Review | Degustabox February 2017

Is there anything better than a box of surprise edible goodies delivered to your door every month? Er, I thought not! We’ve just had our second Degustabox and I am even more impressed with this one than the January box. There just seemed to be so many more yummy things in this month’s box and I can’t wait to share them with you. But only virtually because, you know.. we’ve eaten most of it.

Willy Chase’s Fit Popcorn

Since Teddy has a new found love for popcorn this couldn’t have come at a better time. This rather large bag of goodness is super yummy – who wouldn’t want salted honey flavoured popcorn? The honey is their very own made by the bees that pollinate their apple orchards (see more about their apple cider vinegar below) and it’s been perfectly balanced with a sprinkle of sea salt. They’ve called it ‘fit’ because it’s air popped and is one of those good-for-you products. Hey, at only 107 calories per serving, you can’t moan at that!

degustabox february 2017 review what was in the box contents willy chase's fit popcorn healthy low calorie salted honey flavour

Dark Chocolate Americanos

Who doesn’t love a little five minute sit down with a cuppa tea or a coffee? You can make it so much better with these little coffee beans coated in dark chocolate. These were a huge hit with my husband who is the coffee drinker in our house. Perfect to slip in your lunch box or hand bag for a little pick me up through the day.

degustabox february 2017 review what was in the box contents dark chocolate americanos perfect with coffee snack dark chocolate

Heinz Beanz (No Added Sugar)

Toby and Ted absolutely love baked beans and these little half tins are a staple in our larder anyway. However, I didn’t actually realise these smaller tins came with no added sugar. These will absolutely be replacing the current ones we have as the boys eat these a good couple of times a week. I absolutely love that these came through this month!

degustabox february 2017 review what was in the box contents heinz beanz beans no added sugar half tin in tomato sauce

Maui & Sons Dark Chocolate Coated Banana Chips

degustabox february 2017 review what was in the box contents maui and sons dark chocolate coated banana chips

Bebeto Sweets

Everybody loves something sweet right? These scrummy packs of Bebeto sweets went down a treat! Made with real fruit juice and in a variety of flavours, these are great for sharing during movie night, or you know.. on your own.

degustabox february 2017 review what was in the box contents bebeto sweets cheese cake jelly gum candy crush

All The Drinks

This cold press fruity greens juice is really lovely and is a hit with a lot of celebrities. It’s quite expensive but it’s super tasty and is most like a smoothie. These come in a few different flavours. It was a little bit ‘bitty’ so it might not be for everyone!

The KoKo Dairy Free milk is a great alternative to cows’ milk for those who are lactose and soya free. It’s one I’m bringing myself to try on the boys soon just to see if they can notice the difference in their porridge!

degustabox february 2017 review what was in the box contents fruity greens coldpress koko dairy free original lactose and soya free blossom hill sparkling wine just bee blueberry water double dutch cucumber tonic

Hello! Whose genius idea was it to include wine in this month’s Degustabox? This lightly bubbly fruit bloom is so good. It’s not overly sparkly or fizzy but this will be lovely to drink in the garden in the summer.

The Just Bee honey water with blueberry is something we’ve never tried before. I like to think that I would enjoy these types of drink but mainly I just forget to buy them. This one is the perfect size to take to work in a lunch box or to pop in your bag!

This Double Dutch natural premium mixer is a great alternative to your standard tonic water. Cucumber and watermelon are both fresh and flavoursome and they complement each other perfectly. For best results add gin or vodka – obviously!

The Little Things

I love getting sample size things. They’re great to get just enough of a taste without them taking up an incredible about of room in your cupboards or handbag. Unfortunately the Diablo chocolate wafer bar didn’t live up to my expectations when paired with a cup of tea. I found it a bit dry, although it tasted really lovely.

The Peppersmith dental mints and chewing gum are super handy to pop in your bag if you want to freshen up during the day. I chew gum every now and again and this has been a nice little treat. Not overly minty!

degustabox february 2017 review what was in the box contents diablo cream filled milk chocolate wafer peppermint peppersmith dental chewing gum mints willy's apple cider vinegar

The Willy’s apple cider vinegar is divine. I’m a huge fan of vinegar but this is super sweet and tasted gorgeous in my Moroccan chicken dish instead of red wine vinegar. Yummy!

This month I’ve been really impressed with the variety that Degustabox have. Their delivery is second to none; being given an hour time slot on a specific day as well as emails is perfect as we’re in and out all the time. Have you tried Degustabox yet?

*I was sent this product in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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