Review | Bravado Buttercup Nursing Bra + Ballet Bra

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit tight more frugal when it comes to spending money on clothes that I’m probably not going to get much use out of – and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to maternity wear. However, had I known that I would be on my third pregnancy I probably would’ve invested in a few more expensive bits to get me through.

One thing that is an absolute essential though, without a doubt, is a good maternity/nursing bra. I can’t tell you the difference it makes to have a decent, comfortable bra throughout your pregnancy and beyond. The ever changing shape and size of your breasts means that if you’re going to make one good investment in any pregnancy, it’s a good bra.

The problem with bras is that they tend to wear over time, as lots of clothing items do, but we don’t wear them just to feel ‘dressed’. We need support, we need shape, we need comfort and, if you’re nursing, we need access too!

While lots of bras can be all of the above I’m yet to find one that’s actually lasted well in all three (four if you’re nursing) areas. Either the shape is wrong so your boobs get squashed and it’s all ‘ouch’ on the nipples or they don’t offer the support you need because they’re all misshapen and falling apart after a few washes. Perhaps access is super fiddly or they’re not fiddly but are incredibly uncomfortable. Sometimes you just can’t win – unless you’ve bought from Bravado.

I always thought Bravado was aimed at much bigger breasted women than I, but oh how wrong could I have been?!

Bravado Ballet Nursing Bra

bravado nursing bra ballet dusty peony breastfeeding pumping easier essentials pink nude wrap style

So far in this pregnancy I hands down can not take this bra off. I resent even having to wash it because it’s the comfiest thing I think I’ve ever worn in my life. It’s like clouds against my boobs. Let me talk you through it – you won’t regret it.

  1. The Petal-Soft fabric on the outside is the softest, stretchiest, most perfectly chosen material ever. It has modal lined cups for comfort too.
  2. It’s so light that you don’t even feel like you’re wearing a bra which also makes this the perfect maternity bra – you can wear it as loungewear and even sleep in it which I’ve done plenty of times.
  3. It’s an over the head ‘pull-on’ bra but is ‘wrap’ style at the front which means you can pull the material either way to access your breasts for feeding

I love that there’s no fixed cup size because it means that it’ll grow with me when my milk comes in after having the little one, and come back down again once a supply has settled. I love that there’s no fussy shoulder clip or back adjustment clips. I love that it’s super practical for pretty much anything maternity and nursing. I genuinely can’t find any faults with this bra – it’s the holy grail of my underwear drawer right now.

bravado nursing bra ballet dusty peony breastfeeding pumping easier essentials pink nude wrap style

At £26 I think it’s an absolute steal for the comfort and design and it comes in three colours; black, bare and dusted peony. I always feel like I stick to black bras so I chose to have it in the dusted peony colour and it complements my skin tone perfectly. Despite it being a bra that’s got a specific function, there’s no reason it needs to be ugly. I feel really attractive in it, rather than a ‘slummy mummy’ and it’s just pretty. Bravado have absolutely nailed it with this one.

Bravado Buttercup Nursing Bra

The second bra from Bravado is one with more structure than the above ballet bra. I still feel like I need a daytime/evening/super supported and shaped bra on top of one that I can just lounge around in. This is a little more expensive at £39 but absolutely worth the money and you really do get what you pay for too. It’s easy to see why!

  1. Identical to the ballet nursing bra, the Bravado buttercup nursing bra also feature the Petal-Soft fabric. This bra has foam cups, but still offers plenty of room to grow because it’s still incredibly soft and stretchy.
  2. No wiring, no boning, no rigidity which means it’s really delicate and comfortable – plus you won’t find anything rogue in your washing machine
  3. The straps are convertible criss cross. You can’t fully remove them but you are able to change the way you wear them if you want to. It also comes with a bra extender should you find that the measurement just under your bust increases a bit too much like I did. I got this bra in a 34D thinking it would be super generous for me to grow into – and it fits like a glove in the boob department, but I needed to use the extender just to take the tension off round the bottom.
  4. Easy open and close ‘B’ nursing clips. They’re a decent clip too – not like this teeny, half hearted ones that look like they’re going to break all the time. They’re a great sized clip without being ‘out there’.
  5. If accessing for feeding the bra cup drops right the way down to allow for maximum skin to skin contact while still offering discreet and unrivalled access for baby.
  6. If you’re pumping then this bra pairs perfectly with the Bravado ‘Clip and Pump’.
  7. Beautifully feminine, smooth and pretty.

bravado nursing bra buttercup bare breastfeeding pumping easier essentials b clip criss cross versatile

This bra is one of my all time favourites full stop. I know it’s designed for maternity and nursing but I think I could easily carry on wearing this once I’m done with pregnancy and breastfeeding, it’s that good and that comfortable. It comes in two colours; bare or black and I’ll be ordering a second one just in time for baby boy’s arrival.

Honestly, if you haven’t tried these bras yet then these should be your go to. I have since recommended them to pregnant and nursing mums alike and will continue to do so. Bravado… BRAVO!

*I was sent these bras in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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