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I know I’ve already done one Mother’s Day gift guide but I just thought I’d do a second one with some more gifts. As a mum myself it’s so easy to look around and think I’d love that, and that and that and quite honestly it’s easy to get sucked into a black hole on the internet, especially if you’ve found somewhere that sells all of your dream belongings and gifts.

Anyway here are five more gifts that you could get your mum this Mother’s Day and boy are they beautiful!

Amara Living Kate Spade ‘Rise to the Occasion’ Candle*

I am a huge candle fan. I love burning candles; the ambience they create, the scent, the light and the cosiness are second to none after a hard day of having the kids. There is nothing I’d love more than to snuggle up on my sofa under a cosy blanket, reading a book or reading some blogs and having this candle burning. It smells absolutely incredible, although I’d expect nothing less from Kate Spade. I love the name of it because I feel like it’s a little mantra that I should follow the next day. I want to ‘rise to the occasion’ of being a good mum, I want to do the best for my kids, I want to get in on all the housework action and it makes me want to, quite frankly, get it done! What more do you need than to relax before bed, but wake up with a can do attitude?

Made In Snetty Prints

Made In Snetty actually featured in my Christmas Bonanza but Ruth has absolutely excelled already in 2017. Her new range of prints are just beyond gorgeous and I am absolutely dying to get my hands on nearly every single one of them – I’m waiting until we find a new house and then I’m sure the house will be adorned with them. I honestly can’t decide on what to show you but if you head over to the Made In Snetty Etsy page, you can find loads of different ones, although I think I’ll give you a sneak peek of this family bird print. Eek!

made in snetty etsy shop family bird print personalised prints mother's day gift guide with raising the rings review local and independent company

Newgate New Covent Garden Alarm Clock*

Ok, I get it. Most mums don’t need alarms because the kids work just as well and you can guarantee if you set an alarm they’ll be up before it anyway. But, just look at how utterly gorgeous this Newgate alarm clock is! The pastel grey colour and the simplicity of it just called to me. It’s a modern take with a classic air about it and it looks stunning on my bedside table. It does tick, so if your mum doesn’t do well with the constant sound it also goes well in any room of the house. I would happily have this in my kitchen and my living room. It’s a gorgeous addition to the home and is a stunning gift for any mum who loves to be on time!

newgate new covent garden alarm clock in pastel grey from amara living time piece modern and classic

Saffron Frog Messy Hair Sweat*

I am so into the ‘slogan sweat’ trend at the moment and Saffron Frog have come up trumps with their new line of women’s wear, and with a superb price tag too! The ‘Messy Hair, Don’t Care #Momlife’ jumper has been washed and worn more times than I care to count. The fit is quite snug so I’d maybe go a size or two bigger, unless you like it a little more fitted. It shows off the neckline beautifully with a drop shoulder and scooped rib collar. I have had so many compliments on this jumper and have been asked so many times where it’s from. Well, I’m here to tell you and you can get yours right here!

Set Of 3 Orla Kiely Big Spot Herb Pots*

I don’t know about you, but I like to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside! Whether it’s flowers or herbs this gorgeous trio by Orla Kiely is just the thing I’ve been after. With their instantly recognisable design your mum is sure to crazy over these gorgeous pots if gardening of any sorts is her thing. I’m either going to fill mine with some easy to care for herbs, or use them to plant a flower or two with the boys. I’d love for them to get involved with that kind of thing and these containers are just the right size. They come together with a nice little tray, holes in the bottom for easy watering and they instantly bring a bit of life to the kitchen windowsill.

orla kiely big sport herb planters trio of pots with tray printed pots for herbs and small flowers on the windowsill amara living

Umbra Prisma Photo Frame*

I have been lusting after one of these for quite a while now. They’ve forgone the traditional pull out stand and have instead opted to design a solid, all in one frame that can either stand in portrait or landscape. I love it in the copper/rose gold colour and I’m going to be putting a wedding picture in ours very soon (when it arrives from the printer!). It’s a stunningly stylish, beautiful and modern photo frame that makes a statement in any home. It can be hung on a wall if you’re good with hanging a nail, but otherwise this will be sitting firmly on my shelf in the living room. It’s beyond gorgeous!

amara living umbra prism photo frame rose gold solid copper 8x10 mother's day gift guide

*These items were sent to me in return for being featured in this gift guide.


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