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As some of you may know Toby is a little behind with his speech and understanding and so we’ve been looking at ways we can help him with forming sounds, understanding them and using them.Sophie Cooper is the brainchild behind Read with Fonics; she’s not only the founder but she’s a teacher which gives her a great base from which to build this app.

She wanted to create the ultimate ‘learn to read’ resource for the classroom. After initially doubting herself she realised that actually if anyone was qualified to come up with an app, it was her. She and her colleagues are the ones using these types of resources every day in their classrooms, they are the ones who understand the classroom dynamics better than anyone and they are the ones who know their students.. so why shouldn’t those most qualified be creating these resources?

read with fonics app for kids phonics learn to read help with english language review green alien

My initial thoughts of the app were that it was very basic and I didn’t know how well Toby would respond to it. He is still only three and will only be four years and one week old when he starts school in September this year but I thought ‘why not?’. It won’t harm to get him started on something and so we’ve been reviewing Read with Fonics.

When you first open Read with Fonics ¬†you are able to choose from four different worlds; Water World, Forest World, Lava Land and Jelly City. Once you’ve chosen which ‘world’ you’d like to start in you’re then able to select a letter sound in that particular stage. These appear to get progressively harder as you travel through the worlds and in all of the worlds you do have to complete other letter sounds before you’re able to progress.

read with fonics app for kids phonics learn to read help with english language review four worlds

In each ‘letter sound’ activity there are a few different games and you unlock new phonics sounds to learn once each game has been completed. Examples include dragging the missing sound into the words, finding the letter and matching words to pictures. Each time you touch a sound it is sounded out and repeated each time. You’d think this might get annoying but actually the voice is really clear and soft and I didn’t mind listening to it at all. And from there you work your way through the worlds, the games and the phonics sounds.

The basic idea of the app is for the child using it to learn their phonics sounds and learn to read 1200+ words. Toby is obviously not quite at reading age yet but he was more than happy to give everything a go. Read with Fonics simplifies how children learn to read by breaking the English language down into 44 phonics sounds, which is actually all it consists of. As children work through Read with Fonics they’ll eventually learn how each word breaks down and I think this is one of its huge selling points. We will continue to use this app right through school with Toby and it’s one that we’ll use with Teddy once he’s a little older.

read with fonics app for kids phonics learn to read help with english language review

If you’d like to get Read with Fonics, then head to your app store!

*We received a subscription to Read with Fonics in return for this review.


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