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Much of the time, as a parent, you might decide to stay home with your children; to be there and enjoy every single second of their lives. It’s not uncommon to be stressed when having a family, particularly money wise and parents can find themselves forced into the difficult decision of where to spend their time – at work, or at home? However, with the way things are at the moment flexible working is becoming stay at home parents’ saviour and there are ways that you could be making a little extra money in order to live a life that’s a little less stressful.

Whether you are living somewhere full of job opportunties such as London, or in a small town here in Norfolk, there are so many ways you can enjoy time with your kids but also make some extra money. Here are four jobs that can be done from home..

Direct Salesperson

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys organising get togethers and have a natural flair for sales then working as a direct salesperson can open up a lot of doors to earn some extra money and also gives you the chance to meet new people. Companies such as Stella & Dot hire direct salespersons to reach a wider client base and the salesperson often takes home over 20% in commission. If you’re someone who is looking to be in charge of your own hours,  have the final say in when you work and how far you are willing to travel then this could definitely be a realistic option.


Become A Virtual Assistant

If you’re a parent you’ve probably got the whole multi-tasking thing down by now. On top of that, if you’re extremely organised then working as a virtual assistant could be the perfect option. This is something I have taken on myself and have been hired out to do small and menial jobs for those who don’t have time, or for those who need an extra hand with emails or general admin. Though you may think of an assistant generally being an “in-office” job, virtual assistants can actually save companies money because they can be hired on an ad-hoc basis and it gives you the flexibility of the working from home. What you can earn depends on what you can offer, how well you manage your time and how much work you have coming your way. An average hourly rate could be anywhere from £10-15+

making extra how to make money as a stay at home parent mum dad home office virtual assistant

Telephone Nurse

Of course, this is a tip for someone who holds a nursing degree. It might be that you’re unable to keep up with the long shifts expected of you in a hospital but that doesn’t mean your skills and qualifications can’t go to use from the comfort of your own home. Remote nurses are being hired to help with tasks such as case management and patient education. One huge bonus of this is that the salary between being a nurse in a hospital and being a telephone nurse is really competitive!

English Language Training

For those of you who are bilingual or have a talent for languages, learning a language through the use of technology is becoming increasingly popular. Through teaching English lessons on Skype and phone meetings, you are able to take on students who are looking to learn English from someone who actually speaks the language! You can work with students from all ages in different settings. For example, you could teach a high school student in France or, if you have experience in a corporate environment, you could become a corporate English trainer and teach a business professional in China. A corporate English trainer does make a bit more at around £15/hour and an English trainer makes around £10-13/hour on average, though this price is of course, up to you! That’s one of the great things about these flexible jobs, people want to pay you and you can command a good price.

making extra how to make money as a stay at home parent mum dad glasses highlighter teach english via skype

These aren’t the only options, of course, there are many, many ways to make extra. Sell all the old stuff out of the garage, clear out the loft, start a new business. But whatever you decide to do it’s all about finding what works for you. Making some extra money at home is easier than you think. Now you just need to get the little one to nap!

Do you work from home? Are you a stay at home parent who is looking to make a little more?


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