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I think if I had an infinite amount of money I’d be one of these people who signs up to all of the monthly subscription boxes going. I love getting post and even better if the contents are a surprise! Mix that with my love of fresh flowers, though not often seen round the house at the moment after moving a few weeks ago, and you’ve got Freddie’s Flowers.

Review Freddie's Flowers Subscription box + Discount Code

Freddie’s Flowers are a new-to-the-market flower subscription service and, compared to other flowers I’ve received in the post, are a true contender in this market. Freddie Garland (what a great name for a florist!) is the owner of Freddie’s Flowers and his mission is to bring “zen-like joy to homes across the country by delivering gloriously fresh flowers in stunning combinations”. It’s true when he says flowers are good for the soul, I quite agree, flowers can make or break a room and they can lift your spirits for sure. So what makes them stand out?

The Delivery

Ok, firstly, these flowers come in one of the longest boxes I’ve ever seen so you will need to be home to take delivery of them as they’re certainly not fitting in anyone’s letterbox. However, there’s a good reason the box is so big and that’s because the flowers have super long stems and aren’t crammed in together.

Review Freddie's Flowers Subscription + Discount Code boxing delivery packaging

They were delivered by courier and I was told they should be handed over lying flat and, although mine were upright, the flowers inside were fine. The package was a cardboard box (recyclable) and the flowers were wrapped inside, tied with a rope bow – it was very simple with a rustic hint.

Review Freddie's Flowers Subscription + Discount Code inside the packaging rustic twine

Inside Information

Inside the box was an incredibly colourful instruction leaflet. It told you about the flowers, what you needed to do with them, how to keep them and how to arrange them. I have no artistic flair when it comes to anything so I was dead set on nailing this arrangement, especially since I had the instructions.

Review Freddie's Flowers Subscription + Discount Code flower arrangement inspiration and instruction leaflet

I really loved this aspect of the box as it’s all good and well throwing some flowers together but to actually be able to arrange them is an art form.

How Often Do Freddie’s Flowers Deliver?

Most subscriptions that are in the same field tend to deliver once a month but Freddie’s Flowers deliver once a week or once a fortnight! I might need to invest in some more vases as the bunch I received is still going strong!

Review Freddie's Flowers Subscription + Discount Code flowers in bloom white rose

How Long Do The Flowers Last?

I received my box of flowers on the 26th September and even today they are still alive and kicking. I’ve been following the instructions in the box regarding water changes and the flower food they so adore and they’ve lasted more than a day or two, hurray!

Review Freddie's Flowers Subscription + Discount Code

How Much Does It Cost?

I’ve got to be honest, the website is a little unclear. It says delivered weekly for £22, but doesn’t make it clear whether that £22 is a monthly subscription, or a weekly one so I’d like to see some clarity there. I also hope it’s monthly but totally understand if it is £22 as it is a generous bouquet and the flowers are of incredible quality; they really have lasted.

Get 50% Off Your First Two Boxes

When you sign up! Use code ‘RTRFF’ which is valid until the end of November. Yay, GO!

*I received these flowers in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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