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Most people know that advances in technology have improved the way we live over the years. But, have you ever considered the way technology is being used to help professionals such as Plumbing Detectives create an improved plumbing experience in your home? Chances are that you have not given this a second thought; but maybe you should.

As we’re moving house soon (that’s assuming we ever find one that’s right for us!) we’re actually being quite selective about what we want because we want to live there for a very long time. This is no short stay or temporary accommodation; this will be the home that we raise our kids in, and possibly even look after our grandchildren in, so it’s got to be right and we’re not willing to compromise on much.

Plumbing isn’t something you really consider when looking around a property but we’ve had our fair share of plumbing issues in this house, and in my previous house the toilet cistern was sealed to the wall (why?!), so it’s these kind of mistakes that you learn from and can help you when you’re looking at your next property, or even your existing one. There are three recent plumbing innovations that can improve anyone’s day to day living experience and I’m going to tell you a little bit about each of them.

LED Lighting For Easy Bathroom Use

LED lighting is now being included in many fixtures in the home. LED lights can be fitted to the toilet bowl to help make going to the toilet during the night a lot easier which is great if your little ones need a little help to navigate. LED lights are also being used to indicate the water temperature in a sink by simply glowing blue or red. You may not think that these improvements are earth shattering but they are designed to enhance your daily routines, not make them alarmingly different. In this respect, LED lights provide welcome benefits.

bathroom led lights plumbing detectives australia plumbing innovations you need to consider

We have LED lights under our cupboards in the kitchen which seem really minimal in the grand scheme of things but if you’re coming downstairs in the night to get some medicine for the kids, or to top up a drink, or if you’re pregnant and have gone hunting for a midnight snack, you don’t need to whack on the biggest and brightest lights you’ve got.

Home Water Recycling Systems

You may not be aware that you can purchase a water recycling system which helps you to make better use of your household water supply. There are different home water recycling systems available, all of which help to preserve this vital commodity. Preserving water in this way is good for the environment around you. It also helps you to save money on your water bill; saving money is something that is always very welcome in this house especially when you’re on a meter and the kids think it’s great to just get the hose out and water the patio. Home water recycling systems are certainly a technological advance that is welcome in the plumbing industry and to the people who use their services.

water recycling system at home plumbing detectives australia plumbing innovations you need to consider

Anything that can reduce bills while simultaneously being good the environment and general round the house duties can’t be a bad thing. We are huge fans of recycling as much as we can, so much so that we had to request a second green bin from the council because we just do so much of it, so to be able to recycle clean water is amazing and something we will look into when we move.

Touch Free Fixtures For Improved Hygiene

Handling taps and toilet lids and flushes is not the most hygienic experience, especially when kids are involved and the case when¬†people do not always wash their hands. One of the latest innovations in plumbing is making the bathroom experience far more hygienic. This innovation is the introduction of touch free technology. This type of technology can be used to turn taps on and off without having to touch them. It can also be used to flush a toilet without making contact, and even to close the lid. Obviously, the more hygienic you can be in the bathroom, the better. This is not necessarily ‘new’ technology, I’ve seen this in so many buildings and especially in public toilets but it’s certainly a relatively ‘new’ thing when it comes to installing things like this at home.

washing hands free plumbing detectives australia plumbing innovations you need to consider

Toby thinks it’s magic when we go into a public toilet and the tap turns on just by putting your hands under it. He needs little encouragement at home to wash his hands (the kiddo loves water, what can I say?) but even if this goes even a little way to helping him stop spreading germs by turning the taps on and off, our house will be a much cleaner place. Some of you will know we have had a couple of poorly spells so we’re very wary of making sure things are sanitised properly round these here parts.

Hopefully, you can now appreciate just how much technology is revolutionising the plumbing industry. Plumbers can now offer you a new and improved experience, simply by using items which are now available on the market. If you want to make use of LED lighting, use a water recycling system to save water or improve hygiene levels by using touch free fixtures, you should speak to a professional plumber about your requirements. They should be able to put their experience and expertise to use to provide you with the end result you are looking for.

*This is a collaborative post.


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  1. Caitlin
    June 30, 2017 / 2:35 pm

    There are some great ideas in this post, for as you say, making everyday life that little bit easier. With so much technology available, it’s great to harness it to use in everyday life, to not only make messy bath times run more smoothly but also to save money and resources. It’s definitely worth shopping around and looking at all the different tips on the market, having a bespoke design is so popular these days, you can get the bathroom of your dreams!

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