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Whether you want to buy from a particular shop or use a particular service, you usually always end up asking who you know for recommendations. You probably post it on Facebook, “Does anyone know the best person for…?”, “What’s the best place to go for…?”, “Any recommendations for a…?”. We’ve been there, I’ve been there, we’ve done it.

The problem is you always get conflicting advice, or you don’t get the full picture, or you get something and end up paying over the odds for what you really need. Sometimes it’s just better to have a handful of choices, with upfront prices and Bidvine are just the place to look for it.

Bidvine submission process find local services hire professionals in the area review from raising the rings

Using Bidvine allows you to advertise for a local service that you require and any businesses within the vicinity can apply by bidding for your business. Whether you need someone to come and do the cleaning, or someone to help you decorate, Bidvine simplifies the process of hiring trusted, and local, service professionals. I chose to try and find a local photographer who would come to my house to take some headshots, especially because I have recently been trying to overhaul my blog and thought a better picture was in order!

The request submission process was so easy and simple, especially because Bidvine give you multiple options. You start by typing in what service you require and Bidvine automatically gave me a drop down list of options that I could choose from. Simply by typing in photographer I was given the choice of choosing a particular type; wedding, engagement, events, photo restoration and even photo scanning. I then popped in my post code, where I was asked a further few questions to establish exactly what I was after and that was that. Done. Easy, simple and quick. All I had to do was sit back and wait.

Bidvine submission process find local services hire professionals in the area review from raising the rings

Bidvine send your request out to up to all your local professionals who they’ve matched with your request straight away. You then receive bids from up to five professionals if they feel they meet your needs and are able to do the job. This is to give enough choice to you and allows the professionals to have a realistic chance of getting hired.

Professionals have up to four days to send in their bids and you’re notified of each individual bid so that you can choose which one you’d like to use. I received my first two quotes within hours of using Bidvine, which is great if I’m looking for someone to do a job ASAP.

Of course, Bidvine isn’t for you if you’re looking for a wide selection of people to do the job. These professionals are almost hand picked and so your choices are limited to five, although personally that’s enough for me to choose from. There aren’t usually that many reviews associated with the professional’s profile either, so it’s not like a personal recommendation. It’s also worth noting you might not receive the full quota of bids back, as I only received 2 out of 5. But would I recommend Bidvine as a whole, all round service? Absolutely.

Bidvine submission process find local services hire professionals in the area review from raising the rings macbook open on desk

Bidvine isn’t just for finding photographers, you can find just about any kind of service on the website and I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants a handful of choices for someone to do their job! I loved the easy process of finding someone on the website and my experience was utterly seamless. It’s definitely something I will use in the future to find out about additional people to do our jobs. It’s always nice to have variety, right?

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