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When it comes to food for the kids, we want them to have what’s best. When I weaned both Toby and Teddy I wanted them to taste as many new things as they could so that they had lots of variety in their diet. However, it sometimes got to the stage where I just gave them what I liked because I’d run out of ideas, especially when it came to mixing flavours together.

Babease are passionate about making sure that the start of our kids’ food journeys are exciting from the very first mouthful. And they are keen to spread the message that their food is “food for babies, not baby food”. What I love most is that Babease desire to provide a range that is both honest and transparent while focusing on vegetable led recipes with no fruit fillers, which is what we see a lot of. Using fruit fillers tends to mask the flavour of the vegetables and makes it unrealistically sweet, so that when babies come to eating vegetables, they taste totally different, so it’s amazing that Babease are dedicated to not masking those flavours!

We were sent a few samples from the Babease range to try out and this is what we thought.

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Babease Packaging

First off, I really love the whole design; the logo and the branding are spot on. The colours aren’t in your face, yet they’d still manage to catch my eye if they were on a shelf. I love that the pouches have a sleeve with lots of information on them. I actually read a couple of reviews which said that the outer sleeve was unnecessary but I don’t think I’d agree. Firstly, you can recycle cardboard and personally I think the sleeves offer a much better insight than a label on a jar – their food wheel is perfect because it’s a visual guide and that really stands out for me. And they also have recipes on the inside of them! These can be cut and saved and I think it’s a really good idea to give parents new ideas!

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Once the sleeve is off the actual pouch doesn’t say what’s inside so I wouldn’t get rid of them ahead of using them. The pouches are resealable too, although not reusable.

Ease Of Use

I really liked doing home cooking for my boys but if I was at a loss of what to give them, pouches were my go to and they’re great for emergencies or days out – especially as they can be served at room temperature.

Pouches are great for weaning and can obviously be used in baby led weaning, or they can be squeezed on to a spoon or into a bowl if you’ve not taken that route. Equally they’re fab for first taste combinations. When I was weaning I did one food at a time to ensure that the boys had the full taste of something, but also to rule out any allergies. Babease could even be used for toddlers who are totally weaned!

The Flavours/Texture

When I first received the Babease pouches I was so, so excited by the flavour combinations they had and you kind of wonder why you’d never thought of them before even though you may use lots of the ingredients at home already.

My favourite thing about the ingredients is that they’re all good, organic, healthy and varied. Some of the flavour combinations aren’t necessarily ones you’d put together at home (Pumpkin and Pea I’m looking at you!) but they work so well together. Ted didn’t turn his nose up at any of the flavours and actually the pumpkin and pea one was probably one of his favourites.

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The stage 1 pouches, suitable from 4 months+ were genuinely as per the packaging – ‘delightfully smooth’. The consistency was perfect, as I sometimes find pouches can be a bit too runny, but Ted managed to eat from these on his own without squeezing them everywhere.

This really is food for babies and not baby food as we know it! It’s also really worth noting that Babease are dairy, gluten, soy and egg free!


I think these Babease pouches offer such a lovely change from the usual baby food we see on the shelf at the moment. I’d really love to see the range extend into toddler meals and really hope that’s in the pipeline.

Babease is a premium baby food range which retails anywhere between £1.19 and £1.49 and so isn’t within everyone’s budgets compared to other baby food available. Having said that, I would happily pay more to know exactly what’s going into my boys’ tummies, but also for the flavour combinations. Not every baby food range comes with a recipe either! Value for money in my eyes.

babease co food pouches weaning pumpkin and pea pouch breadsticks

The pouches are a great size and are definitely one full portion. Ted’s quite a big eater anyway and so he would also have a dessert, followed by some sort of breadstick while we wait for Toby to finish his dinner.

Babease are only available in selected shops at the moment, one of those being Boots, but you can otherwise buy their pouches from their online shop. You can also buy these really lovely Babease bibs that come in a cute little bag, which are super soft and absorbent and have a cute little vegetable design on them. The bags are the perfect size to pop your Babease pouches in for an outing to the park or to help organise a few things at home!

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If you’d like to try Babease, and your luck, then I’m giving away the full range of Babease products, along with a bib in a bag, to one lucky winner! All you have to do is enter below!

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Terms and Conditions

  • This competition will open on 18th August and will close on 2nd September at 11.59pm
  • One winner will be selected at random
  • One winner will receive 16x Babease Pouches and 1x Bib in a Bag
  • UK entrants only
  • No cash alternative will be offered
  • The winners will be announced on Raising the Rings social media outlets, not the blog
  • The winners will have 28 days to respond to their winner’s email

*I received these items in return for this review. All views and opinions are my own.



  1. August 19, 2016 / 4:10 pm

    These sounds great, and I’m happy to see so many vegetable options as I found when I was weaning Zach so many had fruit in them to bulk it out xx

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