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It’s that time of the month again where we put our Bigjigs Play Patrol hats on and review some new toys! This month we’re reviewing the Woodlands ABC Nesting Blocks and the Turtle On Wheels. As ever, the boys were super excited to open up their parcel and see what they’d be playing with next.

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Woodlands ABC Nesting Blocks

Described as a ‘great introduction to modern art’, I think I’d quite have to agree! These nesting blocks consist of 10 blocks that are bright, colourful and educational. The alphabet runs round the side and one side creates a woodland tree scene, you’ve just go to make sure you like them up right! When fully stacked, the height is just over 90cm, which Toby and Teddy love because it’s their ‘tower’.

bigjigs toys play patrol toy reviewing team abc nesting blocks woodland stacking modern art

It’s a great take on a classic developmental toy and the boys often fight over who will be the one to put the next block on, even though Teddy can’t quite reach that high! Having said that, he does love working out how to nest them and takes great delight in taking blocks in and out again until the fit is right.

The illustrations are colourful and feature a graphic¬†for each letter of the alphabet, although one or two are a little questionable, as I think they could’ve been a little more obvious.

bigjigs toys play patrol toy reviewing team abc wooden blocks alphabet stacking nesting brothers playing

I love that these are made with recycled paper and that the colours are from vegetable dyes. Perfect for age 2+ for the stacking, but it still appeals to those who are younger for the graphics and the nesting games. We love this, and clearly so do the boys.

Turtle On Wheels

This fun and friendly-faced push along toy is another lovely Green Toys toy. It’s one of three designs, the others being a pig and an elephant, and each of them feature a handle and wheels.

bigjigs toys play patrol toy reviewing team green toys push along turtle

The handle on the turtle is nice and chunky which is easy to grip and the wheels are lovely and smooth which makes it super easy for Ted to push along. Personally I thought this was a little baby-ish for him, but that’s probably because he’s so into copying what Toby’s playing with as he really loves cars at the moment. Having said that I love push along toys because they do encourage both fine and gross motor skill development and it’s something I’m always really conscious of as Toby’s fine motor skills were a little lax at his 2 year check, so keeping Ted on his toes and encouraging him to use his skills is important.

bigjigs toys play patrol toy reviewing team green toys push along turtle

I love that it’s compact, round and smooth in design; there aren’t any sharp edges, no metal pieces and it really does encourage some all round play. These toys would be great for early crawlers, or even those who are sitting up. It’s great quality and I can’t see it being damaged easily, unlike some of the other toys we have lying around the house. And the best bit about Green Toys is that they make all their toys dishwasher safe, HURRAY! We love this little green fella.¬†

bigjigs toys play patrol toy reviewing team green toys push along turtle

*We were sent these products as part of the Bigjigs Toys Play Patrol team. All views and opinions are my own.


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