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Renting or selling a house is a big deal, both physically and financially. It’s usually a huge upheaval which can leave you feeling pretty unsettled for a while, and that’s not because your new furniture hasn’t been delivered yet. Netanagent are here to help.

Keeping the cost of living down is a priority for most people, whether that be your water bill or your car insurance. Well, when it comes to it, moving house shouldn’t be much different. You don’t want to pay out more than you need to, so surely you’ll do comparisons where you can; your estate agent for example.

netanagent estate agent price comparison website save money moving house review

The ability to compare estate agents isn’t common knowledge amongst most people and it’s not something people are considering if they do. When the selling/renting process starts an estate agent is basically the first person you’ll approach to get your property on the market, but most people tend to choose their estate agent based on recommendations, out of habit or just because they’ve seen a sign and remember the name. But what if you could compare their fees, just like any other outgoings you would typically have?

Who are Netanagent? is a free price comparison website for estate agents. Whether you’re renting or selling a property, by putting your details in you’re able to compare quotes from both local estate agents and online agents and the process is so simple.

You input some basic information on the website, and this information is then sent to those estate agents who are signed up to use this service. Based on the information provided, the agents will then submit their fee along with a quotation to sell your property as well as details of the services they will offer you. You can then compare all of these on one platform and make your decision.

netanagent estate agent price comparison website save money moving house review

Making The Savings

Typically, you’ll get some instant quotes and then further quotes from other agents who have a limited time to submit their best offer. The upside to this is that you’re not individually contacting every estate agent in the area, and you can quickly get a feel for what kind of money you can expect to be charged.

Once you’ve received a quote back, you can click on each of the quotes to find out a bit more about that particular agent and why you might want to choose them over another. This is one of my favourite features in any comparison. Yes, you can give me a great price, but what else can you offer me?

netanagent estate agent price comparison website save money moving house review

If you simply want a quote without the full process, Netanagent are able to give you a roundabout figure of how much you could save if you were to use their services. By popping in a rough valuation of your house, they’ll be able to tell you how much they think they’ll be able to save you.

It’s also worth noting that some of the quotes came back with fixed fees rather than a percentage of the sale, which I was very surprised to see. It’s super handy for those who really are on a budget and don’t have too much flexibility with their costs.

I’ve never had any experience of online estate agents, mine have always been face to face conversations. However, they’re great for those who might do long distance selling/renting or those who don’t have time to visit a local office.

netanagent estate agent price comparison website save money moving house review

Once you’ve actually decided on an agent you’re able to click through to request a valuation. Until you do this, all of your details remain anonymous which is fab because there’s nothing worse than a pushy sales call coming through from someone you know you’re not going to go with. It’s a bit similar when the car insurance comparison goes through and the tenth insurer will ring through asking if they had offered the best price.

Overall Thoughts

I never knew this kind of comparison even existed. When we’re looking to move house, probably in the next year or two, this is definitely something I will be doing. For a free service that allows you to explore quite a bit of the market without having to make the individual calls, well that gets the thumbs up from me. And who wants a Meerkat toy over a monetary saving anyway?

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