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Around a month ago I decided that the time had come to cut my hair. I had been wanting to cut it for a while but had been letting it grow longer for the wedding but then Christmas was upon us followed swiftly by the New Year and I just simply couldn’t find the time to get to the salon. I’d said to my hairdresser on the Tuesday before my wedding that I was going to cut it all off afterwards so I knew I’d get round to it eventually.

I wasn’t really sure how short I wanted to go, but I knew I still wanted to be able to get it up in a ponytail, at the very least. My hair started to become the bane of my every day life; it was getting in my face, my hoover needed regular haircuts, it took so long to blow dry and straighten and that’s after using incredible amounts of shampoo and conditioner just to wash it.

Midweek break ????????

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I must say here that my hair is probably as thick as it is long and it’s naturally curly. There’s just so much of it! Every day I was resorting to mum bun or scrappy ponytail just so I didn’t have to do anything with it because any kind of styling was out of the question, although it did look quite nice when it was ‘done’. It just simply wasn’t practical for me any more and I kind of felt like it was just the right time for a change.

Some people knew I was getting my hair cut and were horrified because ‘your hair is so lovely’ and they’d say ‘I’d love your hair’ or ‘it suits you just fine’. The problem was they didn’t have to deal with the sheer amount of it every day. So I went for it and had around 7 inches off. Now before someone gets a bit put out because I didn’t donate my hair, I couldn’t. I had looked into it and it didn’t meet the minimum requirements after I’d had my split ends cut off which was such a shame as I’d have loved to have donated it.

As soon as the first few inches came off it immediately felt lighter, I actually couldn’t believe just how much weight my hair had to it. It was then highlighted as usual and then I had even more cut off. My hairdresser and I decided that we’d keep all my hair one length, where I usually have layers, and keep it just below my shoulders because there’s nothing worse than getting that awkward curl. Part of me wishes I’d gone just that little bit shorter, but that’s something I can do next time.

Anyway, fast forward a month and I have been taking much better care of my hair. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t take so long to dry, or it doesn’t take as much time to actually do it in the morning but I’ve actually been styling it and spending more than 30 seconds on it. I’ve got some ‘set’ products that I’ve been using too as I always seemed to chop and change depending on what was on offer.

I was recently sent some John Frieda products to try and they have quickly become my new favourites over my previous ones so let’s break them down.

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo + Conditioner

My hair is naturally a dark blonde (looks a bit like dirty washing up water!) with a few very light streaks running through it so I’ve always either dyed my hair fairly dark to match my roots, or have had it highlighted. As it’s highlighted at the moment I wanted to keep it as vibrant as possible. I had an ash toner on it in the salon which has mostly worn off now so I was hoping this would restore a bit of the brightness.

Admittedly it took a few washes for me to see a difference but it’s definitely lighter, although underneath is still quite dark. Having said that, the underneath doesn’t get as much sunlight as the top and so I can imagine that has an impact. My hair also felt really fresh. That sounds a bit of an odd thing to write down but I just felt like any residual product that had maybe got caught up before had all been washed away. My hair didn’t feel thick, greasy or weighed down and it smelled so, so good!

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The John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening shampoo doesn’t smell as good as the conditioner, as that’s really where it’s at, but it does still smell pretty nice. Both products are ammonia and peroxide free which is also a bonus as I really don’t want to be putting more chemicals on my hair that aren’t needed. Obviously you apply both to wet hair as you normally would but I’ve been spending more time massaging in the conditioner. Previously I’d just get it on and get it off as quick as I could but I’ve been really working it into my scalp, which relieves a little bit of the every day stress but also really works this product in.

John Frieda Hi-Impact Vibrancy Restoring Oil Elixir

After towel drying my hair after using the shampoo and conditioner I’ve been popping the hi-impact vibrancy restoring oil on to the ends of my hair. I’ve purposely avoided my roots when using this as any kind of oil/serum usually ends up making my hair look pretty greasy, plus they don’t need much restoring!

After I’ve done the tips I’ll run my fingers through the length just to give that a little boost and then it gets rid of any residual oil! It gives it a nice little shine, especially when the sun hits it. It isn’t too greasy or oily looking and one pump is enough for me so this is going to last a while!

I think next I’d like to try the John Frieda Controlled Lightening Spray just to see if that can bring my hair to the next level of blonde. Although, I’m thinking of having ‘balayage’ to help with the roots! Having said that, summer is coming and I love being blonde in the summer.

Are you tempted to try the John Frieda range? Or is there a range you swear by for your hair?

*I was sent these products in return for this feature. All views and opinions are my own.


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