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Sleep is something I just can’t get enough of. I don’t help myself really; I go to bed late, I’m awake early (you can blame the kids for that one though) and I don’t nap during the day. I’ve never been one of those ‘nap when the kids do’. In light of that, so that I can enjoy what little sleep I do get, I like to make sure that my bed is the comfiest place in the house – no exceptions. Core to that is a good mattress and it’s something that my husband and I chose to absolutely not scrimp on especially when we spend a lot of our lives sleeping.

hush premium mattress review unboxing unfolding box sleep tall

Last week I had a rather lovely delivery which was a brand new mattress from Hush and the first thing that surprised me was the box it came in. Yes, that’s right, a box! Yes, like the ones you’ve been seeing advertised everywhere! And it wasn’t a great huge thing either. This is so innovative and is hardly demonstrated, if at all, on the website! I’m 5ft 5″ and the Hush Sleep box was a little shorter than me; it was compact and was clearly rolled up inside but despite it being lovely and easy to manoeuvre the mattress is still pretty heavy.

hush premium mattress review unboxing unfolding box sleep

This design makes it so easy to get upstairs so that you’re able to unpack it onto the bed and let it do it’s whole unrolling in situ. There is quite a bit of plastic to be removed – I think it total there were about three layers but this is, of course, to ensure the mattress stays rolled up while in transit.

We got it out of the box and you can see what happens next just below. My personal favourite bit is when it’s almost fully unrolled and the plastic sounds like bubble wrap being popped (I am such a big kid!). The Hush Premium mattress features 1000 (pocket count) 18cm full size pocket springs (not micro-springs) and next generation memory foam which is so, so comfortable. There are seven layers to the Hush Premium mattress which include things like support foam, a fibre insulator and even a support core. With over 145 years of manufacturing experience, Hush know what they’re doing when it comes to making mattresses. I love that they’re made right here in the UK and their factory and HQ are on the same site, ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation.

The Hush mattress is the newest addition to the range by the company ‘Airsprung’ and is already proving to be seriously popular. They’ve struck upon the perfect combination of style and comfort; I love the bright white set off by the deep blue edges and bright yellow tag. I know you don’t look at the aesthetics of a mattress but this one is particularly appealing I must say. So I’m sure you’ve got some burning questions and here are all the answers you’ll need!

hush premium mattress review unboxing unfolding box sleep UK

Was the Hush mattress easy to move to the bedroom?

Yes – absolutely. It is possible to do it on your own though it may take a little longer than if you had two people. While it’s super compact for the size of the mattress, it does mean the weight is concentrated and it is really heavy!

What was the delivery time like?

We were very lucky in that it was delivered the very next day! I had a text telling me which day it was delivered followed by another text giving me a two hour delivery slot. I love it when companies do this because it means I don’t have to wait in all day!

When can I start sleeping on the mattress?

Hush recommend that you leave it a few hours to allow it to air and to also allow it to continue unfolding to it’s maximum size. You could be sleeping on the the mattress the very same day you receive it if you want to!

hush premium mattress review unboxing unfolding box sleep laying down

How satisfying was it to watch it unfold?

Like you wouldn’t believe. Not only just standing there to watch it do it’s thing, but the sound the plastic makes is so satisfying. I said above it was like listening to a bigger version of bubble wrap the way it cracks and pops and it just sounds and looks so good!

Are these kinds of mattresses worth the hype?

Er, yes! Definitely. It’s incredibly comfortable, super soft and the price is amazing. It’s probably one of the nicest mattresses I’ve ever had the privilege of having a lie down on. It’s absolutely not a gimmick, not for show and it definitely backs up what the website have to say about it.

Is there anything else we should know?

The mattress does unfold with the bottom facing up so you do need to flip it once it’s mostly unfolded. The underneath will have a non-slip surface so flip it over until you can see the embossed ‘Hush’ lining. The mattress is also nice and thick once it’s fully unfolded and super bouncy too!

hush premium mattress review unboxing unfolding box sleep embossed lining

It’s so good in fact that if we ever find a house to move into we’ll definitely be looking at getting at Hush mattress for everyone!

*I received this product in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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