm x blogtacular competition entry bedroom makeover antique vintage brass and white lamp bedside table

My absolute dream at the moment would be to have a really low hanging glass jar ceiling light, rather than a freestanding lamp but I’m just going to have to go with what we’ve got at the moment (unless I can convince Jamie to have a bit of rewiring done?). These mid-century table lamps would look beautiful on those terraced bedside tables. They don’t take up too much room and they have a vintage appeal which I love.

A Freestanding Lamp

I mentioned earlier that I wanted a lamp to go beside my ‘time out’ chair and tripod lamps are SO in right now. I think with all the upholstery and glass/metal features in the rest of my wish list it would only be right to get one with a metal base. The wooden ones are lovely but are probably best saved for the living room.  West Elm have this adjustable one and it’s super trendy, architectural and everything I would love in my little corner.

west elm x blogtacular competition entry bedroom makeover freestanding adjustable metal lamp tripod base

I could go into all the little West Elm trinkets I’d love to have as well as art on the wall but.. honestly? I want pictures of my kids on the wall. Those are the things that make a home. Art can be left to the hall way or the study but with our bedroom being not only being a space for us as a couple, I want it to be family space and I want it to showcase those close up and intimate family photos where we can reflect on what we’ve created which is, of course, our children, but also the home we’ll make it for them.

*This is an entry into the West Elm x Blogtacular competition. No recompense has been received in return for this and all thoughts, views and features are my own.


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