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Until very recently in my life I’ve always been a ‘plain sandwich’ kind of girl. Not out of choice, but purely because I’d never really been exposed to chutneys, marmalades or relishes of any description when I was growing up and so as I’ve gotten older, and been introduced to new things, I am no longer able to eat just a plain sandwich.┬áSince then, I’ve always gone on to explore new food where I feel comfortable doing so and have even dabbled in little creations here and there.

Scarlett & Mustard recently sent me a little trio of their products to try out and boy are they yummy!

Scarlett & Mustard Red Onion Marmalade

Having only eaten red onion marmalade of any description for around two years I was so excited to try this one. As soon as I opened the jar the smell hit me; it was sweet and powerful and I wanted in in my sandwich straight away.

scarlett & mustard review red onion marmalade sausage sandwich

I loved that it was nice and chunky and had a good crunch to it, and since then I’ve almost run out. It goes in sandwiches, it goes into a good red onion gravy and wouldn’t be out of place on a charcuterie board. You need this red onion marmalade in your life!

Scarlett & Mustard Plough Man’s Pickle

This is the first ever Plough Man’s pickle I’ve ever tried and everyone seems to whack it in a cheese sandwich, so I thought I’d kind of follow the crowd and see what all the fuss was about with a cheese and ham pitta. I can honestly pose the question “where has this been all my life?”.

scarlett & mustard review ploughmans pickle pitta ham cheese

I love the “pickley-ness” and how it’s super chunky. It makes me want to make my own at home it’s that good! Can’t say there’s much left in the jar to be honest.

Scarlett & Mustard Peppery Chilli Rapeseed Oil

I was a little apprehensive about using this as sometimes peppery can be a bit too.. well.. peppery and you never know how hot the chilli is going to be so I only used this as a drizzle really. I was pleasantly surprised at just how well it hit the palate. I try not to use infused oils for frying things off as I think it can take away from the taste sometimes, but I think they’ve got the balance just right here.

scarlett & mustard review peppery chilli rapeseed oil dressing

It doesn’t over power the food and it just helps it along by giving it a little kick, rather than a full on whack into the next century. This is super lovely on pasta, but would also work really well on some roasted root vegetables (which is what I’ll be doing this week) or even on a nice homemade pizza. Oh, and it doesn’t leave a horrible after taste in your mouth like some infused oils.

Have you tried Scarlett & Mustard before? If not.. why not? Have a go! Check out their shop and stockists and get yours!

*I was sent these products in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own.


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