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Ok, so first let me start by saying that you can not get cash from Swagbucks, but you can get vouchers. For quite a few retailers too; think Amazon, Joules, M&S, MasterCard. Yes, that’s right. And it’s SO easy too! And I can give you a head start with their incredible promotion on at the moment; FOUR times the usual cashback amount.

How Did You Hear About Swagbucks?

I first heard about Swagbucks when I saw someone post a screenshot of their earnings in a month and it was around £100 of Amazon vouchers. WOW, £100 of Amazon vouchers. I could spend a few hundred pounds on Amazon so I was drawn in immediately. And if I could earn that kind of money to spend just by doing a few surveys here and there, and completing easy offers to rack up some SB (Swagbucks) then why not?

What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks has been rated the number one site to make money online by MSE (MoneySavingExpert, Martin Lewis) and by SaveTheStudent. So what actually is it? The best way to describe it is basically a global loyalty programme that creates rewarding moments, and one that has given out over $350 million in rewards around the globe! And I make up some of that figure.

How Do I Use Swagbucks?

The first thing I do is use up any spare time I might have. If I’m waiting for something to load, or I need 5 minutes away from blogging to get back on track, I head over to Swagbucks. I love to take surveys (plus I love giving my opinion on things!), I watch videos that interest me and read articles that interest me. They may suggest an app I’d like to download and I take advantage of some of the gambling offers that actually pay me! For example I recently did one where I had to sign up and deposit £20. I did that, placed a bet that was worth about 50p. I won about £1.40 from that bet and so had a total of £20.90 to cash out, which I did. I then also got the Swagbucks on top of that which were worth about £35. So I just got rewards of £35.90 for free. Who wouldn’t want that?

What Do You Spend It On?

I racked up a good amount of points and cashed them all out in Amazon gift cards so that I could pay for some Christmas presents this year. Although lots of other people have used them to save up for weddings with some of the other gift cards available, have made appliance purchases and so on and so forth.

How Do I Make The Most Out Of It?

Swagbucks will give you daily goals to hit anyway; you don’t *have* to get them but it does help. For example start small and say you’re going to earn yourself a £3 Amazon voucher. This will cost you 525SB which you can easily earn over the course of 1-5 days, depending on how much spare time you have and what offers are available. Some people get this in one hit.

You can ask questions and join the Swagbucks UK community on Facebook and I’m also part of a group of other people who help each other with the best way to get the most out of what you’re doing. Swagbucks also have a blog where special promotions are announced and these are pretty frequent and easy to earn big SB.

Referring family and friends is amazing. Not only do I earn, but you do too! And you’ll get a wicked bonus of between 300-500SB!

The best way to earn points is to basically use Swagbucks as a cash back website. I do as much shopping through this as I can and have amassed a fair few points just by clicking through to the website from Swagbucks first. For this I always use the Swag button which is a browser extension and it tells me if I can earn SB through that particular shop and all I have to do is activate it to earn the SB. It’s a brilliant bit of kit and one I don’t think I could be without now.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s totally free to sign up and start earning money online. You just need an email address and password (please remember to verify so you don’t miss out on your points). It’s about finding what works for you. If you prefer taking surveys then that’s great as these tend to be your bread and butter of the Swagbucks world. But it’s about knowing how to make the most of the offers as much as you can.

Swagbucks, as I said, have an incredible promotion this Wednesday to Friday. They’ll be giving away 4x the usual amount in cash back on the most popular stores. That’s better than any other cash back site in the UK!

So what are you waiting for? Get earning for your spending this Christmas!


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