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I’m not usually a huge fan of wallpaper but recently when considering the decor of some of our rooms I have actually been tempted by quite a few new trends. Wallpaper seems to kind of come and go but I think with the new wave of animal inspired interiors I think it’s going to be around for a while yet. We’ve had elephants, birds and even unicorns but looking ahead to 2018 it’s definitely the time of the llama.

inspired wallpaper funky quirky DIY how to hang wallpaper gllama-rous llama design interiors

I feel like, with wallpaper, you can be much more expressive about your tastes and individuality than you can with just paint. It’s about using what you can to decorate fearlessly and include things within your room scheme to make not only your home happy, but your heart too.

Using Wallpaper

Wallpaper is such a great way to create a super unique space. You can use it on as many or as few walls as you like and there are so many prints and designs to choose from. It’s back on the scene in a big way and today’s wallpaper comes easier to hang than ever – some of them come ready to hang without even needing paste.

If you’re not ready to go the whole hog in your house why not get samples of the paper you love and surround them with a frame and hang them on the wall instead? They work amazingly well as a way to break up plain old paint and just bring some life into a room.

But you can totally think outside the box and use them on your stairs, in the bottoms of drawers, cover your furniture in it and so on and so on!

Choosing A Design

Obviously there are endless amounts of designs and you can even create your own if you really want to but otherwise there are some really lovely choices over on Inspired Wallpaper although one that really stood out for me, because of the current trends, is this incredibly funky llama print!

inspired wallpaper funky quirky DIY how to hang wallpaper gllama-rous llama design interiors

At the moment, I think it’s good to be a bit cool, a bit different and a bit quirky but also keep it fun. I love the llamas, I love the puns, I love that there are sombreros and I love that Inspired Wallpaper haven’t kept everything high end and boring, they’re really exploring ways to keep it fun and I think it’s guaranteed to be a talking point!

While this one is quite earthy and has pastel colours they also do it in pink and blue hues which, if you’re looking for something possibly a bit more feminine, could be perfect!

Hanging Wallpaper

If you’re a total novice you could get someone to do it for you but it can end up being quite costly or you can get on YouTube and follow a DIY tutorial and hope for the best. The quirkier, the better right? And you’ll have this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction that you did it yourself and you’ll be able to boast about your new found skills.

An Interview With A Pro

Natasha Perry is the design manager at Inspired Wallpaper and said that “after the huge unicorn craze we have been on the lookout for the next big animal trend coming through and llamas and alpacas are set to be it.  Llamas are just so adorable that we knew that they would translate really well into a great wallpaper print and tied in perfectly with 2018’s emerging craftsmanship trend. As we discussed the idea we had some great puns and decided to combine the two to make a fun, quirky, graphic print concept that will work really well in our customer’s homes.”

I honestly think Natasha and her team have totally nailed it with these gorgeous wallpaper designs. She also said basically everything I’ve said about the design already – “the fun designs and beautiful bright finish will bring a smile into your home. It doesn’t just look good, it makes you feel good.

She says she has the most similarities with ‘Drama Llama’ but also loves ‘Alpacamybags’ as they had so much fun when they came up with him. She and her team haven’t taken themselves seriously at all and I think the fun just radiates out of these designs.

What are you waiting for? I’m about to ‘alpaca’ my bags with rolls of wallpaper and get decorating. Are you?

*This is a collaborative post.


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