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You’d think buying a highchair would be straight forward. Oh how wrong was I? There’s functions, safety and (of course) price to consider. I’ve spent a good month looking for the “perfect” one and after a lot of “hmm-ing” and “harr-ing” over lots of different models, we decided to go for a Cosatto highchair in the Dippi Egg print.

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Cosatto Highchair Height Adjustments

Surely all you need is something for your baby to sit in it so you can feed them or include them at the table? While that’s great for those of you who want something simple and straightforward, it’s extremely limited. The highchair may be too tall or short to fit at the table, or baby isn’t comfortable. That’s why the Cosatto Dippi Egg is mostly an ‘egg-celent’ selection. This highchair boasts no less than six height adjustments and three reclining seat positions – which is absolute gold if baby has fallen asleep while eating!

Height levels are shown by numbers on the front ‘feet’, helpful if you don’t want a wonky seat, and is adjusted by holding in the two lower level, rear red clips. The seat position is amended by lifting the white button on the back and manoeuvring the back of the chair forwards or back.

What About The Material?

The seat itself is lovely and squishy, patterned in pastel coloured dippy eggs; some happy and some sad (you would be too if your head had been cracked open and some toast dipped in)! The seat pad is removable and wipe clean, an absolute must – although I found it really, really difficult to get all of the crumbs out of every nook and cranny. They do collect after a while and it was a huge mission to remove the seat pan completely.

There’s a 5 point safety harness to stop and secure attempted escapees which can be loosened or tightened quite easily but if any kind of food gets stuck on them give them a wipe as soon as you can otherwise it will sink into the material and take an age to try and wash out. There is also a footrest which does need securing with a couple of screws (included).

Other Features

Other features include a detachable tray with 3 depth options. Slide it on as you would any highchair tray – the only thing I would say is that it can seem quite chunky and clunky but it can be stored on the back of the highchair when not in use. Within the detachable tray is a green, multi-area removable tray (not dishwasher safe – believe me I tried, and it warped) – so that’s ideal if you want to differentiate between snack times and meal times.

cosatto highchair noodle dippi egg kids babies weaning product review

Assembling The Cosatto Highchair

It’s super easy to assemble; apart from a couple of screws for the footrest everything else is pretty much clicked into place. It’s relatively compact but I wouldn’t say it’s the best space saver in the world. It folds up enough to store in an unused corner and is freestanding. Nice and sturdy once open, all you need to do is grab the two higher level red buttons and give it a flick out until it clicks into place. It says suitable from 6 months, but my 4 month old sits comfortably in this no problem.

Shop Around!

Don’t be content with the first price you see! Seriously, have a good shop around (Kiddicare, Mothercare, Boots, Argos, Online4Baby, branded websites such as Cosatto, Stokke, Mamas and Papas just to name a few) and compare the prices including delivery. I managed to get our highchair down from the RRP of £100 to £64.95 just by spending time finding the best deal. Don’t forget to register your free four year guarantee on the Cosatto website. It literally takes you 5 minutes.

Do you have a Cosatto highchair? What do you have to say about it? Is there another one you’d recommend in particular? I’ve heard lots and lots of good things about the one from IKEA so I think that’s definitely an option next time!


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