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There’s little more my two boys like to argue over than toys, obviously. They’re three and two, what else do they have to get annoyed about? A couple of weeks ago we got a very exciting delivery that came in the shape of the brand new ‘Paw Patrol Sea Patroller’. I don’t know what it is about this TV show but this is the one that both boys have been obsessed with for the longest amount of time; all the others seem to be phases.

paw patrol sea patroller new toy land ryder skye rubble marshall rocky chase zoomer review

Now, I’m one of those mums who doesn’t really give in to character branded clothing and toys, but I thought I’d make an exception and the reaction is something like I’ve never seen before. Their eyes lit up, breath drawn in ready to argue over who would play with it first and squeals of delight. ‘Ohhhhh myyyy GOODNESS, Mummy. What is THAT?’ were Toby’s exact words and Teddy’s went something like ‘woooooow Mama’. Safe to say it made a great first impression.

The Paw Patrol Sea Patroller comes with a few accessories, the first of which is an anchor and a hook which is removable. Toby seems to think it’s great to use as something to swing around but it’s great for getting their imaginations going and it also acts as a string to pull the sea patroller along. Note; the crane also works well for this although I actively discourage the boys from doing so in fear of them breaking it off.

paw patrol sea patroller new toy land ryder skye rubble marshall rocky chase zoomer review

There’s a small purple octopus which Toby liked at first but then it got tossed to the side. It’s not entirely relevant to Paw Patrol but obviously it is relevant to the toy. Toby isn’t quite into imaginative play yet but I’m sure this will come along quite soon. Teddy seemed to play with it bit more but he didn’t really work out the connection.

The Paw Patrol Sea Patroller does come with one relevant figure and that’s none other than Ryder, or ‘Wyder’ if you’re one of my boys. He has arms and legs that move up and down and the hands clip on to Ryder’s rescue vehicle or the exploration platform that’s also included. As soon as I got Ryder out I told Toby and the first thing he said to me is ‘where are the pups?’.

You and I know that these are inevitably going to be sold separately despite the sea patroller costing between £60-£70. I really would have liked to have seen a pup or two in here already but we do already have a Marshall figure that the boys like putting in here already so that worked out quite well for now.

paw patrol sea patroller new toy land ryder skye rubble marshall rocky chase zoomer review

The one feature that gets argued over the most is the launcher for the two included life rings. You simply pop one in, press the button down and a life ring goes flying out to sea (aka the carpet). I had to sit down with the boys for this and make them take turns because it just ended up turning into tantrums and tears. There’s also a button on the top of the Paw Patrol Sea Patroller that makes three small lights flash and make sounds. Luckily they’re short lived noises and aren’t actually that annoying when you can hear it.

Other features include a ramp at the back of the sea patroller to allow access for the rescue vehicles and a helipad for Skye’s helicopter. The sea patroller can also move to a land patroller. It took me ages to work out how to make it go from bouncy wheels to fixed wheels and the answer was simple – move the blue platform with the crane attached to the front of the boat and then to the back of the boat to release the ‘wobbly wheels’ as Toby calls them and simply push down to fix them again.

paw patrol sea patroller new toy land ryder skye rubble marshall rocky chase zoomer review

Do I like this toy? Yes, it has great potential but, as I said, I just wish it came with a pup or two for the price. Would I buy it? Given the reaction the kids had to it, absolutely. But it would be for something like Christmas, and maybe even a joint present. Would I recommend it? It’s still in one piece after two weeks with my boys so it’s sturdy enough and there’s so much imaginative play to be had so yes! However, I’d say your kiddo needs to be a die hard Paw Patrol fan!

*I was sent this product in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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