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It’s no surprise that I’m rarely seen without either my phone or my MacBook given that blogging and social media is my job. It’s part and parcel and I can’t do my job without the tools.

With that in mind, something else that might not surprise you, the wear and tear on both devices comes quicker than most and I’m always conscious that things are more likely to get damaged somehow. I’ve got a small, but deep, scratch on my iPhone screen and plenty of ‘every day’ kind of scratches on the back – and that’s with a basic case on it.

Caseapp recently got in touch to ask if I’d like to review some of their products; personalised or printed phone cases and a MacBook skin – and I thought that it probably wouldn’t hurt to see what they’re like.

Caseapp iPhone Case

I first chose an iPhone case, it’s the smallest device out of the two and the one that I use most. It takes my photos, I reply to emails on it and occasionally play Bubblewitch, and it’s in and out of my hands all day!

Caseapp have a range of sizes right from iPhone 4s to iPhone XS’s, through to iPads and even Samsung cases. You can choose from a standard case to an extra protection tough case. I wish I had chosen the extra protection one as it comes with a silicone lining but I chose to opt for the straightforward case.

caseapp review design tool personalised phone case iPhone 8s

I thought it might be nice to put a couple of images of the boys on it from some recent photos we had done as I thought they looked really nice. The design process allows you to see exactly what your case will look like and you can pretty much do anything you like. Choose from a print or add your own pictures and text – it’s so, so simple when you use their design tool.

It arrived really quickly in a gorgeous little presentation pouch and I was quite impressed with the quality. The material is forgiving enough to pop your iPhone in, but not so forgiving that it’s going to snap the minute you try to put it on. The quality of the printing is really good and the pictures I used came out really clearly.

The only thing I might question is the actual protection it offers the phone. If I was to drop my phone I think I’d still grit my teeth and take a short breath in before picking it up and seeing what damage has been done but I’d prefer not to test the theory if I can help it.

caseapp review design tool personalised phone case iPhone 8s

Other than that, I can’t see much fault! It’s a good quality iPhone case and it doesn’t ‘bulk’ your phone out too much, which I like. Having an iPhone 8s is big enough, let alone adding extra mm around the edge. The other good thing about this case is that it isn’t slippery. It looks as though it might fall out of your hands easy but it has surprisingly good grip!

Caseapp Macbook Skin

I had been debating getting a new MacBook case for a while. The one I have has a picture of the boys and my husband taken way before Milo came along.

caseapp review design tool personalised MacBook sticker adhesive

Caseapp unfortunately don’t offer hard protective cases for MacBooks; instead they offer protective stickers. Obviously this really only protects them from scratches rather than from significant damage but they’re great for personalisation and just adding a little extra layer.

The sticker is brilliant for what it is, really. It’s thick, has good adhesion and leaves no residue if you need to pull it off to change it or reposition it. It has the Apple logo pre-cut into it so if you wanted it to fit around the logo, you can, or you can peel off the Apple shaped sticker and place it over if you want complete coverage.

caseapp review design tool personalised MacBook sticker adhesive

When choosing a photo, if you’re definitely not going to cover the Apple logo, you just need to make sure to place it perfectly using the Caseapp design tool so that any cut out doesn’t leave out a significant part of the photo.

caseapp review design tool personalised MacBook sticker adhesive

With prices starting from £19 for a phone case and £22 for a MacBook skin they’re definitely worth the money. Both are hardy and will withstand a decent amount of wear, tear and use and they’re not something you’re going to need to constantly replace.

Oh, and they make great gifts too! Plus, you’ll get 20% off with discount code ‘therings20‘.

Going forward, I’d LOVE to see Caseapp offer a MacBook case similar to the iPhone case! Other than that you can expect a super smooth personalisation and design tool experience with speedy delivery and excellent customer communication.

*I received these products in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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