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There is nothing I love more than shopping for a bit of homeware and recently I came across a rather funky online store called Red Candy. I’d heard a little bit about them before and had seen them around on Facebook but I’d never actually stopped to have a good look at what they had to offer.

Launched in 2009 as the world’s first ‘red-only’ website Red Candy have progressed into this funky, design led online store who do things a little differently. And, like me, they drink lots of tea (according to their ‘About Us’ page anyway!). There’s barely a bland product on there and it’s just this complete and utter burst of colour where all colours are embraced. It’s so crazy, and so cool.

Anyway, after having a little snoop for some of the things they had to offer, a couple of things caught my eye. One was a bright red Joseph Joseph ‘cut and carve’ board, and one was a multi aperture grid-art frame by Umbra. I chose these to review; one that’s super colourful and something that’s not so colourful but much more natural.

Red Candy Joseph Joseph Cut And Carve

I have no end of trouble with meat slipping around on our current chopping boards. Worse than that is when I’m carving a Sunday roast chicken and all the juices run off the side of it! While they leave my sideboards shiny (or greasy!) it’s a pain to try and keep it together, plus I like to use as much of the juicy stuff in my gravy.

red candy red-candy-joseph-joseph-red-carving-board-cut-and-carve-prongs-in-use-review

With it’s tilted surface, whichever way you have it, one side of the Joseph Joseph cut and carve has a smooth finish while the other side has raised spikes which grip whichever joint of meat you’ll be carving. It’s an incredibly stylish and well thought out product and it’s one of those things you can never come back from. Basically a flat chopping board won’t do the job here!

True to ‘Red Candy’s’ original website the Joseph Joseph cut and carve comes in a vibrant red, is dishwasher safe and incredibly practical – the latter two being most welcome in a house with children. It’s durable, doesn’t flex and doesn’t slip around on the worktop. Why didn’t I get this sooner?

red-candy-joseph-joseph-red-cut-and-carve-chicken-review red candy

Red Candy Umbra Grid-art Photo Display

I have a slight obsession with getting more pictures hung throughout the house. I love that frames kind of bring a home together, give people a little snippet of your lives and remind you of some of the happiest memories. I have an empty space in, what will be, the boys’ playroom where I really wanted to display some more photos and I’d been struggling to find the right kind of frame to fit the space.

Comprising of four rows of four squares, where the pictures going in are also 4×4, this stylish photo platform has allowed us to display some of the pictures we’ve been really keen to get up. I wanted to keep the colour as natural as possible to try and fit in with other frames, but I also wanted it to be able to fit in any room should we choose to display it elsewhere.

umbra-gridart-natural-display-photo-4x4-red-candy-review red candy

The grid design is, of course, very ‘in’ at the moment and is reminiscent of an Instagram feed which is why I think this is so popular. You could fit polaroid style photos in here, or just crop some of your favourite pictures; either way there’s a lot of space to fill and you could experiment with different themes and images.

The finish is a natural wood but also comes in white or walnut. Equally if you’re feeling like you want something a little more funky, you could definitely paint this in a colour of your choice! The only gripe I have about it is that it’s incredibly difficult to get the photos to stay where you want them to. There’s nothing to actually hold them in place apart from the back board which can move the pictures when you place it down. It took a couple of tries to get it right, but it worked eventually! Where would you display yours?

*These items were received in return for this review. All views and opinions are my own.


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